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Not impressed by DC this time round. Being a "statesman" might appeal in the Commons but it does not cut it in the country. Why was he afraid to come in behind the backbenchers who attacked over the NHS. It didn't look at all strategic.

Was a rather uneventful PMQ's. However, it's pretty clear that Blair is rattled with the conservatives taking the lead on the NHS.

We "outflanked" labour on the NHS. Blair and Reid are trying their very best to do the same to us on Crime and Terrorism. The simple fact is we know that every Tory government is tough on Crime, however it seems the public after 9 years have lost confidence in a Labour party protecting public services.

Dc had to go on Darfur after spending time there. It would look like a publicity stunt otherwise. I think it's good to have some measured questions on occasion rather than just straight knockabout stuff every week.

Getting a bit annoyed when the Daily Politics keep reading these obviously planted e-mails saying Blair is whipping Cameron every week as if they are the concencus and fact.

>>Dc had to go on Darfur after spending time there. It would look like a publicity stunt otherwise<<

If it looks like a publicity stunt and smells like a publicity stunt, then it probably is a publicity stunt.

I'd really like to think it wasn't Mr Sausage, and DC does feel a need to act. You can be too cynical you know.

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