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Coincidently, North Korea's nuclear claims came shortly after I'd been watching Team America: World Police.

Not wishing to use the exact language in that film that describes what should be done to Kim Jong-Il, I shall translate it slightly: We need to shaft this unpleasant person before we all get covered in a very big mess.

Sounds wonderful William.You've sold it to me.I good do with reducing my diet to grass.

Im sold. Im giving my landlord and boss notice...Im off to North Korea! I can be retrained in how to follow Cameron with complete and unwavering support.

Alternatively Jack Stone could start doing lessons on how to do that... (Jack, Im joking)

There should be total sanctions on North Korea and perhaps even a blockade, any missiles they fire over neighbouring countries territory and any North Korean aircraft, troops or naval vessels going into territory of neighbours should be destroyed. If it weren't for China being still largely supportive of North Korea and right next to it I would favour regime change by military means using months of intensive bombing (nuclear if neccessary) followed by a mass ground invasion and remove and execute North Korea's leaders and put a new government in place.

Great piece.

Unfortunately William, I understand the North Koreans have in fact had to eat both the "flower of peace" and the "nettles of despair" due to their over expenditure on military equipment and no expenditure on tractors and ploughs. ;)

So importing dogs, could that be a business opportunity?

Have the North Korean Public Affairs Committee (UK) called for William to be sacked from his job yet?

No? Just MPAC UK that don't have a sense of humour then?

The pen, ultimately, will always be mightier than the sword.

I look forward to a Norton piece on how the veil, arranged marriage and the requirement to cook, clean, wash and iron is the ultimate fulfillment for females of the islamic tendency whose parents insisted on them being hot-housed, tutored and force fed the best the British education system could provide.

I just love that 'Friends' website. Here's a favourite quote:

"Korea is an independent and sovereign state, but the south is still controlled by imperialist interests and the U.S. troops. If any South Korean citizen tries to visit North Korea crossing the big concrete wall, he'll be killed by the American soldiers. The Security Law in South Korea forbides (sic) to any South Korean citizen to talk or read about the North or else he'll be punished with jail or even the death penalty."


"Coincidently, North Korea's nuclear claims came shortly after I'd been watching Team America: World Police"

A strange coincidence - my wife and I also watched Team America on DVD, then woke up next morning to the news of the A-bomb test!

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