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The Hungarians are giving a dangerous lesson to all the EU countries on how to react to political mendacity.
Perhaps we can combine that with the Roumanian option and clear the Augean Stables and rid ourselves of the sleaze and corruption.
Oops back to reality.

Top review William!

William, glad you've got so little to do in Brum that you can bring a smile to a wet day in London!

Wishful thinking. Some time in the near future ...

Prime Minister's Question Time

Mr Cameron: "In the light of the Hungarian Prime Minster's recent confession, would the Prime Minister care to make a personal statement to the House?"

Prime Minister "Err ..."

Sadly, LC, calls for a "confession" could be turned back on David Cameron himself.

We're all still waiting for an unequivocal statement that he has never in his life taken a Class A drug.

He's so voluble on other matters his silence on that issue is really quite extraordinary.

...and worrying.

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