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Mr Marks and Mr Spencer's secret plan for world pyjama market domination was finally, a century later, coming to fruition...

George W Bush finds out that he has won the contest to be the human "angel" on top of the Christmas Tree this year.

Is that Patricia Hewitt in the front row? Similar sort of grin.

Clearly Surayud Chulanont and Michelle Bachelet didnt pay attention during the Blue Man Group Tribute Band briefing.

Teletubbies undergo a 21st Century makeover.

When Simon said raise your right hand, President Bush was a bit slower than the rest.

.... Now Sooty stop that!!!! ..... Bye bye everybody, bye bye!!!!!

Bush: Hey Vladimir, fancy a bilateral?
Putin: Sure. You close Guantanamo, and I'll re-open the Lubianka.

Now listen boys, peer pressure makes you do stupid things.

Just say "No".

Conservative colours win even here - 3 blue, 1 red, one yellow...

Hiya Adolf, what d'ya think of the new uniforms?

How do we solve a problem like Widow Twankey? First-round losers say goodbye, but Surayud Chulanont was particularly disappointed to be eliminated so early.

These people control most of the nuclear arsenals in the world.

Putin has a bottle of Thallium hidden in his left hand. I wonder who that dose is for???

Tony Blair "Look, I know I have said that I will be gone soon but surely you can include more than my hand."

George W "I will raise my hand as soon as I work out which hand is the right one"

Jeux sans Frontieres is back!

Are we going to re record Sgt.Pepper?

NO! Sushi

1 + 1 = ?

Hands up if you know the answer.

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