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When I heard this announced on the radio this morning I was jumping up and down with glee and said to the Mrs "That was a ConHome 100 Policy!".

She didn't have a clue what I was talking about, of course.

While I can see the thinking behind it, isnt it just the Government spending public money to justify spending public money? It cant be easy to come up with that sort of detail. Isnt this just a Central Government version of "Best Value"?

OH great, no tax cuts but we can have confirmation of where our money is being wasted and misspent.
For goodness sakes, will someone up at Party HQ get a grip and let's have some good old fashioned Tory policies which are people friendly, rather than all this anodyne crap.
Cut taxes, cut bureaucracy, cut red tape, slash big government, Exfiltrate from the EU, give power to the people not unelected and unaccountable outsiders and apparatchiks.
Restore Maggies legacy and dump B-Liars chapters of mendacity, and Gordo's history of theft and grand larceny.

Brainchilds? BRAINCHILDS?

Do we mean brainchildren?

(you can take the girl out of the grammar school, you can't take the grammar school out of the girl)

I think you're being a bit negative George Hinton.Surely the result of this idea will be that people will be able to pinpoint significant areas of expenditure waste and pressure the government into cutting them.
Every time Conservatives have suggested even the most modest of tax take reductions our political enemies have been able to scream that we will cutting thousands of doctors,teachers and nurses jobs and the electorate BELIEVE THEM and not us.
This idea will make our enemys' task more difficult and ours easier I think.I applaud it.

'Do we mean brainchildren?'

What's wrong with 'idea' ? Somebody talked to me about 'birthing' an idea yesterday and I thought it an unpleasant and unnecessary neologism. As well as saving public expenditure could we please also save the English language ?

Sorry sjm!

100 policies has been moribund for a couple of months now.

It would be good to see it put back on a regular footing.

Maybe 18 Doughty Street has been keeping Tim's eye off the ball.

The BBC notices Tory Radio and 18DS...well done guys! A very positive report I think.

Actually, I believe that the correct form would be "waiting to see their brainchild" singular. Although there is a group - a rather large group as it happens - each member of it in the singular is waiting in regard to a single brainchild.

Also, would it not be more correct to say "waiting patiently" rather than "patiently waiting"?

Stop! Stop! Stop!

I believe the song Stop! Stop! Stop! was a hit for the Hollies in 1966.Can't quite see what the relevance to this thread is 'though Editor?


Some may have delivered more than one policy brainchild....

I am also tempted to query the kindness of giving anyone a 'public outing'. There has been quite enough of that recently.

As Queen would have said, Cant Stop Us Now...

I do have a delete button and banning option!!!

So Queen were wrong...hehehe, just kidding.

Simon Chapman:Some may have delivered more than one policy brainchild....

In which case they would be policy brainmidwives?

Aside from the inherent implausibility of anyone having more than one brainchild, in a general case covering both the submission of a sole brainchild and more than one, the economy of referring to a single brainchild should be preferred - where more than one brainchild has been submitted, the submitter still waits patiently to discover the fate of each individual brainchild.

I dislike "brainchildren" as a word. Too clunky.

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