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The last sentence really sums it all up. I hope and pray that should we win the next election we can do (much) better. We really must or public cynicism of politicians and politics in general will become ever more apparent.

How very very true, Malcolm.

I hope and pray that should we win the next election we can do (much) better.

I wouldn't count on it, Malcolm.

Since our head honcho claims to be the "Heir to Blair" I would anticipate more of the same socialist incompetence, with an extra dollop of "hug a hoodie" PC thrown on top.

Not much choice, really.

O/T: this link takes you to a Downing St petition for Blair to resign:


Also OT... Wonderful irony to use the Number 10 website against its occupant. Here’s a challenge to the blogosphere: crash the server with the volume of traffic.

The fact is that Blair & Brown pretended to be conservative to get in, Blair couldn't focus on practical progress, Brown used the treasury to expand the state and ditch much of what we had set in place, then Blair began to realise throwing money at problems wasn't working. Low and behold he tried to reintroduce some of our ideas but neither he nor Brown understood them. Now they realise they are in a deep mess with money running out. All their announcements are about now is a form of scorched earth policy in which they make announcements that sound tough, that will never be introduced properly and are anyway only cynically devised to try and trip the opposition up. Blair and Brown have pretty much wrecked the standing of Govt and politics in Britain,


ACtually Matt, Blair-Brown was very clever...........it knew that so long as the top personal tax rates were not touched (stable since 1988) the Media elite and Business elite would be on-board................that it was really personal tax rates not corporate rates, or any other single issue that had made opposition to Labour strong in the past.

Just so long as The City could make money - and once the supply of private-sector companies to sell to foreigners dried up, then public assets could be securitized through PFI............it was golden.

The simple reason why Labour has won 3 terms is that the 40% tax band has been stable since 1988 and is now almost a flat-tax for most earners above £33.000 and in reality below once Tax+NIC = 38% or so.

They knew their market and were able to expand Labour's pet themes of Control and Public Spending to build their New Estabishment - what Djilas called The New Class to entrench their people in the system.................just review the career path of Sue Slipman if you want to see it in action

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