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Superb video - I think Eric Forth would have loved it!!

Sion Simon - Eat your heart out!

Paul made another CWF video in a similar style for Thatcher last year - YouTube link.

I've just watched the Thatcher video with my teenage daughters and it really brought home that their generation is taught absolutely nothing about what happened in the 1970s. No wonder Thatcher is seen as such a demon.
All they hear is that Thatcher gratuitously destroyed the mining communities, they are told nothing about the state of the country in the 1970s: the unions running the country, everyone on strike, regular power cuts, the 3 day week, rubbish piling up in the streets.... when I mentioned that the dead were left unburied there was a snort of disbelief.

How can we learn when history is airbrushed away?

A good video.

IMO it is impossible to overstate how catastophic the loss of Eric has been to the Conservative party and more importantly to parliament.

Didn't the great Mr Forth say something to Cameroon along the lines of, "I believe in tax cuts, grammar schools and big business - am I still a Conservative?"

His constituents obviously agreed with him and either didn't vote, or voted accordingly in the by-election to replace him. Which probably gave him a wry smile, as he learn't to play his harp.

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