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Hmmmmm. Time to head for the bunker before some of our friends arrive....

I must say, though, it does shew the value we get from Messrs Callanan, Hannan, Helmer, Heaton-Harris and Kamall. I'd like to think this cock-up happened because they were the only MEPs who had bothered to read the report, but somehow...

Still, perhaps Jack Stone will be able to explain it for us?

This illustrates why it was vital for the Party's MEPs to be withdrawn from the EPP at once, as was promised. Cameron himself said it was daft to the Party saying one thing in Westminster and another in Brussels/Strasbourg.

It is settled policy that we do NOT join the Euro. By what right have the majority of the Tory MEPs to make their own policy and follow the dictates of Herr Poettering, leader of the EPP Group?

That broken promise and now this, will reinforce the drift towards the UKIP. It's the only way, it seems.

The Conservative MEPs already have a separate Whip to that of the EPP and vote against EPP proposals on numerous occasions. I am shocked that they did not do this here. It is not Conservative Party policy to join the Euro so our MEPs have no right to vote the way they did.

I am pleased to see that Martin Callanan, Daniel Hannan, Roger Helmer, Chris Heaton-Harris and Syed Kamall had the courage to vote with their convictions and not to be bullied by the EPP, it is a shame more of our MEPs failed to show similar courage.

What more proof could be needed that the only honest policy is 'Better Off Out'. Voting for the introduction of the Euro - by Tory MEP's !!! This should be a hanging offence. Several more thousand will switch to UKIP.How can anyone 'be bullied' the EPP ?

Out of touch with the Party and out of touch with the electorate. Their arrogance is shocking.


Perhaps they were too busy signing off expenses claims to fully comprehend what they were doing.

Truly shocking. How do we find a record of how our MEPs vote on key issues?

There doesn't seem to be an easy way of accessing this information online.

Time to flush these Federast traitors right out of our Tory stable.

All honour to the five patriots who voted against

Deeply depressing but not surprising (which is even more depressing).

Well done to the opposers. It's particularly good to see that Roger Helmer hasn't had to sacrifice his principals to regain the whip.

This is absolutely disgraceful. The MEPs did a lot of arguing against withdrawing from the EPP because it wasn't in the last Euro manifesto. What did that same manifesto say about Euro membership?

Sadly, because of the bias towards incumbents in the list system we're unlikely to be able to get rid of these w*****s.

Sadly, I shall have to continue to vote UKIP at Euro elections despite my general dislike and distrust of doing so.

'Hmmmmm. Time to head for the bunker before some of our friends arrive....'
I'm here! But don't worry because this is telling us what we already knew but you guys just still don't get it even when it stares you in the face.
Perhaps you're so deep in the bunker that light doesn't penetrate?
It's OK - you can come out now.............but be prepared because another opportunity to bury your heads in the sand will be along in just a minute.

This is why it is so important these people are exposed come selection meeting time next year or in 2008. We need to warn people now of what they're up to, so they can't wriggle out of it by making Eurosceptic speeches at the meetings.

I knew I could trust Syed and Dan; can the Editor ask for a comment from whoever is ourEuro Leader this week on this blatant piece of chicanery?

This is shaming stuff, but all too predictable after the spineless climbdown on EPP withdrawal. A rogue's gallery of the names and faces of the fifth columnists would be helpful, editor, so all proper Britons can take the opportunity to hurl rotten seasonal produce at them this weekend if they appear in public.

A reaction from Hague would be in order, but I won't hold my breath.

Does anybody know if Sean Gabb is still running his Candidlist?

If not it needs to be revived so we can run ALL the Eurofanatics out of Torytown.

Can Francis Maude please come on here and explain what action will be taken against the MEPs who voted in favour of this? They are clearly acting against the policy that William Hague said at the Conference of "no further"?

Combined with William's policy of "no euro" when he led the party.

Francis, the failure to act just supplies bullets to UKIP and the Bruges group.

Too many of our MEPs seem to be detached members of the Conservatives. Time they left and joined the Lib Dems.

And I speak as someone who has criticised Bruges and TFA on here.

Show some cojones Francis and DO SOMETHING!

Hague will keep silent. All along he's been trying to delver the UK into the Euro while pretending to remain defiant. 'Keep the £ for one Parliament' was his pathetic attempt to keep sterling from elimination in 2001. No doubt he finds the actions of the Magnificent Rebels 'disproportionate' - Hannan, Helmer, Heaton Harris, Callanan and Syed. The H Block is as united in opposition as they were which is good to see.

They've defied the Party Whip. Surely they should be thrown out of the EPP where they can make new alliances on behalf of David Cameron since Hague is unable to make any new friends.

Can we please have a list of those "tory" MEPs who voted in favour?

With a wider manifesto UKIP will come up strongly with the popular vote on this matter.
The last thing the Cameroonies should be doing is raising this issue at all.

just shows what a load of irrelevant muppets we have "representing" us in the EP and why we must ensure that when we have an elected house of lords we must do everything to prevent the parties (including ours) imposing close lists on elections.

For a start, hf, there's the leader Timothy Kirkhope (a total disaster), Giles Chichester (ditto) Caroline Jackson (wife to Tory MP who defected to Lanour) E. McMillan Scott, JLC Provan, N Deva, G. van Orden. +++++ E&OE

Tar and feather the lot.


Well done Roger Helmer - he's a great bloke.

In the words of Black Sabbath

"Oh no please God help me ..."

You forgot Chris Beazley Ratbag, of Europe wide education fame.

Below is a list of your representatives who voted for this (or at least abstained). I suggest you look up their email address from conservatives.com (http://tinyurl.com/y49kwu) and make you're feelings known.

John Bowis
Charles Tannock

North West
Den Dover
David Sumberg
Robert Atkins

Timothy Kirkhope
Edward McMillan-Scott

West Midlands
Philip Bushill-Matthews
Philip Bradbourn
Malcolm Harbour

Geoffrey Van Orden
Robert Sturdy
Christopher Beazley

South East
Nirj Deva
James Elles
Richard Ashworth

South West
Neil Parish
Caroline Jackson
Giles Chichester

Jonathan Evans

Struan Stevenson
John Purvis

This is just another example of Cameron's utterly deceitful reign as Leader. The vital fact here is that the voters for the Euro were not the mavericks, they were whipped to vote for the Euro. They and the whips must be disciplined by Cameron for breaching Conservative policy: or this will show that policy to be the tissue of lies which the EPP pledge indicated. They were voting for the Euro on Conservative orders... I've just about had enough of this. Well done Daniel, Roger and loyal conservative colleagues, who kept their honour intact and voted for US, instead of their EU masters.

"Tar and feather the lot."

Too true Ratbag.

The traitors and cowards need to be crushed by the fist of Tory Democracy.

I'd like to see every one of these scoundrels deselected.

This is damaging stuff, I very much hope there is more to it than we have seen so far and I look forward to Cameron, Hague or Maude explaining the full situation ASAP.

Yes, it now seems fairly clear to me that the Conservatives cannot be trusted on the issue of Europe. I will vote UKIP in Euro elections.

After reading this, BAH! And there are still some among you that would like me to Vote Conservative at the next General election. No chance!

Oh shut up moaning. Dave realises we have to be at the heart of Europe. Of course we should vote YES to the Euro, YES to unlimited EU immigration and YES to a full United States of Europes one day.

Our leadership team have made that quite clear, so you either want to be part of the future, or you should get out!

Presumably Davefan = Camoron.

Still not funny.

Thanks alex r

Which of these MEPs were on the Bruges recommended list ahead of the 2004 election?

I thought "Nirj Deva" was?

did anyone see the article in the daily telegraph the other day that showed that in a cost-benefit analysis of EU membership, it cost the UK over three time more to be a member than we get out of being a member. No wonder 60% buisnesses now think we'd be better off out.


As others have asked above - could you invite Kirkhope to explain this?

Kirkhope is being a good Conservative and doing what he is told. He has nothing to explain!

That's something a lot of you would do well to remember. This party needs unity behind its leadership team!

Surprised at Nirj Deva. I expect it was an aberration.

I too would like to here Kirkhope's explaination for this. I won't hold my breath. Our MEP's seem to be totally unaccountable.

It's the majority of our MEP's who are doing that Daniel.

Sorry to disappoint you Andrew, but the previous comment posted with my ID was posted by my impersonator.

The Editor is right to highlight this issue.

For goodness sake, why was the Gregory Barker thread closed so early in the day ?

Hope Central Office hasn't been "leaning" on Conservativehome and they're get all establishment on us. A grim vision of censorship when we get into office I presume.

Anyway fortunately Guido is not being too bashful about addressing the subject.

What exactly is a Conservative? What do they want to conserve? Precious little, from the antics of this bunch of federasts.

I'd be getting rather annoyed about that if I were you Daniel. Can't your impersonator (who's being very childish) have their IP address banned or something.

Clearly Davefan is a reincarnated Camoron. Just look his remark - - " Kirkhope is being a good Conservative and doing what he is told. He has nothing to explain"

WHO according to davefan GAVE the order? It seems it was given by Herr Hans Gert Poettering. He obeys the Germans not his own party.

I too am astonished at Nirj Deva - he must have pressed the wrong button (easily done in the EP I gather)

As for banning IP addresses, the links to many names here are bogus - I've tried them. Is THAT permitted?

The BETTER OFF OUT campaign has persuaded UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP to take the difficult and - within UKIP - controversial decision to give BETTER OFF OUT Conservative MPs a clear run at the next General Election.

With the honourable exception of Roger Helmer, Daniel Hannan and the 3 other Conservative MEPs who voted against the Euro, it follows that, at the next European Parliament elections, Conservatives voters should remember how the other 22 "Conservative" MEPs voted and cast their votes accordingly.

These MEPs have had their snouts in the trough for long enough. If William Hague persists in his outdated pro-EU policy he will lead the Party to the kind of defeat in Europe that he led it to in the UK in 2001.

"No wonder 60% buisnesses now think we'd be better off out."

Where is this figure from? Sounds almost too good to be true!

"Surprised at Nirj Deva. I expect it was an aberration."

Agreed, he is one of my MEP's and has always come across as very Eurosceptic.

I recommend all members email Kirkhope at [email protected] and ask him why he set a whip in opposition to Tory party policy on the euro.

I wouldn't bother people. It looks like this websites official position is to pretend to be anti-EU, by deleting all positive comments on the EU, thus trying to make our party look like it is standing up against the EU.

You post a message that is positive about the EU and it gets deleted. You watch, this one will be.

I don't think the owners of this site want the honest truth on our parties position. I hope this doesn't come down from up high.

"In Europe but not run by Europe!"


Oh dear, must have missed this on the 10'o clock news.
"UKIP WILL HAVE A FIELD DAY WITH THIS VOTING" Well Michael, what will happen if they even manage to double their vote of 2% in last ICM polls, will they be in a position to overtake the conservatives who are the most eurosceptic of the major parties on offer?

You tell em Northerntory!

We may want the Euro, but at least we are not Labour or Lib Dems. They would make us speak German, we would never do that!

Farage being all over the media at the moment is just a blip. The public always come back to the establishment eventualy. Any anti-establishment feeling will disapear once Blair leaves and we will be ready to take over!

davefan = UKIP troll

Trust "Northerntory" and his alter ego Serf to try and divert the discussion away from this appalling - and for them highly embarrassing - story of Cameroon Eurofanaticism.

I suspect that NT is neither Northern nor Tory.

Yet another Home Counties/London Cameroon sockpuppet.

Parochial note for the East Midlands -- we were the only region where ALL Conservative MEPs voted against the euro -- except of course for the North East, where Martin Callanan is the only Tory MEP.

To be fair to some colleagues, I only discovered after the voting session that the offensive phrase was in the report. I voted the right way on instinct, but it would have been easy to get it wrong. Remember we vote hundreds of times in an hour and a half, and it is just impossible to read every report and every amendment.

I'm trying to get my head around this whole thing - I cannot understand why it has happened - surely it is flying in the face of everything that we have been saying since William Hague's "Keep the Pound" campaign?!
Mr Helmer - can you possibly shed any light on what has been going on?

Right on, Roger. You and the other Tory patriots are doing a great job for Britain there.

Meanwhile we need to purge the party of every remaining Federast from Ken Clarke down.

Or should I say "up"?

There may well be a simple explanation to this - for example the report not having been read properly (which actually in itself is inexcusable) so I do think people should really hold off calling for "tarring and feathering" and other medieval punishments before some kind of clarification has been received from the leadership. No one should be condemned without hearing the evidence for and against!

Living in Brussels, this is yet another example of Tory MEPs coming over to some degree eurosceptic at home and then they are here putting their vote in the enemy camp. All the Conservative MEPs voted par for their course.

While we are about it, this shows the extent to which the Tory MEPs are commited to British enterprise.

Cameron 'backed rules that put jobs at risk'

Since when does the Leader of the Conservative Party take instructions from the WWF?

I have a chemistry degree and was working in the chemical industry even before I went to university. If you want a landscape of industrial museums rather than innovative chemical plants sign up to REACH! I actually heard a senior member of the Commission say, while discussing REACH, saying that we live in a post-industrial age. Not if you work in the chemicals industry.

It is ironic indeed that Mr Cameron says that he wants to take the Tories out of the EPP and then votes with the anti-business left.

It's just one thing after another with Cameron in command,be sure,all these Polls are meant to confuse and direct our efforts in the wrong direction.
Without strong Party Leadership and our MEPs breaking ranks even with the Whip over them what can we expect in the future?
No belief in our Leaders promise to extricate us from the EPP,and,an overwhelming fear that we are about to drop an almighty clanger somewhere soon fills me with gloom and despondency more each day.
Could it be that we are really doomed and heading for Political oblivion as some are openly saying out loud?

Serf, do you think "davefan" = "Monday Clubber"? Or better still, the late Duchess Barbara V? There's usually only one of them around at a time.

That is an interesting point Roger, although I'm not sertain that MEPs not reading what they are signing is much better than MEPs voting for the Euro. With all the money we poor into the EU could we not afford a couple of researchers to read all documents and check that our MEPS are not asked to sign something which is against the leadership's policies?

"... we vote hundreds of times in an hour and a half ..."

One of the advantages of the old-fashioned Westminster system of voting is that it's impossible to get the sheep - sorry, the MPs - through the lobbies that fast.

"surely it is flying in the face of everything that we have been saying since William Hague's "Keep the Pound" campaign"...

He's a politician Sally, need I say more.

As for not reading the whole document, you may well be correct Roger, for some of those those voting (like Nirj maybe?). But what about the whips / Tory Group leaders who enforced this. Had they not bothered to read it, or are they after EPP preferment....

So it's either laziness / incompetence in not reading the small print, or pro-EU instructions from the Leadership. Great choice... The decision on members deciding the MEP list ranking will show us definitively - if our vote there is lost, then we will know that all this is covert pro-Eu work from Cameron.

I'm pretty stunned that my own MEP Geoffrey Van Orden did not oppose this.If you read this Geoffrey could you tell me why please?

"Remember we vote hundreds of times in an hour and a half, and it is just impossible to read every report and every amendment."

Roger, it was honest of you to accept that you spotted the 'offensive phrase' after voting, but if you vote hundreds of times in 90 minutes, there are only seconds per vote to remind yourself what you are voting for. A maniacal legislative version of Fastest Finger First. Who thought up this ridiculous voting mechanism, and why do yopu put up with it?

Much more of this and I will sponsor Guido on a Brussels awayday. I'll tip you off beforehand.

This is very saddening, as it shows David's pro-EU stance, which is at variance with comments, but demonstrates the reason for his reluctance to pull out of the EPP immediately.
You cannot treat with the EU, they are hell bent on their own agenda, managed and manipulated by a bunch of unelected and unaccountable commissars and apparatchiks in Brussels who treat the democratic process with contempt.

Thank you Roger Helmer for the honesty but as Robd, Tam Large and Og say, MEPs should be checking what they are voting on.

Afterall that is what MEPs are paid for and we have a right to expect them to read and understand what they are asked to vote on.

It is just plain laziness and insulting to the voters to plead ignorance. It is a basic issue of competence which alas too many are clearly failing at.

Where is any statement from Kirkhope on this matter? What about Francis or William Hague?

Simon Richards " Conservatives voters should remember how the other 22 "Conservative" MEPs voted and cast their votes accordingly."

No way! Voters get a list and it's take it or leave it time. Sitting MEPs tend to go to the top of the list and are thus reelected while the party members' choices go to the bottom of the list. Since on present trends UKIP will gain even more that alone will make our MEPs even MORE europhile.

Richard - the "60% of busdinesses want out" figure is from "Open Europe business poll: cost of the Single Market outweighs the benefits" Open Europe's poll of Chief Executives received extremely wide coverage both at home and abroad. Every main medium covered it.

Sally Roberts wants us to hold fire till we hear from "the leadership". That'll be the day! Kirkhope, the leader, is a dyed-in-the-wool federalist and is a poodle to Poettering and was largely responsible for getting the whip withdrawn from Roger Helmer (now restored).

Noting Roger Helmer's comment concerning the length of the report, we should perhaps ask for some explanation from each of the 20+ Conservatives MEPs.In light of what has happened, it would be reasonable to get a statement from each MEP as to whether they would vote again to support the UKs membership of the Euro
Let us put this vital point to each one and ask the question.
One priority emerges from this debacle : all of us must scrutinise the track record and history of every Euro candidate before we make our selections for 2009.It would seem that the majority of these characters are way out of touch with the views of both the Conservative activists and indeed Conservative voters who put them there.

Geoffrey Van Orden MEP was on his way back to the UK to speak at the Basildon & East Thurrock Dinner along with the Rt Hon Michael Howard MP, so he was not able to vote on the ECB Report. Had he been there, you can be assured he certainly would not have voted in favour of anything that recommended the euro - he is a foremost and consistent supporter of the Pound.

I note that some of my friends were surprised that my name was not among those of my friends Heaton Harris, Hannan, Callanan et al. The reason that I did not vote against this appalling legislation is that I was NOT PRESENT at the vote as I was travelling. Had I been present in Strasbourg I would have voted a resounding "NO"
Keep fighting and every good wish,

Nirj Deva MEP

We vote on so many things that we have to rely on the whip and mostly don't have time to read the reports & amendments.

On the other hand, we have to rely on the voting list from the Whips' office, and clearly in this case they got it wrong.

Our position on Europe is that we should be in Europe, not run by Europe.

On the subject of the Euro itself, we're against joining for the foreseeable future. That's not a never. Both seem very sensible to me.

Maybe it would have been better if our MEPs had abstained or voted No given our 'wait and see' policy (which we effectively have)?

og, at least according to the official account it was tipping people off beforehand that first exposed the November 5th plot.

Thank you for your reply re Geoffrey Van Orden. I'd thought that there would be a good explanation.
It is becoming obvious that there is a huge split within the Conservative MEP grouping which can't be papered over. This will have to be addressed long before the next Euro elections.

Justin, as stated by William Hague in his conference speech, the official Tory position now is that there is "no person in their right mind advocating British membership of the euro". Presumably he'll be making a block booking with a psychiatrist for all those Tory MEPs who have just done so.

Yes, that's correct - for the momemt. Conservatives may oneday say Yes to the Euro...

About halfway down this list Simon Richards of the Freedom Association's Better Off Out campaign posted "The BETTER OFF OUT campaign has persuaded UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP to
take the difficult and - within UKIP - controversial decision to give BETTER
OFF OUT Conservative MPs a clear run at the next General Election." Any comments?

One never says "never" Justin, but it's hugely unlikely.

I'll comment, George. I think it reflects well upon UKIP that they have recognised that one can be pro-withdrawal from EU, still a Tory, and therefore worthy of UK's respect. And sensible, as UKIP have neither the dosh nor the credible manpower to fight every constituency.

It has often been said that the day UKIP come up with a really good leader who can appeal to those who are unsure about Europe, as well as those who never trusted it at all, they will make a proper breakthrough in domestic politics.

Farage might not be that leader, but if Dave remains wobbly on Europe, UKIP will be the only game in town for a great many voters. I allow that they have an awful lot of improving to do. And no, I've never voted for them.

You cannot predict what will happen in ten years time.

I mean UKIP's respect, not UK's.

I rather liked David Mellor's response to a letter from James Goldsmith informing him that he'd not stand against him if he endorsed HIS policies. If Conservative MPs enter deals with UKIP or any other party, then they should be reprimanded.

"we're against joining for the foreseeable future. That's not a never"

George Osborne said in his speech to conference :

"I want people to know this from us: we will never link our currency or join the euro."

I don't think that's actually Party policy.

I would like to say the reason the Nirj Deva was not able to vote was that he was speaking at South West Surrey Chairman's Dinner last night.

The reason that Nirj Deva was not there to vote he was addressing a large Association Event in South West Surrey.

For all the wailing in this thread against the four or five Tory MEPs who voted for this line, I've found the party's explanation of vote. It doesn't look to me that those who voted in favour were bent on ditching the pound, adopting the euro and generally selling us down the river. Maybe good sense (and a little research) can spare them from some of you gouging their eyes out:

"Written explanation of vote on Bères report European Central Bank 2005 (A6-0349/2006)

The policy of the Conservative Party in relation to the euro is clear: we are firmly committed to keeping the pound. Nevertheless, as the European Union in general and the eurozone in particular are our largest trading partners, we are ever vigilant of the need for the euro's stability, since this directly affects Britain's prosperity. We therefore reserve the right to make ourselves heard when we believe that unwarranted political pressure is being directed against the independence of the European Central Bank. In the last year, as interest rates have been raised from their historic low, the ECB has been under political attack, and an attempt was made to use this report to interfere in its management. Fortunately, the report in its final form respected the ECB's independence, and we have therefore taken the exceptional step of endorsing it to make known our commitment to a sound monetary policy."

Pretty clear then. Looks to me that Roger Helmer had it about right when he said "On the other hand, we have to rely on the voting list from the Whips' office, and clearly in this case they got it wrong."

As Roger said it was doubtless simply an oversight that this small piece of text was overlooked.


Has it not occurred to the powers that be (they must have somebody reading this blog) to say WHO voted for; WHO abstained or was absent; and WHO voted against. It would save a lot of angst!

I don't trust Cameron on this at all. Did HE give the order to Kirkhope? And his order today to vote greenery and wreck our chemical industry makes his credentials even more suspect. (To those who don't know what I'm talking about see Chris Gillibrand at 0828) The Chemical industry is one of the few we've got left of world class. To play fast and loose with that to follow suspect science to please his green friends and their socialist allies is shameful.

Does anyone have a link to the full report? It seems we're getting all in a lather about a phrase taken completely out of context.

I'm sure the ECB does support the adoption of the Euro by all member states. You'd pretty much expect it to. That point may well crop up in a report detailing its business.

It doesn't follow that in voting for this report the MEPs were advocating support for the introduction of the Euro in the UK.

Lets all calm down a little.

I would like to confirm that Nirj Deva was a key guest and speaker at my Chairman's Dinner in Godalming last night. Nirj's record of speaking out against the Euro and for the maintenance of British freedoms is second to none. Long may that continue !

Nirj wasn't at the vote.... we get it!!! :-)

"The policy of the Conservative Party in relation to the euro is clear: we are firmly committed to keeping the pound. Nevertheless, as the European Union in general and the eurozone in particular are our largest trading partners, we are ever vigilant of the need for the euro's stability, since this directly affects Britain's prosperity."

In other words - we support the euro in those Member States WHO HAVE IT OR WHO WISH TO HAVE IT - but we remain firmly opposed to having it in Britain - what on earth is wrong with that?

Mike Christie wrote"It doesn't follow that in voting for this report the MEPs were advocating support for the introduction of the Euro in the UK."

Oh yes it does "ALL MEMBER STATES"

The actual text =
9. Welcomes the accession of Cyprus, Latvia and Malta to ERM II on 29 April 2005 and that of Slovakia on 25 November 2005; supports the introduction of the euro by all the Member States; considers that due attention should be paid to the accuracy and credibility of Member States' statistics in connection with compliance with the convergence criteria; calls on the other Member States to take measures without delay to likewise comply with the criteria set for accession to the euro zone;

Could that be much clearer?

Shame on you Neil Parrish. Preach a eurosceptic message, get yourself elected on a eurosceptic platform, in a eurosceptic constituency then totally disregard your electorate once elected. I had thought better of you, Caroline Jackson has made no bones about being a Lib Dem but we all thought better of you. I suppose we shouldnt blame you. When the Leader misleads to get the vote of right tending membership what do we expect of his MEPs and MPs - honesty, nah.

If any one has read Thomas Friedman's book, then they will know that thanks to Google, anybody who has any doubts about their past, need to "be afraid, be very afraid."

I am looking forward to reselection when for the first time the majority of people listening to the speeches will sit there listening knowing exactly how MEPs have voted on this issue and the many other issues that will take place until 2009, all thanks to Google.

With regard to George Herbert, all it would have taken for the MEPs following this report would heve been to insert a plenary amendment to delete that one line (which they must have known about). It is easy to do, you just need a few signatures.

At least we have one principled MEP in London

At the end of the day, people are going to believe what and whom they wish to give credence to! When it comes to re-selections they will vote for who is closest to supporting their own particular stance! People should not get too worked up over all this.
Personally when it comes to reselection hustings I will be judging my local London MEPs on their work record and Charles Tannock scores particularly well on that. He has consistently been a big help and support to us in Hammersmith & Fulham - invariably coming to help us on polling day, doing speaking engagements for various wards and generally being a good friend to us.

A pox and plague on all their houses.
I find it unbelievable that these MEP's would vote in favour of the Euro being imposed on the UK, when they are very well aware of the general feelings of antipathy for Brussels in the country.
It is all very well for the comment that there are too many votes in a short space of time and that you are sometimes unable to follow the proceedings or keep up with the paperwork.
But, this is a democratic process, allegedly, and it is high time that MEP's imposed some measure of control on the apparatchiks, and demanded enough time for each bill to be properly debated and dissected.
The apparatchiks are using this process to feather their beds and to usurp the democratic process and impose their autarchic will on 100's of millions of people. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Napoleon are no doubt laughing their balls off at our stupidity.

The same motion also included the following:

"24. Notes that the value of the euro banknotes in circulation has continued to increase quickly, with a rise of 12,8% in 2005; notes that this steady increase is mainly accounted for by large denomination notes, in particular EUR 500 banknotes, the number of which in circulation has increased by 20,9%; calls on the ECB to examine the reasons for this substantial increase, and to analyse the type of transactions carried out with these notes and the breakdown in demand by country, with a view to identifying the attendant risks;"

If there are any mature/wise politicians remaining in the Cameron Conservative Party - they will know what the above means!

Joining such a currency would be suicidal!

Tory MEP leadership and whips are not only shameless but ignorant.


I would like to point out that the above post was not made by me. Editor, it would seem there is an increasing problem of people faking posts on here. Anything you can do about it?

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