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change - 20 times
NHS - 12 times

social responsibility

As this is a phrase - the same number of times.

No Taxcuts

family/ies - 25 times
believe - 18 times

posh & posher

To please the CH crowd - "good" and "bye". Just the once apiece would probably do.

NHS x 30
responsible / irresponsible x 25

change - 17
localism - 11

public - 25
services - 25

(loss of veto over criminal justice = 0)

"I" 15
"you" 15

male candidates - 0 times

charity - 10
trust - 15

Change x 20
Trust x 20

Local x 15
Compassion x 12

Change x 10
CNHS x 20

Despite the fact that you effectively nicked my 'Brand Bingo'idea Tim (see here - http://www.cassilis.co.uk/Blog/cassilis.html) I'll say:

Change - 15
Fresh - 12

'I' and 'you' and other common words won't count sorry, Mark

Vote and UKIP (subliminally). For all of us who have left the Conservatives since he became leader.

"a" and "the"

Britain 18.Hope 12

Reading between his lines, "obfuscation, obfuscation, obfuscation".

Vote Conservative (sbuliminally). For all us who rejoined the Conservatives since there was a prospect of him becoming leader.

I predict it will be 'I' and 'quit' once he realises that he hasn't a hope in hell of transforming the media image of Tory members into anything other than blue rinse reactionaries.

Well, editor, which words were they?

It has been a very dull evening, so what better to do than compile this list?

Words used ten or more times:

27 nhs
27 Britain/ish
23 ir/responsible
21 family/ies
21 child/ren
20 country
18 school
17 believe / belief
14 society
13 change
12 substance
12 support
10 health
10 education
10 different

Now, I promise you that I’m not competitive enough to compile this list in the hope of winning... I was purely motivated by boredom... but it seems to me that anon and I came closest at 5 adrift each. Since I got NHS and give my own name, I claim victory!!! Where’s my medal?

Just your friendly hypercritical-pedant-in-residence popping in... responsible and irresponsible are different words, as are Britain, British, child, children, believe, belief, family and families.

So there.

Isnt NHS strictly speaking not a word as its an abbreviation of three?

I was hoping nobody would pick up on that, although NHS is listed in my dictionary ;-)

I only picked it up because I didnt select it, others did, and there were lots of mentions. I was hoping I could kill off every word in the speech except for "change" and "localism"...am I being too ambitious here?

Isnt NHS strictly speaking not a word as its an abbreviation of three?

It is an acronym and so exists in its own right like CID, FBI, COD, CIF,

Who won Tim?

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