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What was funny, unlike Simon's attempt at humour, was Simon losing it live on BBC West Midlands News, Sky News and News 24 when he tried to justify himself.


What gets me is not only that it's tasteless, but it just isn't funny. At all!

Truly truly pathetic little man. He also looks very strange with his long flowing locks. I think he is having some kind of a mid life crisis imagining that he is 16 again. Stop it Sion, you are just embarrassing yourself.

Perhaps it is a case of anything for FAYM!!

What an absolute prat! A ten year old could have done a better impersonation and come up with something more original.

The reference to Cameron's wife and children is not just tasteless but is disgusting.

The way this idiot conducted himself on Sky News was pathetic and showed him up for the waster he is. And to think he is being paid taxpayers money to carry on with his antics is a disgrace.

A very strange man. I wonder what his constituents think?

It made me laugh that Sion said he'd take down the video immediately if David Cameron asked him to.

Sorry mate, but why would DC stop a Labour MP making such a plonker of himself? This is the sort of advertising that money can't buy. It's delicious.

Well I've got to thank Sion too as traffic to webcameron.info spiked again yesterday thanks to a Google rush of searches.

Still I've got to admit that the funniest line of all is yours with -
"the Tory leader's YouTube-type attempt to bypass the soundbite mainstream media and communicate directly with voters"

ROTFL. This is the man who washes up in long sleeves and cufflinks but manages not to touch a dish, whilst holding eco-friendly liquid and talking of "cleaning up".

As Rupert Murdoch said, Cameron is just a n insincere pr man uttering anything that he thinks people want to hear.

It seems that poor Sion has a talent for misjudgement. He was also one of the organisers of the Blair Must Go letter – so he stuck his neck on the block in the mistaken belief that Gordo would have the guts to follow it through. Suckerrr!

It was a terrible video though. If it had been funny or a good impression etc, but it was just awful.

Well I was savaged by John Gaunt from the Sun and Talksport when I was on Sky News for half an hour who found it amusing to call be Tory Big Boy - which acrually did make me chuckle. I dont think he could comprehend that while the video didnt offend me, I just didn't find it funny. Don't give up the day job Sion. Then again....

Cameron is just a n insincere pr man uttering anything that he thinks people want to hear.

Like here's a definite tax cut?

:-) Even if deep down Cameron does believe in tax cuts, he won't be able to deliver them based on his spending plans.

He's just another tax'n'spend big government supporter.

No, you've just said that David Cameron tells people what they want to hear. So either people don't want to hear about tax cuts or DC doesn't tell people what they want to hear. Which is it?

Huh? Are you hung-over today Mark as you are being a bit slow?

Cameron is telling people that he will spend more on the NHS because that is what he thinks they want to hear.

However, the consequence of that is that he will not be able to deliver tax cuts.

Quite right Mark Fulford! I thought Chad had been banned anyway?

I give up.

Personally I found this shot at "blog pimping" was spot on. Curious that Mr Fawkes was so enraged by someone else having a go at satire. He's a little bit too precious about Webcameron, methinks.

Although the money saved on pointless reorganisations of the NHS would presumably pay for some extra expenditure Chad?

Would you rather have an effective NHS or tax cuts? Hmmm tricky one!

"Would you rather have an effective NHS or tax cuts?"

So you are therefore implying that high taxes create an effective NHS which wrong and is no different from New Labour's tax'n'spend approach.

Remember Labour never sits down and plans a "pointless reorg". They obviously have good intentions but can't deliver.

So Cameron must equally be planning to either do nothing and just spend more, or also plans some kind of reorg of his own that will need to funded and could equally be called "pointless" by the opposition.

No I am implying that cutting taxes is a bit silly if the NHS is still lame. What I am hoping for is less bureaucracy and central control of hospitals which will save money and deliver more effective service.

Chad, you claim to be a politician; surely you can understand that promising tax cuts when our schools and hospitals are failing is a bit stupid?

"Chad, you claim to be a politician"

Huh? I've never claimed that, yuck, quite the opposite. I have no plans to go into politics at all.

"surely you can understand that promising tax cuts when our schools and hospitals are failing is a bit stupid?

I can see that when Labour has tried, with good intentions, to bathe our services in our money as a solution, and that had not worked, that bathing it in even more money will also not work.

ie the intentions are good, but seeking for the state to solve the problems is the wrong answer.

Tax cuts are not about cutting services but giving people a choice of how they spend their money (rather than delegate the choice to the state), thus creating competition of services which is the best means of delivering efficiency, something the state can never achieve.

The higher the taxes the more the state decides how to spend your money, the lower the taxes the more the onus is on you.

I'd like more of that responsibility please, with less state involvement in the delivery of key services.

I guess this is why political parties hire expensive consultants to have a go at their opponents. Mind you, after the Chameleon thing, we can't say that they were any better.

Huh? I've never claimed that, yuck, quite the opposite. I have no plans to go into politics at all.

Another change of heart Chad? Isn't this your press release from which I quote:

If elected to represent the people of Bromley & Chislehurst as an independent conservative, I believe that my passionate conservative values, fighting for a smaller state, immediately lower taxes, more grammar school, pro-business, anti A-list positive discrimination and pro EU withdrawal will enable me to influence the Tory Party from the outside in.

I also thought you said you were planning to stand in Battersea for UKIP Chad.


- do a search here - I made it painfully clear that I was only standing to ensure there was BOO representation to be in line with Eric's aims etc - I even wrote here that I wanted the Tories to field a BOO candidate, then only put my hat in the ring until it was confirmed that Nigel was a Boo supporter too.

So I'll do my bit to promote the values I believe in, and if that means splitting votes etc in Battersea/Bromley, then I'll do it willingly, but I do not want to become an elected official.

I enjoy my rest time with my family much more, and am planning to slowly wind down my work time not increase it.

Order! Order! Mr Chad Noble, this thread is going off topic. Please return to it!

Just answering two direct questions Mr Speaker.

If you're a eurosceptic in Battersea and Bromley, why don't you get the current MP and PPC deslected and replaced? That would actually promote the cause you believe in Chad. Standing for UKIP is the same level as Sion Simon - look at me politics guaranteed to make your side lose.

"I have no plans to go into politics at all."

Ho ho ho!

Oh and Sion Simon has made it possible for all CH visitors to more or less agree with each other for once. So he has been successful on one count ;)

He hasn't even got his facts right. Cameron has 3 kids on 2.

Hi Tapestry,

Obviously, I completely disagree. Splitting votes is the first small impact a growing values-basedc party can make, and with the other parties very close together, it can make a decisive different.

Of course it is not the full strategy, but it is a vital early part of the long-term plan when other parties have already decided not to work with you.

Clearly, if UKIP can, and I am sure they will, successfully split the votes so there is no likelihood of a Tory government, then it will lead to an overall change in strategy.

I have a feeling that a fourth election defeat for the Tories will lead to the values-based conservatives defecting in greater numbers, as without the chance of power, they will be more inclined to push for a long-term alternative that closer matches their own values.

So for the next election alone, I think it is key for UKIP to split the decisive votes to prevent a Conservative victory.

Great aspiration Chad. Well done you! Good God, the delusions of grandeur which seem to be a prerequisite of membership of UKIP personified!

What's UKIP got to do with Sion Simon?

What political party does not plan to deliver the aggregate values of its members?

That's the aim, surely?

"What's UKIP got to do with Sion Simon? "

Nothing Andrew. Malcolm brought it into the thread at 11:17, so ask him.

Chad, you sad little scrote of a man. I thought that you were not coming back onto Conservativehome any more because members here ripped the piss out of you?

Why don't you allow free comments on your site, just as CH and YouTube do, so all the people who we all know think you are the 'right wing' equivilent of Sion Simon can pass judgement on your comments?


This is a thread about Sion Simon's video; it is not a thread about Chad, his political beliefs, his electoral ambitions or the Armando Iannucci clip that he has stolen for his webcameron spoof.

Do try to stay on topic please!

Indeed, but the current situation with taxes is that a cut will have a marginal impact on the ability of people to purchase those services on the private market. Conversely, it will have a more than marginal impact on the provision of those services to people who would rely on them even if they got money back.

I personally think that while it looks amateurish this enhances the resonance/power of its message to any non-political anorak looking at it.

As for all those indigantly saying its disgusting etc, get a life and stop being so po faced. The more people winge about how disgusting it is, the more out of touch Conservatives look.

it is such a shame that the chump responsible for this unfunny clip bears the name Sion. This is the Welsh form of John and is a fine old name. My name incidentally in Welsh is Dafydd ap Sion. So come on sion , for the sake of the rest of us out there with a welsh background , steer clear of comedy/publicity/everything - your just embarrasing us.

Saw Sion Siom on the telly - minus the cap. What an ugly man!


Sion Simon on Sky says "my job as a Labour MP is to work for the British government and for the re-election of the British government".

The people of Erdington might disagree.

Is he having a mid-life crisis??

Sion Simon is clearly an idiot. What a silly and unfunny video that is - I turned off the moment it got to the "you like-a ma wife?" bit.

And he didn't come across at all well in the interview either - arrogant and self-serving.

But I do think he had a point about "Dave's" commitment to the videoblogging medium. The fact that Sion Simon is an idiot doesn't make Webcameron any less of a stunt.

Christina, please stop using capitals and start using new paragraphs. Your postings make my eyes sore!

Opps. Wrong thread. Apologies.

Sion's pulled the clip.


I managed to see it before it was removed and it really was the most tragically pathetic attempt at humour. I'm no Cameroon and regardless I would have laughed if it was funny but it was just dire. Clearly he's managed to pick up some tips from the man he tried to install by coup de partie.

Was the mullet on the video real or a wig?

Antony from Normanton Conservatives wrote:
"Chad, you sad little scrote of a man"

Well I can see the irony in Normanton Conservatives making that kind of remark on a thread about Labour's bad taste comments.

Sion Simon on Sky says "my job as a Labour MP is to work for the British government and for the re-election of the British government".

So when the Tories are still in power, will he still be campaigning for this?

I thought that the job of an MP was to hold the government TO ACCOUNT in Parliament, not to blindly work for them, voting out of loyalty to the whip.

Chad why don't you allow comments on your site? Are you afraid of what people are going to write about you??

The amusing thing about this whole episode is just how much this cretinous MP thinks of himself. I can remember when he appeared on Have I Got News For You a few years back. The audience couldn't believe how comically inept he was.

My suspicion is that Simon's meeja advisor told him the only way to deflect criticism was to go on the offensive.

Simon obviously misheard and just decided to be offensive on Sky, the BBC and any other media outlet that would interview him.

By the way, why are you all giving this "Chad" character so much oxygen? Leave him hanging, guys...

"Chad why don't you allow comments on your site? Are you afraid of what people are going to write about you??"

Huh? I do.

All members are free to add comments. I do have a simple registration process to stop anonymous trolls though, which means I don't have to spend the day deleting comments from Normanton Conservatives calling people scrotes etc.... ;-)

If we had a membership mechanism on this site, we could - and would - bar you from posting such drivel.

Oh. I didn't realise this was your site Justin.

What's better, having me trying to discuss in the open, or being banned, then using a false name and a dynamic IP address etc?

You can't stop people, but you can stop decent debate by continuing with personal attacks instead of keeping to the topic of the thread.

Sion Simon came across in that interview as a total pillock- a rather petulant pillock!

But his entire argument against webcameron is false. He was basically saying that Cameron was bad for using the alternative media because he is only doing it to suit his political purpose.

Well duh! And what's wrong with it?

It sounds as if Simon was saying that the only excuse for using the alternative media is to use it for its own sake. If you've got a message to get across, you use what tools are at your disposal to accomplish that goal.

When I signed up to Blogger, I don't recall have to say some kind of pledge of allegiance to the world of blogging before they would let me blog.

David webster, I can assure you, that is not the case... Party loyalty is above principle or the people themselves.

This thread has passed its sell by date!

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