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Agree, agree, agree. Your last point -

"the need for more commitment to working with the Czech ODS and the new Movement for European Reform. Some Eurosceptic MEPs fear that their current leadership team is not doing enough to prepare the intellectual and organisational ground for the delayed exit from the EPP."

is the most crucial element.

Interestingly, there is no mention of delivering the Howard deal that would give the ED Group more independence, especially on constitutional matters, from the federalist EPP.

It is worrying that Mr Heaton Harris is seeking to spread Cameron's junk environmentalism across the EU. We should be trying to stop the Commission's regulatory agenda, e.g. the disastrous REACH chemicals directive that will cost thousands of British jobs.

MEPs are elected to represent their constituents in the European Parliament. They are not regional social action workers.

Thank you, TFA Tory. I entirely agree with your "junk environmentalism" point. BTW, Roger Helmer has a very good letter about REACH on the What's New section of his web site.

No doubt it'll be the mixture as before following the Conservative MEP Group elections.

Leading light of the Movement for European Reform,Shadow Europe Minister Graham Brady ,is again reported in the Telegraph's Spy Column as having as his main concern the signage on Hoon's door.This apparently has the words 'attending cabinet'under his title.
I would suggest that if this is the extent of reform no Tories will attend cabinet in the next government.

Having a leader in the EP who is going to push forward the policy of the party is surely a good thing? Perhaps there might be other policies we should have (like saying a general "non" to further EU regulation) but we don't so complaining about a candidate because they aren't campaigning against the party's policy line is a bit perverse.

That said, it seems bizarre that any real Tory MEP should need to be whipped to vote against the euro.

"That said, it seems bizarre that any real Tory MEP should need to be whipped to vote against the euro."
At a recent lecture given by Barosso at Chatham House he was asked about the UK joining the Euro.The Conservative MEPs'leader clapped and nodded vigorously in support.

The fact EUphiles are expected to win says it all for me.

Surprised to see Chris Heaton-Harris, who has done very well in being selected for such a safe Westminster seat, making what is quite a high-risk career move! After all, he's stood against Timothy Kirkhope before - and lost. It's surely a strange message for him to be sending to his association and future constituents in Daventry?!

Snzzzzzzzz: our favourite subject: Europe. If I were a Daventry member, I'd be furious that my local candidate wants to spend more time abroad than he does campaigning in the constituency. C H-H wants to sit on the powerful Environment committee but it's only because of our membership of the EPP that we have such influence! Good luck to Timothy Kirkhope and Robert Atkins

The name Timothy Kirkhope means nothing to 99% of the electorate - and given how he votes I suspect he is happy to keep it that way.
Shame on those who have reduced our democracy to this.

On the contrary - it shows CHH is actually trying to make a difference rather than simply standing on the sidelines and collecting the cash.

'It's only because of the EPP that we have such influence!'.I trust you are joking Justin. If you're not please provide us with the slightest scrap of evidence that what you say is true.
Personally I wish Heaton Harris and Callanan the very best of luck, to say that the current leadership have not covered themselves in glory is an understatement.

.......can someone please explain why Kirkhope has not joined the LDs yet?

The problem with this situation is that we lose some valuable activists because of the voting behaviour of many of our Euro MEPs.

This may interest you..

explanation of vote by Timothy Kirkhope MEP on Bères report European Central Bank 2005 (A6-0349/2006)

“The policy of the Conservative Party in relation to the euro is clear: we are firmly committed to keeping the pound. Nevertheless, as the European Union in general and the eurozone in particular are our largest trading partners, we are ever vigilant of the need for the euro's stability, since this directly affects Britain's prosperity. We therefore reserve the right to make ourselves heard when we believe that unwarranted political pressure is being directed against the independence of the European Central Bank. In the last year, as interest rates have been raised from their historic low, the ECB has been under political attack, and an attempt was made to use this report to interfere in its management. Fortunately, the report in its final form respected the ECB's independence, and we have therefore taken the exceptional step of endorsing it to make known our commitment to a sound monetary policy.”

When I last spoke to Chris Heaton-Harris, he was resolutely opposed to the REACH Directive. I cannot imagine that his position on environmentalism has changed so much as to include such daft concepts.

Andy, I read that the Conservative delegation in Brussels voted for the final draft of REACH. It was supposed to be seen as proof of the party's new environmentalism.

You underestimate. That explanation by Timothy Kirkhope is complete ****.

What is wrong with Kirkhope's explanation? It seems perfectly rational to a reasonable intelligent euro-realist. He is against the euro and for the pound. Isn't that what we all want?

The simple solution here is for the existing Europhile MEP's to be deselected and replaced with true Conservatives.

We are soon going to be at that stage. Can I recommend to all that you take a keen interest in the (re)selection process and make sure that those selected this time are more in tune with Party philosphy. People like Geoffrey VanOrden who consistently stands up for the UK and maintains a strong eurosceptic stance.

Very best of luck to Chris Heaton-Harris and Martin Calannan. I thoroughly hope they send a message to Kirkhope and co that the way they have conducted themselves over the past few years has been utterly dissapointing and unacceptable.

And yes - it is this favourite topic of ours. The issue wont go away and needs to be addressed - Kamall, Diva, Callannan, Heaton-Harris, Hannan etc...have been excellent in making sure this is the case.

Good luck!

Time they became united in a sceptical front, or face the consequences from the people.
They have no mandate, as the EU has never been properly debated or discussed.
Their duty is to the UK and the electorate, not to a corrupt organisation that pays lip sevice to the democratic traditions that we are used to.

"The simple solution here is for the existing Europhile MEP's to be deselected and replaced with true Conservatives."

What unutterable balderdash! Judge an MEP - or any other elected representative - on the work done on behalf of their constituents not on the basis of a half-baked, bigoted and reactionary obsession with an issue that bores the pants off ordinary decent voters. In my local experience, most of the so-called "Europhile" Tory MEPs - and what a very childish description that is - are the hardest workers in their regions, supporting Tory Associations in difficulty, providing financial resource and campaigning with Tory Councillors, etc. Why don't the UKIP clones & fanatics get back to the last century where they belong. And who defines a "true" Conservative? Is Disraeli,the original One Nation Tory, acceptable to Stewart and his friends or does he have in mind some other reactionary representative of an outdated dogmatic philosophy?

It comes to something when we are applauding our best MEPs for fighting the leadership. We need these 'philes out so we can devote all our resources to leading a reform grouping. 'Philes are not fit for purpose.

Whohe - bet you liked my post. Live in the present. Doing stuff for your constituents is fiddling while Rome burns. Get your priorities right.

Praguetory just demonstrates his igorance of the democratic process. Priorities always have been the constituents who elect the representative.

The lack of willingness to stand up to the EU, and in fact cosy-up on the quiet, will cost the party massive support. No amount of spin will now disguise this.

Whohe is 100% right. See my original post.

Consider this - if Callanan wins the Deputy-Leadership, we'll have a genuine, honest-to-goodness, Geordie-accented North-Easterner in the Party leadership for the first time in, well, living memory it must be.

Now that'd be a sign of change I'd vote for.

Gan canny, wor Martin.

Haway the lad

"most of the so-called "Europhile" Tory MEPs .. are the hardest workers in their regions, supporting Tory Associations in difficulty, providing financial resource and campaigning with Tory Councillors"

Campaigning? Working? Beazley? - not that I've noticed.

Typically ridiculous posts from Eurofanatic Justin Hinchcliffe. It's about time he grew up.

It's great news that there is to be a challenge. Bad news that the Europarty is still full of Eurofanatic traitors, although to be honest that's hardly news at all.

I well remember Robert Atkins from my days in GLYC when he was a leading light of what was then a left-dominated YC area. He was utterly obnoxious and full of himself then and I imagine he still is

Several years ago my wife and I were dining in a very expensive restaurant in Holt, Norfolk when I heard Atkins's braying voice behind a mediaeval pillar. I peered round and discovered that he was dining with his very good friend Major and their respective wives.

Only the desire not to be banned from one of Norfolk's finest restaurants and my regard for the lovely but sadly unfortunate Norma Major prevented me from picking up our two plates of hors d'oeuvres and pushing them right in the faces of that deeply unpleasant pair.

Chris Heaton-Harris, Martin Callanan, and Syed Kamall are first class Tory patriots. They are the type of people who should be leading this party, and the news of Chris's forthcoming transition to Westminster is fantastic.

It the meantime I wish all three the very best of luck.

Eurosceptic does not equal Better Off Out. Eurosceptics look at each EU proposal with a sceptical eye. Our MEPs should be playing politics to get the greatest benefit to the UK, this means some give and take (hopefully more take than give). Describing someone as Europhile just because they are not Better Off Out is misleading. As we are members of the EU there will be times that we will negotiate.

I fully support CHome in trying to ensure that we members get to decide the ranking of our candidates to ensure we have MEPs who reflect our party but we must judge on performance and how well they represent their constituents. I'm not happy with all my MEPs - in particular with one on the basis of her statements about our party and her less than sceptical approach and if asked would rank her at the bottom of the list. But it has to be judged on performance.

No. Let's first make sure all the candidates are patriots by kicking out the Eurofanatics.

We can then turn to the other important considerations you mention.

We've pussyfooted around for too long and ended up with traitors.

I agree with much of that, Ted. However, the question is what criteria do you use to judge your MEPs' performance? They can work their backsides off on behalf of their constituents (as I dare say some Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP MEPs do) but how significant is that if their overall vision for the future of the EU (and the UK's role within it) is misguided?

With regard to the wider question, I have long supported what I take to be the Conservative Party's policy that we should adopt a sceptical view of integrationist policies (such as the Constitution and the Euro) whilst seeking to improve the workings of the EU and to influence its overall goals in a more competitive and less socialist direction, for the benefit of both the UK and other member states.

However, I do have considerable sympathy with those who have decided that this is no longer a realistic objective and have therefore signed up to Better Off Out. I'm coming increasingly, if reluctantly, to the view that the evidence is on their side.

"Snzzzzzzzz: our favourite subject: Europe. "

And the fact that you're pro-EU has nothing to do with the negative tone of your post?

Anybody who has no interest in the EU has no interest in how this country is now governed, so why do they even bother to belong to a political party?

Denis, it's a favourite tactic of the more feeble breed of Eurofanatic when they know they are beaten.

"It's boring so let's not talk about it"

I have some grudging respect for people who really believe in the EU, no matter how wrongheaded they may be.

I have no respect at all for these fools. They clearly don't give a damn about their country.

when Justin grows up, he will realise that all the important decisions about how the UK is governed come from Brussels.

He will then realise that the reason this current shower/alleged Government fanny around giving parents advice on how to read nursery rhymes, or telling us to eat 5 pieces of fruit a day, is that THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

As with the NHS and the Welfare State, the great British public have been brainwashed into thinking that there is no other way of life or government.

But there is, it is called 'doing business with Europe, visiting Europe, being friends with Europe, BUT NOT BLOODY WELL BEING PART OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIALIST UNION'.

Will that do for today, Mark Wadsworth?

Subtle pitch from Chris H-H. Cameron loyalty on environment. Hague loyalty on MER. The real message is the need to push for the EPP exit.

The unspoken aspect to this is of course how well do Conservative MEP's think Farage will do as UKIP leader. If UKIP pull another blockbuster vote in 2009, some conservative MEP's can expect to be shifted out.

Surely it would be better to move allegiance over to Chris H-H and build a Conservative eurosceptic UKIP-proof platform, than plug on with Kirkhope and end up as casualties of Hague's fudge.

Chris H-H can afford to lead a rebellion against Kirkhope as he's alreday got one foot in the Conservative MEP lifeboat. It all depends on how big Conservative MEP's think the anti-Conservative UKIP vote will be with UKIP under Farage.

If I was a Conservative MEP interested in saving my skin, I'd back Chris H-H.

well said Sim....but it will fall on deaf ears in Notting Hill. They are part of the problem not the solution.

"James Chaplin What is wrong with Kirkhope's explanation? It seems perfectly rational to a reasonable intelligent euro-realist. He is against the euro and for the pound. Isn't that what we all want?"

The euro is a bigger danger to our economy that the criticsm of the Euro bank.... We should be supporting the pound not Euro Bank instead of the pound.

"James Chaplin What is wrong with Kirkhope's explanation? It seems perfectly rational to a reasonable intelligent euro-realist. He is against the euro and for the pound. Isn't that what we all want?"

The euro is a bigger danger to our economy than the criticism of the Euro bank.... We should be supporting the pound not the Euro Bank.

I think it's rather funny that some people on this blog think I'm a "Europhile". I want to be in Europe, not run by Europe. I think the Party is - and always has been - a 'broad church'. That's why I oppose moderates been kicked into the long grass. And Europe is not an issue that voters care about (that’s not to say it will never be an issue). They want good public services and a sound economy. The Euro is here to stay. Regardless of our views on whether Britain should be part of it, it's in all our interests that it works: the world is getting smaller - and globalisation is a good thing!

William Hague's slogan is out of date, Justin. If you are in the EU, you are run by the EU.

Some of us are extremely concerned that Mr Cameron's clandestine Foreign Policy Council is dominated by Europhiles like Douglas Hurd and Chris Patten. Mr Cameron's Old Etonian Chief of Staff, Ed Lewellyn, was Patten's aide.

This follows the party conference being addressed by Europhiles like Will Hutton and Nicholas Sarkozy (promoter of the mini-treaty that would transfer even more powers to the unelected Commission). Even John McCain was on record as urging the Conservatives not to leave the EPP.

It is time for a Euroreality check. The Eurofanatics have William Hague in their pocket.

TFA Tory - there's always UKIP for you...

I have to agree with Justin's point about "moderates being kicked into the long grass". I wonder whether the attitude of "oh, just go away and shut up about bloody Europe" comes out when the moderates feel they are being shut out of the debate by those for whom your attitudes to the EU are some kind of mythical Tory shibboleth.

It is perfectly possible to be eurosceptic/eurorealist without having to resort to sharing the foam-flecked rantings of the sort of nutters in UKIP etc. We have a settled policy of pushing for a more open and flexible Europe, starting in the European Parliament through the MER.

I've known Chris for a few years now, and think he would be an excellent leader in the EP and a most articulate defender of British interests.

'The euro is here to stay'.

Italy's economy is in free fall. France's economy is currently at zero growth. German workers' featherbedding is causing serious problems.

Viva the European single currency? I think not.

What about the Dollar?

The euro's fortunes are close to immaterial to the UK, whilst we are not in it. Typical economic illiteracy from JH to argue otherwise.

Tory Loyalist sounds more and more like one of those Empire Loyalists of the 1950s who went on to become the core of the National Front. Why is he so consumed with his own bile? Is it because Major and Atkins went on actually to achieve some political sucess why he is still bumming around blogsites?

When will HF and his friends realise that we live in a competitive world where the pound must fight with the euro in financial dealings? Any grown-up who has the smallest understanding of how the City operates knows that the stability of the euro is essential to Britain's international trade. All Kirkhope was saying is that - at the same time as reiterating Tory opposition to the euro and support for the pound.

I applaud leading Eurosceptic Chris Heaton-Harris for the line he is taking on this issue.

As more and more people become Eurorealist (i.e. although they don't like the European Community, Eurorealists are prepared to accept it with a sense of inevitability), it is good to see that leading Conservative politicians are prepared to actively work together with political leaders from other European countries in order to reform the EC.

That's certainly not my definition of "eurorealist".

I think it is important that our MEPs should reflect mainstream Conservative thinking on the EU, so I think it is a good thing that CHH is standing.

"The euro's fortunes are close to immaterial to the UK... typical economic illiteracy from JH to argue otherwise", says PragueTory.

James Chaplin @ 8:42 answers that idiotic outburst in a smashing way.

Let's take a deep breath and try to remember what is important in this debate. If you want out of the EU altogether you should join UKIP. For the rest of us we have to remember that we're stronger together than apart. That means all (non-UKIP) Conservatives working together to achieve our shared objectives. United we can push for reform of the EU so that more decisions are taken at a local level and we have pro-market reforms. Divided we look pathetic and achieve nothing. Before we resort to fighting and name calling let's remember that we're all in this together.

Whether our agenda is to reform or be subjugated by the EU has no predictable impact on the stability of the euro, so that argument is devoid of any strength.

I have a vision of the EU. What's yours Ctw and JH and how do you plan to achieve it?

Don't bore the pants off of me, PT.

This argument that we can change and reform the EU from within doesn't really stand up. I was told a very good analogy to that. It's like joining a golf club and then saying 'I want to covert the greens and play tennis'. Other members will gice you short shrift and it will be golf or nothing.

Some strange comments on this thread that Chis HH shouldn't be challenging for the leadership because he's candidate for Daventry. I presume that means whilst your a candidate, you can't make any attempt to be promoted in your job or accept a council leadership post. Making attempts to become delegation leader and pursue Conservative policies in the EP is a good thing surely.

In any case it's irrelevant as it will be a carve up with those MEP's who have gone native supporting the status quo. Only when we have a majority of Eurosceptic MEP's will be get a delegation leader who supports the the view of the party.

Justin - are you contributing anything to this debate? You wish Kirkhope luck, but what positive reason can you give to support his leadership?

Point of information - does anybody know what time the result is expected?

Andrew Woodman says that the majority of MEPs do not support the view of the party. What are his grounds for that slur? Many of them have been Officers of Associations, MPs, Ministers, Councillors and long-term Tory activists. How long has AW been working for the Conservative Party's best interests and campaigning on a regular basis throughout the country?

"Andrew Woodman says that the majority of MEPs do not support the view of the party. What are his grounds for that slur?"

How many party members do you think are supporters of remaining in the EPP?

Editor - Unless most Tories I speak to are brilliant liars, the majority of members want us out of the EPP and fit for the challenge of reform.

I think it is time for a poll to set matters straight.

The majority of members have not the least interest in the EPP and when the pros & cons are explained accept that it is common sense to abide by the policy enunciated by Cameron. For the benefit of the ignorant, it is called politics.

I think that your knowledge of the Conservative Party is pretty thin, Whohe. I imagine that most are prepared to wait till 2009 to quit, but will expect that pledge to be delivered.

As an aside, since you criticise Andrew's commitment to the Conservative Party, could you reveal your own name, so that we may assess what contribution you have made over the years?

Is it because Major and Atkins went on actually to achieve some political success why he is still bumming around blogsites?

What, you mean bumming around blogsites just like you "whohe"? What an intelligent comment - not!

If my "bile" were a reaction to political success (as opposed to treason) I would presumably have proceeded to attack Chris Heaton-Harris, Martin Callanan, and Syed Kamall, instead of wishing them the very best.

Staunch patriots like these will be the mainstay of the post-Cameron party.

I did not criticise AW's commitment. I merely asked him to compare it to that of many MEPs who have spent a lifetime, in many cases, working for the party in many guises. It ill behoves johnny-come-latelies to launch ill-informed tirades about hardworking elected representatives - at all levels of the party - just because they have a fanatical obsession with a policy which is of conspicuous disinterest to almost every ordinary voter and Tory supporter.

I would also guess that interest in the EPP is running high throughout the party. You only have to look to the downfall of Kenneth Clarke to see that the party is solidly Eurosceptic these days.

What "whohe" - probably a cover for one of the other leftists who posts here regularly - really means is that he doesn't like discussing the issue because he knows he won't like the answer he is going to get.

And for the information of this individual there have been many Tory MEPs - not including the current worthy challengers - who have sailed into Strasbourg with a handsome City-based CVs and vitually no experience working for the party. My late unlamented (effectively deselected before the last election) MEP was an example.

Oh. Sounds a bit like the "A List". Well perhaps there really is nothing new under the sun.

which is of conspicuous disinterest to almost every ordinary voter and Tory supporter.

Presumably you mean "conspicuously uninteresting". To be disinterested is to be unbiased.

Your knowledge of our party appears to be about as far advanced as your education.

Whohe, firstly bringing the debate down to a personal level and questioning my commitment to the party, whilst you hide behind an anonymous ID says more about you than me. Based on your theory, Cameron has no right to share his opinions with anyone over 40 becuase they have been in the party longer than him. How progressive of you.

Regarding MEP's not representing the members, lets take 3 examples. Europhile MEP's voting in favour of the Euro and stating they will never leave the EPP. Thirdly the European party requiring the five Conservative MEPs who signed the censure motion criticising the new European Commission President José Manual Barroso for accepting hospitality from Spiros Latsis and then awarding lucrative contracts to him, to remove their names and led to Roger Helmers suspension.

If Tory loyalist really wants to be taken seriously, he has got to stop making wild accusations of treason about former leaders etc. such as John Major. It is baselesss, insulting and patently untrue.

Maastricht = Treason.

Don't tell me Major actually has a fan.

Even Edwina Currie dumped him.

There is no such word as "uninterest". I meant precisely what I said. Refer to the Oxford Dictionary of English.


As always the Europe debate the absolute worst in people me sometimes included. Sooner I hope or later the Conservative party needs to lance this particular boil and decide whether it wants to reflect the wishes of the overwhelming number of its MPs,activists and I suspect members and adopt a proper Eurosceptic stance. Meaningless statements like 'in Europe not run by Europe' won't suffice for much longer I think.
Your comments about John Major an eminently decent man say more about you Tory Loyalist (surely an ironic name) than anything else.

Malcolm, I agree with you 100% about John Major! He was probably not our greatest Prime Minister but is a decent man who tried to do his best - probably his difficulty was that he tried to keep everyone happy!

Major was arguably the very worst PM this country suffered last century

If I had a £1 for every time some idiotic and self-important apologist described this adulterous and foul-mouthed weakling as "decent" I would be a billionaire.

What "decent" actually means is that these people can't think of anything good to say about the wretched man, but no surprise there.

We were well rid of the unworthy dwarf who lurched in the shadow of Britain's greatest leader since Churchill.

Congratulations to Timothy and Robert on their re-selection. I am particularly pleased that Charles Tannock, a local MEP, was elected to join the Team. Now we can focus on what matters: delivering for Britain.

I think Charles was elected to the Bureau last year - he's therefore been re-elected this year and Richard Ashworth joins him there. Congratulations to the winning team!

Major signed the Maastricht Treaty. From there all our troubles have flowed - as a Party and as a country. The ERM catastrophy was just the beginning.

It was the Conservatives who signed Britain into the EU, paving the way for Blair to become the first pretend Prime Minister of a pretend country. Until we undo the mess Major made of britain, we are on a steep downward slope.


Absolutely. I echo the bad opinions of Major previously expressed.

Major only became PM because we were fooled into believing he was "Son of Maggie"

Devil spawn more like

I must say Justin Hinchcliffe appears to be an extremely immature individual, and this is certainly borne out by the occasional references to his past activities.

Possibly Mr Hinchcliffe would have been very much at home among the childish rowdies of the former FCS group.

I have always found Charles Tannock helpful and courteous, unlike one of his constituents.

Justin may well be an immature individual who is completely unable to argue his Europhile case with any credibility whatsoever but your reference Mr Irvine to John Major as 'the devil spawn' reveal you to be an idiot.

This thread seems to have become rather juvenile with it's name calling of Major and unbacked Europhileness. Shame.

JI - you're a patronising tosser.

Conservatives re-elect Timothy Kirkhope MEP as leader of European Parliament delegation

Timothy Kirkhope MEP, was re-elected today as Conservative Leader in Europe for a third term.

Sir Robert Atkins was re-elected to the post of Deputy Chairman. Philip Bushill-Matthews was elected Treasurer. Richard Ashworth and Charles Tannock were elected to the Conservative Delegation Bureau.

Mr Kirkhope said:

"I thank the large number of Delegation Members who supported me to continue as their leader for a third term. I will continue to lead the Conservative party here in the cause of reform, so that Conservatives can continue to be the leading advocates of pragmatic change in Europe

Newly re-elected Tory leader calls for radical rethink in Europe

Timothy Kirkhope MEP, re-elected today as Conservative leader in Europe, used his first speech in the Parliament to urge serious reform in Europe. He said that the EU should be ashamed that 20 million unemployed still "scar our conscience" and promised that Conservatives would put renewing the European economy, not reviving a dead Constitution, as their top priority.

Mr Kirkhope said:

"Has the penny still not dropped for European leaders who today still promote the European Constitution? The Constitution is dead. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-constitution. Europe needs to move on or it will lose its way.

"Europe needs a new vision and that vision is economic power and prosperity. It needs reform and renewal. I have consistently called for a serious debate on the reforms that the EU must undertake if it is to remain a global economic player providing security and jobs for its citizens. People are more likely to respond to an EU that says: We are with you not against you, we want what you want, and we can deliver it. The 20 million unemployed, a scar on our consciences, will not respond to constitutional theorising or new power grabs by Brussels.

"Our continent is crying out for positive and pragmatic leadership."

Is seems that Tapestry has connections with UKIP. Surprise, surprise!

From his blog:
Gender: Male
Occupation: Out and About
Location: SW15 : London, England : United Kingdom
About Me

2001. UKIP candidate. Wrote leaflets for party pre GE. 2001. Rejoined Conservatives when IDS became leader. 2003. Ran deselection campaign in Kensington & Chelsea to stop Portillo undermining IDS. Portillo went quiet immediately. 2003. Key Figure in Save The British Hallmark Campaign, defeating an EU Directive, backed by Italian Presidency to eliminate national hallmarks on gold jewellery. 2005. Supporter of Liam Fox for leadership. 2006. Started Blogging. Top 100 Conservative Bloggers.

Working overtime are we Justin? Well I suppose now nearly everybody else has turned in there's no harm in you having a dialogue with yourself.

If "Tapestry", whoever he may be, was UKIP in 2001, rejoined the Tories in 2003 and is still a member of the party in 2006 then I would say he's a Tory, wouldn't you?

Not only that, but Tapestry is a Cameron supporter. Is there no loyalty among Cameroons?

And furthermore, Justin, I gathered you were none too happy about people dragging up some of your own past activities. That was the case, wasn't it?

Sauce for the goose?

Personally, I can't see any point in retaining the pro-EU pople in the party. They're a liability and a drag.

I would like to see Ken Clarke form his own party, take his mates with him, and disappear without trace.

Andrew @ 23:35 - I couldn't agree with you more on that particular point!!! It is very sad that this thread is now descending into juvenility - and, sorry Justin, that does now include you - I think you should stop re-printing the Conservative press releases - it's not helpful at this stage. What would be much better is if everybody settles down, accepts what has been the result and gets on with their lives.

Both Leader & Deputy Leader re-elected with an increased majority I see. So the "challenge" turned out to be a bit weak, to say the least. And is every one of the majority who voted for these two a treacherous Europhile?

Dunno, whohe - maybe you'd like to find out who voted which way, look up their past records, and post the information to answer this question.

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