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Describing people over 50 as "older voters" will not win him or the party any favours. People in their 50s (quite rightly) do no consider themselves to be old. Equally, this means that dubbing them as saintly grandparents will not appeal as many of them are more concerned with their prodigy's future is rather bogus as many people in their 50s are celebrating the new-found freedom of packing their children off to University so they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work without being bothered by teenage tantrums. Once again Cameron appears to be out of touch - people are living longer and his view of the old dates back to the 1950s.

Yes the "Early Retirees" - so Cameron will restore their looted pensions and let anyone over 50 retire on full pension so he can focus on the under 25 age group he feels ge can 'rap' with ?

I rather think DC meant old gits like myself. Over 70. When, as now, I think I might indulge in something bedroomy, I have to pause, and say to myself,"What?? with my back?????" Now THAT is old.

David Cameron has reinvented the wheel !
How about letting these "old" over 50's become candidates...all that life experience would be more use to the Party thsn the CCHQ "FF-Fionas" who have populated the "A" List.

Curious that with one hand Dave is trying to woo older voters; and with the other he is excluding many pensioners and older people from joining the Party by increasing the subscription to an unaffordable (for many on fixed income) £25 as from January...

As for excluding the 50 and overs from being new candidates... as being a candidate is part of a long job application for the Westminster gravy train job of MP, is not that age barrier now unlawful?

Yes I'm just over 50 and I think his approach is as absurd as the endless rubbish from SAGA I keep getting through the door. I may be less energetic than I was 20 years ago but my lifestyle has not changed. I'm still a working professional man with no intention of retiring.

Trying not to go off topic I've just been listening on the TV to comments about Cameron turning up at a black pentecostal service in London - obviously in search of votes.

An Oxbridge educated pentecostal pastor said he thought Cameron was totally wasting his time after the "trendy" comments he made about family relationships at the Bournemouth conference.

I agree 100%, and frankly I think Cameron is again showing a total lack of respect for real people. He thinks he can relate to ethnic minorities because he has spouted some self-conscious liberal platitudes about racism. He totally ignores the fact that his social lberalism is light years away from the social and religious conservatism of Black Pentecostals or Asian Muslims.

Returning to topic, we are provided with yet more evidence that Cameron and his advisers live in a yuppie bubble of their own, totally cut off from the remarkably illiberal world outside.

A deal of nonsense in some of the contributions. I am 70+ and can remember feeling excluded from TB's 'cool britania'I believe that DC is on the right track.His stance appears to be inclusive across all age groups.So a little less carping is called for in my opinion.

David Cameron has obviously decided that he needs to appeal directly to all ages and can't afford to leave one out. At least so far he has not felt the need to get in the sandpit and be seen to be enjoying the company of toddlers! This is obviously a 'good thing' as it means that in ten years time he won't look like 'mutton dressed as lamb', as the saying goes, while still trying to convince 'youth' that he's a straight kinda guy, and understands their problems.

One of the key worries of older voters is crime. How can we try to woo the grey vote if we are saying that we should give "liove and understanding" to teenage criminals, many of which rob and burglarise older people due to their being easier targets?

I cant help but be very cynical about this.

What patronising tosh from young Dave. But he is right to get the focus back on the over 50's

In fact if you look at the statistics - there are now more of us than there are of them.

According to a House of Lords Report last year , 80% of all financial assets and 60% of all savings are owned by the over 50 age group.

We are a massive market. We control 40% of the UK spending and dominate the market for products like cars, holidays, and believe it or not , Information Technology!

Grey power is here to stay. We should start flexing our remaining muscle !!

Yes I'm just over 50 and I think his approach is as absurd as the endless rubbish from SAGA

Just the age to run off with your son's girlfriend !

I am surprised at the response.
I am over 75 and I am using the computer.
One I always voted Conservative but now I do not vote at all.
I cannot get myself to like Cameron at all,with all these homosexuals in charge.

Margaret Wilson is either showing her age or is a "bogus" poster trying to discredit the site ?

There is one hell of a difference between chronological age and biological age. One can be 70 years young like Patsy and I, and a few others on here whose age I do not need to know, and there are aged 50, going on 95, and I'm pretty sure we could recognise them on sight.
Just forget age altogether, and just check whether they can stand upright long enough to do the job, plus remembering what their name is, and is it Sunday today.

Annabel, I was referring to Margaret's homophobic remark,which would not be excused by her age but could be explained by it.

What Cameron - as always being out-of-touch - cannot grasp is that when you get 70+ you reckon that there's not much to do about the present and that the future for your grand children that matters (Blair ca;;ds it 'legacy')

Since he doesn't propose to do anything except make life worse for the young (keeping university fees, stopping family formation by refusing the tax rearrangements which would get them on the housing ladder, disapproving of 'selection' in schools) and making sure that there IS no Britain to inherit the man is a dead loss.

He can't do anything to get our vote. We've seen it all and in our cynicism we can see through someone so bogus.

Absolutely Alison. It is a problem with some over 70s who ripped the light fantastic in the 1940s and50s. A world of court martials if one were in the services, and the collar felt in civvy street.
Funny old world. Some of us have moved on, sadly, some have not.

Some of us have moved on, sadly, some have not.

as you will Annabel.....as you no doubt will.............but while you are still with us ......remember OMOV.............we are all equal at the ballot box and your vote is just as valid as Margaret Wilson's ............so in the big wide world of elections her views are just as valid as yours

"I was referring to Margaret's homophobic remark"

Do it really necessary to use the language of the left?

Gramsci and Marcuse were spot-on when they foresaw that the left would achieve hegemony by changing language in a way that would manipulate thinking.

Margaret doesn't like homosexuals, you do, I'm indifferent.

In a free country we all have the right to hold differing views on the issue and they are totally irelevant to our conservatism.


IS it really necessary to use the language of the left?

(I have not become a rap artist).

Which homosexuals are in charge? Just wondering. Can I meet them? Have they been to dinner?

I think you're great Margaret Wilson, for having the courage to stand up to these homosexuals running everything. Make absolutely sure that you refuse to accept any social services which may have in part been paid for by homosexuals paying taxes: wouldn't want your medicines or other help coming from such a moral cesspit would we?

Stuart, I find your post more worrying than Margarets.

"In a free country we all have the right to hold differing views on the issue and they are totally irelevant to our conservatism"

My Coservative Party has no place for these views. There is nothing "free" about being discriminated against in any society.

My Coservative Party has no place for these views.

Care to publish your Manifesto so we can see if it is worth voting for ?

Taxes are paid by all sorts of people of whom one may not approve; CND supporters, BNP members, dangerous criminals, even Cameroons.

If Margaret says she doesn't like homosexuals so what? Hardly revolutionary is it? Is there nothing and nobody you dislike?

Personally I have nothing against them, but I deplore the way that the "Tory Modernisers" have dragged in this total irrelevance to form part of their trendy window dressing.

As for Alison Anne Smith it would be interesting to know when she joined "her" Conservative Party because in my experience the party's norm was and possibly still is a lot less tolerant than my own longstanding attitude of live-and-let-live.

Tom Tom, go to the Conservative Party website you'll find it there !

Stuart, I joined in 1982 aged 18...I expect all parties had homophobes then. However times have changed and political parties have moved with them.

Sorry Alison. I can well believe it's on the Cameroon party website but we rather wanted to hear your own philosophy on the matter.

There's this strange difference between "traditional" crimes like murder, incest and highway robbery and "PC" crimes such as "homophobia". It's directly connected with the fact that less than a generation ago "PC Crime" was not crime at all.

The difference is this. If you had a rapist or a mass murderer in your family the chances are that you'd have nothing to do with them, and you certainly wouldn't boast about the fact.

On the other hand, although you condemn homophobia with equal severity, the chances are that numerous living or recently-deceased members of your family are or were "homophobes".

Do you make a point of expressing your righteous indignation to Gran on every possible occasion?

You may have been a party member for 24 years, Alison, but I fear you have a lot to learn about the philosophy of Conservatism.

Live-and-let-live cuts both ways, freedom is indivisible, and the one thing that is as indefensible as it is insufferable is priggery.

Getting back to the thread - Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has just statred a round the world race at the age of 67. People are diverse whatever their age, so turning to crude policy pitches to win them over never works. Votes will see through the constant "Cameron woos black voters", "Cameron woos women voters", "Cameron woos gay vote" etc.

"Do you make a point of expressing your righteous indignation to Gran on every possible occasion?"

Yes I have the courage of my convictions & I don't consider my indignation "righteous" just being part of a civil society.

"You may have been a party member for 24 years, Alison, but I fear you have a lot to learn about the philosophy of Conservatism."

What a load of rubbish, being a Conservative encourages freedom, but not the freedom to abuse other members of society.

So Alison what is your view on Euthanasia ? Do you have a view on the niqab ? On the chadoor ?

What do you think of the reduction in surface ships in The Royal Navy ?

What is your view on Abortion ?

It would be nice to know more about your Conservative Party

What a load of rubbish, being a Conservative encourages freedom, but not the freedom to abuse other members of society.

So you will apologise to Margaret Wilson then, whom I am sure is quite offended by your name-calling ?

Tom Tom, is this a PAB interview ? I'm not seeking election for the "A" List, just having a blog chat !

My Coservative Party

Those were your words.............I merely seek clarification of your deviationism

Margaret Wilson's views are best ignored by people. Focus on the topic of the thread please.

Seeing as a deviationism is an expressed belief which is not in accordance with official party doctrine, is this what you intended to ask?
My views are in complete accord with the Conservative Perty I belong to.

Got to sign off now Emmerdale's coming on !

"teenage criminals, many of which rob and burglarise older people due to their being easier targets?"
So there are'nt any criminals over the age of 20. Did not know that. Leave teenagers alone, we're not all criminals, most of us are just trying to find our way ina big, bad cynical world

"Got to sign off now Emmerdale's coming on"

Well I think that says it all.

Francis, read the comment...I didnt say all teenagers were criminals. Unfortunately down here it tends to be a preponderance of young people (and those in the 14-20 age group) causing anti-social behaviour that particularly impacts upon older people. I did however seem to ignore middle aged criminals, though that certainly wasnt deliberate.

Slightly worryingly Im complaining about how things arent the way they used to be "back in the day"...am I right to be worried?

In order to win a convincing majority Cameron has to win over the greater majority of the over 50s. I think it is unlikely that he will if views such as that of Margaret Wilson are not taken into consideration and catered for.I feel it is wrong to say that they should be ignored and move on, as the consequences of such is that the Conservative movement stays still and is ignored by the more mature electors.
The views of Margaret are valid and are to be ignored at peril.

Cameron seems to have spent his spare time working out which section of the Party he can get rid of in order to attract a few LibDem inclined floaters. The way he's going on Gordon Brown will have to clear up his own mess with Blair p***ing himself in some foreign corner.

So it is official.

"GRAB A GRANNY" is the latest gimmick, as voters walk away from the Cameroonies as indicated in the latest Polls.

Cameron do not take the mature electorate for granted as you have continually done so.

""Got to sign off now Emmerdale's coming on"

Well I think that says it all."

....it says that I watch Emmerdale yes, genius ? In fact it was cancelled so I watched the Grand Prix...so what does that say Stuart ?!

If Cameron feels so strongly perhaps he would like to apply that thinking to the A List?

I am glad that DC is taking up this theme. Before the last election he represented the party at a political conference organised by Age Concern & spoke very well on these issues. I would agree with Thomas Hobbes though that he needs to be careful about who he means by "older people". This is the year that the baby boomers conceived in 1945 have been turning 60. Bel Mooney is one example of somebody with a 60th birthday this year. Not many of these yet think of themselves as "older people". They represent a powerful electoral demographic however, as well as a resourse of economic potential, wisdon & experience that we could tap into more effectively than we do.

As some posters above have already said, the danger lies in categorising people by their age - "older people" are as diverse a group as any other in society. They do not all think alike just because they are 60. As conservatives we should resist the temptation to define people by their age - just as we would by reference to race, sex sexuality etc.

I am looking forward to reading the speech when it's published.

DC has made a speeech to an "Age" Concern event and many of you are saying he shouldn't talk about age! It seems to me he is right to point to the importance of older groups in society and their needs. It really doe seem that some of you whip yourselves up with ever more distorted views of what DC is doing and then use this to prove you must be right in not liking him. The threads on here get more bizzare by the day,


"If Cameron feels so strongly perhaps he would like to apply that thinking to the A List?"

Spot on James. There is no provision for older candidates nor by class.

So why are women and ethnic minorities worthy of fixed quotas but not older people or working class?

What % of the A-List is over 60?

I hate quotas, but seeing as Cameron insists on them, the omission of quotas for older or working class people speaks volumes.

Just remember all you grey labour supporters in Browns first budget as chancellor he gave OAPs 75p as an annual pension rise.


George is over eighty and he’s seen it all before
He was born in the depression and was wounded in the war
He hadn’t been a hero, but George had done his bit
His legs had both been broken when a piece of shrapnel hit

George with his new ungainly gait really didn’t care
He had served his King and Country and was proud that he’d been there
Once the war was over and he got a steady job
George worked hard and did overtime to earn an extra bob

He was careful with his money but you couldn’t call him mean
He had known the pangs of hunger as a child when times were lean
He never wasted money in the bookies or on ale
He wanted some security in case his health should fail

Came the National Insurance Scheme in 1948
George gave the scheme his full support thinking it was great
If we all join in together and we pay our weekly dues
We should all get good pensions that can only be good news

What with all our contributions and the taxes that we pay
Well never in the future should we see a rainy day
No humiliating means tests, no more workhouse for the poor
The old can hold their heads up like they never could before

Now George is getting frail and weak and needs a little care
The pension that George thought he’d get simply isn’t there
The savings that old George accrued long ago had dwindled
The Council now want George’s house, no wonder George feels swindled

Every evening in the news on all the TV stations
Brown will give away OUR cash to lots of foreign nations
What’s more it is a well-known fact that cannot be disputed
Folk come here and claim benefits but never contributed

Our leaders throw our cash around with philanthropic zeal
Massaging their ego’s, not caring how we feel
To George an honest British man the real reward is owed
We should be taking care of him, not stealing his abode

No copyright on diddled I wrote it because It's just how things are in Britain.

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