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Delighted to see Jeremy Hunt nominated. Jeremy has certainly worked hard both in his shadow ministerial role and prior to that for various good causes. He has been a good friend of mine going back over several years beginning when he was my local ward chairman! To those who scoff at MPs and say that they are "all in it for themselves" I would cite Jeremy as a superb example of where that is completely untrue!

I would love to vote in this but am unaware of much of the work done by these people.Is there any chance of you getting all the nominees to write a paragraph on their work Tim?

Malcolm - if you follow the link you will see that you can't vote unless you have a "parliament.uk" email address.

You're right Peter sorry.

I'm not sure it's a good idea that only folk with parliamentary email addresses can vote... it kind of skews the vote towards Labour's current majority of parliamentary etc staff.

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