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Class. Rumours that David Davis hired William Norton are too outrageous to be believed!

Pure brilliance although I hear that Dipsy Teletubby is considering standing...

Ah, political satire. How I've missed it.

Where is Spitting Image when you need them most? Just think if the fun they would have with this, Livingstone and his jibes, Osama and his friends, even we might feature a few times.

Can anybody persuade them to do a special? I'm sure William could write some of the sketches.

No John, this is not satire - it's cheap!

Ah Thomas
People never value what they get for free!

being Labour they're nine months behind the game and it will take them twice as long as everyone else
Unless when it comes down to it no one else besides Gordon Brown can get enough signatures from MP's - they need 12.5% of the parliamentary party, 44 MP's - it would be easy to see a situation in which there were 3 other candidates who in total had quite a number but fell short of the required number and either after taking soundings withdrew or put their names forward and simply didn't have the numbers when it came down to it - Alan Milburn is reluctant even as a government minister and it seems improbable he would stand, David Miliband, Jack Straw and Hilary Benn are backing Gordon Brown - Patricia Hewitt is non-committal, I suppose she would be a possible candidate, other than that Clare Short, Frank Field and Stephen Byers would all be possibilities and John McDonnell is going to have a go but really has about as much chance as Mao Tzse Tung.

Jolly good and all that.
Very droll.

Note to Editor:- More funnies please, we must have a stautory laugh break.

who actually PATSY TOKEN is? Hazel Blears? Tessa Jowell? Both of them rolled together?

The "A" List selection criteria is comedy enough for me.

Mmmm, my vote goes to Konnie Huq.
Her campaign slogan could be " Phwoar, not back" in imitation of 'forwards not back' -Nulab election lies ,

William- you left out the bloke with The Bounce. He'll be very upset.

How about Al Gore for Prime Minister, he's free? Labour could him into a safe seat in a by election.

Is Tony Blair to get a State Funeral?

No movie reviews after this dramatic week, William?

Here's one you might enjoy...

The Postman

It's the year 2007, and the Labour Party has all but destroyed itself. After a devastating civil war that decimated the government and threatened the very existence of the New Labour Project, ministers face a struggle to survive against the twin threats of imminent unemployment and rogue groups of ultra-authoritarian bandits, the biggest of which are the Brownites, whose leader has delusions of running the country. A lonely drifter is captured by the Brownites, but manages to escape after denouncing their leader as 'absolutely stupid', and stumbles upon an abandoned post van with a discarded postman's uniform and stacks of undelivered promises, sorry, mail. The drifter pinches the postman's clothes and starts to con weary, long-suffering people with old promises, sorry, mail. Nobody believes him at first, but soon he has a small army of followers, and they start to prepare a revolt against the Brownites. Will they succeed? Can Charles Clarke really keep the people convinced that he is Alan Johnson? Will people really watch a film with such a far-fetched storyline?

Starring: Kevin Costner as Charles Clarke, Will Patton as Gordon Brown and far too many talentless nobodies as the supporting cast...

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