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I and others tried repeatedly to have rational debates on various threads but Christina and others have lowered the discourse to shouting and ranting. yet again I repeat I am not a blind follower of Cameron and I have posted constructive criticsim on a number of occasions. Yet I do think he is heading in the right direction. We do need to win over the centre ground and we are. Labour are worried about this as I know personally from comments from them. I do think the fopcus on Social Responsibility is exactly the right one. It is an approach that can address and solve the key problems in the country today. We have to move forward and most party members are happily doing so even if change feels a little painful at times (as change always is).


One thing about responsibility. Its great that Cameron wants businesses to show responsibility but we must also campaign for personal responsibility...the welfare state for example is a big example of the personal responsibility issue we need to tackle. Personal debt is another example of this.

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