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not too sure it's a good idea to quote far-left extremists on this kind of thing. They have been spouting rhetoric about attacking the rich for 100 years. We saw where it ends up.

"Most MPs will be goggle-eyed with jealousy"

Nope. They won't. Only the idiot Marxists will be whining about it.

The amount he earns is less relevant than the time he spends earning it, and whether it impacts on the job.

Perhaps Denis McShane would give us his thoughts on the multi-million pound mansion the Blairs bought in Connaught Square?

Thought not.

I must confess I still kinda believe in MPs taking an average workers wage (for London).

If that makes me an "Idiot Marxist" as Bee says so be it.

If William Hague can get fools to pay him so well he should bottle it and make even more money.............

Its telling that a senior Labour MP thinks the term for a number trailed by five zeroes is a zillion rather than a hundred thousand.

Some people just aren't smart enough for public service.

It’s instructive to compare William Hague’s entry with Dennis MacShane’s. Mr. MacShane also spends some of his time making speeches, writing articles, and advising business:

4 articles – each “up to £5,000”
3 speeches – each “up to £5,000”
European Advisor to United Utilities “£10,000- £15,000”.

So Mr. MacShane earned up to £50,000. The key difference is that William Hague is much more in demand and so can command a rather higher rate for his speeches articles and advice than can Mr. MacShane. The market’s assessment of the respective qualities of these 2 politicians is clear. Is the real reason for MacShane’s intervention that he is envious of a more talented and better-paid rival?

dont worry about mcshane. he is always rent a gob. look up peter obornes book for a story about him not telling the truth

also in lord ashcroft's dirty politics dirty times (www.lordashcroft.com) on page 253 mcshane is caught out in the truth stakes. He denied a comment that he actually made on the radio when he realised he was talking bullshit.a man not to be taken seriously william.

Aren't we missing the point? Isn't it sad that a man can make more money because he failed at a job than he would have made if he did the job well? (Making that money BECAUSE he did the job that he failed at).

Hague is not the only one, of course. I believe that John Major has also made a fortune on the lecture circuit since leaving office.

Hardly the meritocracy that I, as a Conservative, believe in.

Surely, Oliver Letwin gave up more when he stopped working for NM Rothschild?

I'm not surprised that William Hague is sufficiently attractive to employers that he can earn so much money - he is a capable, intelligent individual.

But I agree with Denis McShane - Hague should be a full time politician. This 'gentleman amateur' thing doesn't work if you are serious about dislodging a government.

I also agree with Simon Chapman, McShane's probably just hacked off he doesn't attract the same fees as our guy. Chippy lefties.

McShane et al - Nulab - the party of envy methinks. If you cant do it, knock it.

So right, Annabel! and the Lib Dems are no better...!!

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