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One wonders what all the Sudanese make of the visit, is he going to tell them that due to Global Warming they must stay impoverished, no nasty development for them.....or is there a grander purpose....is Bono with him.

How much Carbon was used to get there.

Given Up - is that the best small-minded snide comment you could make? If you're going to spout unconsidered drivel at least do it with panache.

Pity, yet another example of CCO incompetence. This trip should, and indeed deserves to get some publicity but will not due to Blair in Afghanistan and Brown in Iraq. Does nobody in the Leader's office do the 007 stuff anymore. Who the hell controls the 'grid'? The losers in this media cock-up are the suffering people of Darfur. Way to go CCO!

True, the BBC are lapping up Blair in Afghanistan. I guess Cameron is hoping for tomorrow's headlines.

If Cameron's presence helps move things along even a smidgen, and bring the situation back to the forefront of our minds, it will have been a worthwhile trip.

Johnny, I appreciate your concern that Darfur has lost some publicity but your criticism is unfair. As far as I know the Afghanistan trip was kept secret until the last minute and I would hardly call it 'progress' if CCHQ had anticipated this through espionage.

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