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Hearty congratulations, Tim, and to everyone involved with running the site.

Wow, congratulations, well done! I heartedly agree.

Many congratulations Tim. Conservative Home has been a large contibutor in rekindling my interest in politics. It has also immeasurably improved many a dull day in the office,arguing about Cameron,Iraq,Tax etc is so much more interesting than thinking about Mortgages,ISA's and life insurance!
Keep up the good work and I wish you and Sam every success in the future.

Well done.

Many congratulations, well deserved.

Congratulations ! It is lively and current which is an improvement on TV and its old-fashioned didactic approach to preaching to the great unwashed

Tim & Sam

Well done - Conservative Home does a great job and award well deserved.

Hear, hear.

Well done. What you really need now is more Wat Tyler's 100 Policies style breakthroughs.

Very well done Tim & Sam, and not wishing to detract from the "men of the moment", and of course to those people who contribute to it by way of their posts......some of whose contributions are better than others mind you. ;):D

Absolutely Paul - the site depends upon the quality of the comments - some of which are more constructive than others!


You might like to pass on a few tips to Milliband.

Well done to you and Sam. Keep up the good work.


It is a brave new world where something can have such a huge circulation with negligible capital costs. The internet totally levels the playing field so that talent emerges - you wouldn't find any other institution of equal influence that is co-ran by a 19/20 year old no matter how good they are!

It'll be interesting to see how CH progresses in the future.

Congratulations to Tim and Sam. I'm sure the trophy will look great on your desk!

Congratulations, you deserve it.

It couldn't have gone to two more humble, honest and hard-working men, well done!

Who won the award last year?

The Independent, More to the Point.

More info here: http://www.psa.ac.uk/awards2005/notice.htm

An easy decision for the panel. Youve worked bloody hard and we all enjoy the debate even if it can be at some times uncontrollably angry. Some of us disagree on the most fundamental of things but we still understand that we are all in it for the same reason.

The Internet is the future of politics and ConservativeHome is leading the way.

Well done Tim and Sam!! Also Well done Richard Bacon for picking up yet another award - all well deserved!

Isn't it nice when we all agree on something ;)

< Gwyneth Paltrow moment > Tim has worked very hard over the last twenty months to build ConHome up, I've only been officially involved since the New Year.

He is principled in his views, generous in his personality, and admirably humble for someone neck-deep in the political world. < /Gwyneth Paltrow moment >

You are so right, Sam! ;-)
I agree 100% with your comments about Tim as well!

Don't think that tribute makes up for receiving more applause at the ConHome awards than Mr Montgomerie Sam!

In all seriousness - well done! Here's to a successful 2007 too!

Congratulations from an old (not in years!!) CCO employee..you and the team deserve it. Keep up the good work.

Having recently completed a PhD I'm keenly aware of the leftism endemic in academia, but also of the respect the PSA has around the world. This prestigious award, and those given to David Cameron and Richard Bacon, shows that they do have their heads screwed on even though they are prone to lean leftwards!

Following on from the points made in this post, and by Pete O'Rourke... compare last year's winner, which must have something in the region of several hundred employees, to Tim and Sam on their laptops! A remarkable achievement for them both, times are a-changing indeed.

I too am delighted for you both; you have worked immensely hard and you have given us a way to fight back, if only in small measure at the moment, against this thoroughly illiberal government. Congratulations; keep up the good work and let us hope that our thinking can also have some influence on conservative policies.

Thoroughly deserved.

Good work Tim!

Yeah, yeah... well done the editorial johnnies -yawn-. But obviously the award is for all of us, too many to attend the prize giving, of course. So if you'll bear with me, I'd just like to thank my lovely wife, beautiful daughters, my agent, stylist, special advisers, vet, postman and anyone else who knows me.

Congratulations, Tim and Sam.

Your site is a fantsastic achievement.

Congratulations to both Tim and Sam. A triumph for free speech and one in the eye for the goons, thugs, control freaks and assorted Westminster pond life who spend their time, and boatloads of taxpayers' money, suppressing debate.

Hearty congratulations from a steady sound tory reader in Norway.

The web-site is great, and provide so much info on the Tories and UK politics, prima for a political junkie like me.

Again, congratulations, and the best of luck in the coming years!!

A well deserved award Tim. You and Sam have made a tremendous contribution to the advancement of the conservative cause through this excellent site.

Your site gives members and supporters an opportunity to share ideas and to keep in touch with each other. Keep up the good work.

Well done Tim and Sam. Definately deserved!

Well done, Tim and Sam. Haven't been visiting as much recently, and don't always agree with the editorial line, but credit where it's due - you've done an excellent job with Conservative Home. Keep up the good work!

PS - Rob (if you're still reading), are you at Uni of Manchester? Was going to add you on Facebook, but not sure if it's you?


Congratulation Tim, Sam and latterly Jonathan.
This really is well deserved. No-one mentioned how important sites like this are for democracy to thrive. Keep going - there are quite a lot of people out there who have yet to realise what an impact you and others like you have ensuring people get the voice and representation they deserve.

A fine achievement. You should all be proud!

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