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Fantastic news if true! Well done Andrew Woodman and Chris Palmer.You should be very proud of yourselves.

Thanks Malcolm. There is a third musketeer in Richard Hyslop may I add. Should everything turn out OK, then we are delighted at the decision.

Great News, I also congratulate those who campaigned to make this happen.

Congratulations to the reinstateroger campaign, without whom I am sure this would not have happened.

We are very pleased, as you can imagine. More later...

Wonderful news. This was a carbuncle of injustice which undermined the integrity of our party.

Sorry to ruin the party but what happens if Roger calls for the Tories to withdraw from the EPP-ED before Cameron says so?

Good news.

Magnificent News folks.

I worked with Roger in the East Midlands Euro Elections and the General Election and must say that he is such a credit to the Conservative Party.


So like Hannan before him, exactly what has Helmer been promised? There is a good report on the Helmer/Letwin meeting here:


This is great news and the icing on the cake will be if 'Dr' Caroline Jackson' could be booted out.

When I e-mailed her to ask if she would mind not constantly criticising the leadership her brief reply was to the effect that MEPs should be allowed to say what they want however disloyal to the party. Not a surprising repsonse from my embarrassment of an MEP but a dramatic contrast with Roger's reasonable and loyal approach.

Surely its time for reinstateroger to become deinstatecaroline ?

A lot of hard work from a lot of people has helped bring this about - thanks to them all. Normal service can now be restored.

Great news. Well done to all concerned.

Fantastic news. Not before time!

This is really excellent news. Roger has given his all to his constituents in the East Midlands as well as being a tireless campaigner for the Party. Roger has shown great loyalty in the most trying circumstances and I am so glad that he is now back in the fold.

Congratulations to those who set up the Reinstate Roger campaign and congratulations to everyone who supported it!


I consider it absurd and shameful that Roger Helmer MEP had the whip removed in the first place.

MR Kirkhope MEP wouldn't have dared do it to Dan Hannan MEP at any time, although Mr Hannan's transgressions have been thicker, faster, and far more potent than Roger's in the past.

Roger is of the few Conservatives elected to the European Parliament [shudder] that actually act like Conservatives! If only we didn't need him so much in Brussels holding characters like Kirkhope to account, I think Mr Helmer would make a superb, sobering, and powerful addition to the House of Commons.

Precisely the same can be said for Dan Hannan too, incidentally.

You're too kind with the hat-tip - you beat Fortress EU by 40minutes with this story!

As a former constituent/supporter/voter of Roger Helmer's I am delighted to read that he will soon be reinstated to the Conservative group at Strasbourg. The man has been treated appallingly.

This is tremendous news. Roger is an outstanding MEP, hugely respected by his constituents here in the East Midlands. Thank you to all those who have worked so hard to make this happen.

Excellent news. Fortress EU says "There will be some very unhappy Tory MEPs in the papers tomorrow." Too bad.

Tory gain!

Well done. Excellent news, if long overdue.

Excellent, well done! A manifest wrong righted.

Fantastic news! Well done to Richard, Andrew and Chris for running such a great campaign. This has really cheered me up for the day (although I suspect that makes me a rather sad political hack!)

This is indeed great news. I would like to thank all those who signed up to our campaign.

PisaBoy - you think Tim beat us to the story by 40 mins? Let me explain:

Fortress EU is based in Brussels (the clue is in the title...).

Brussels time is one hour ahead of UK Greenwich Mean Time, which is the time on which Conservative Home runs.

The maths, I think, proves that the hat-tip was justified!

Excellent news in so many ways.

Good to see general agreement at last.

The next step should be to make the party a Federast-free Zone.

I propose the reintroduction of Sean Gabb's famous Candidlist in order to ensure that MP and MEP candidates are asked the right questions and "Tory" Eurofanatics stopped in their tracks.

Last time I was on a parliamentary selection committee I made sure I had their cards clearly marked in advance.

Would you believe that the majority of Federasts were wearing "£" badges!

Excellent news. It's encouraging to see proof that the Conservative Party under Cameron is not afraid to right past wrongs.

Is this the right occasion to query what DC's stance with regard to Europe is now?
In BTL, there is mention of further reform of the CAP, enhancing the status of Parliament, abolishing ID cards if introduced, reducing bureaucracy, replacing the HRA and opposing any proposed European constitution that would create a single European superstate.
All this suggests a Eurosceptic stance but not actual withdrawal.
Would it actually be possible for the UK to opt for associate membership of the EU (not "is it desirable or not" but "is it a possibility"?)?
What do MEPs like Dan Hannan and Roger Helmer think and recommend?

Would it now be possible for Hannan,Van Orden etc to join with Roger outside the EPP?

What a marvellous result; finally we are getting some common sense back into our party!

Unachieveable without the campaign though...well done chaps!

Time to pay credit where its due and congratulate Cameron on sorting this mess out. I hope Helmer repays him with a bit of loyalty. Indeed, as other posters have pointed out, its about time we make sure that our MEPs toe the party line and that Brussels isn't allowed to harbour any Federasts cookoos in the Conservative nest. It should be about time for MEPs to begin making themselves more evident in the run up to their reselection (or lack thereof) next year...

Please note Prentiz, that Roger Helmer has remained loyal to David Cameron throughout all these troubles and disappointments. It is only right that his unbroken loyalty is at last paying off.

He could have easily been tempted into taking a few cheap shots along the way, but stayed above all that throughout. I am sure that all MEP's and everyone else will now want to move forwards and seal over past differences. It's great news that Roger is back in the Party fold.

Grassroots will celebrate with Roger.We need to be more refined in our selection procedures as the next Euro elections approach.There are unfortunately too many MEPs who take a Eurosceptic line at regional selection meetings and then go native, sign up to the "Project" when they arrive in Brussels.
We tramped the streets a few years ago for a man called Newton Dunn, who was No.2 on the E Midlands list.........

I agree Michael. We've been fortunate to have two sound MEP's here. We need to make sure it stays that way next time.

Michael talks his usual sound good sense. The selection proceedures for the Euro elections should be looked at now rather than at the last minute!

Has Roger Helmer commented on whether he feels 2009 is fair to wait in the EPP till?

Who? i've never heard of this guy.

Has Roger Helmer commented on whether he feels 2009 is fair to wait in the EPP till?

Yes, and as always, Roger proved himself a loyal member of the party by accepting and understanding the nature of the EPP withdrawal and supporting the leadership in its course of action.

No backstabber he - he can leave the like of "Dr" Jackson to stir up trouble with the media and face no censure of any kind from Kirkhopeless. Roger has demonstrated time and again that he is a loyal Conservative aiming to see a COnservative government after the next election. I do wonder though if any other Conservatives might now like to withdraw from the EPP and take the Conservative whip - and if so was this the plan all along?

It is a scandal that it has taken so long. Just as well as UKIP seem to be getting their act together with a new astute leader.

Being a cynical soul, I think this is an easy way to butter up the right wing. Give them one of the key things they want and they wont feel so aggrieved when the MER screws up...

James M - you are too young to be cynical, it's a depressing way to live your life as you constantly expect the worst of everything at all times and end up revelling in things going wrong.

Try some sunny Reagan optimism. I turned my whole life around by deciding not to be knowingly cynical about everything, it's much more rewarding to look forward with hope and accept that sometimes you won't get everything you wanted. Roger being given back the whip is a good news story, enjoy it at face value.

Fantastic news, congratulations to Roger and the Team which campaigned so well. I have supported it throughout.

The interesting thing about this is that Helmer's new condoned status as a Conservative-whipped MEP unshackled by the EPP could be a precedent for other Con MEPs to disaffiliate themselves from the EPP before 2009. Is it that simple?

That's an interesting question Sam. Of the Eurosceptic MEP's, a few are on the A list and are seeking seats, so whilst they might want out of the EPP, I don't think they'll be rocking the boat. Of the others, then who knows.

What about Chris Heaton-Harris - he already has Daventry.

"A list and are seeking seats, so whilst they might want out of the EPP, I don't think they'll be rocking the boat."

No, but it is useful to highlight those who act on principle and those who may pay lipservice to the cause, but, as you say, are really happy to back down and brown-nose for the sake of personal gain etc.

There is a really simply way for MP's and MEP's to show they really support EU withdrawal; join the BetterOffOut campaign with its positive case for withdrawal.

Roger and Daniel Hannan are clearly listed supporters of BOO.

I think you have to look at the age of the Eurosceptic MEP's. They mostly have a career ahead of them, and with threats of being a permanent backbencher if the support EU withdrawal, don't want to risk coming out of the EPP themselves.

Let's not forget that the EPP dismissed Roger Helmer, and I doubt very much whether they would have had him back. Leaving the EPP voluntarely would be frowned upon by the leadership I would think as much as we would like them to come out.

Hi Andrew,

Philip Davies has a career too. He is young and passionate about EU withdrawal, and thus has been brave and chosen to remain on the backbenches rather than ditch his principles for a front-bench career.

I can't see the public sympathising with someone who doesn't do what is right for Britain's interests as they fear damaging their own career prospects....

Chad, I'll give you this - you are a political romantic. Seemingly unrealistic about the reality of the electoral and polticial landscapes, surprisingly dismissive of what the Conservative Party needs to do to grow its vote and share of seats under FPTP, and fairly naive in thinking that helping UKIP won't help Labour retain government. But definitely a romantic.

Well perhaps they believe they can do more good by becoming ministers, and then working at the bringing back of powers from the EU.

Hi Alexander,
Are you saying that Philip Davies is a political romantic out of touch with reality?

We were discussing the different approaches of Tory MP/MEP's not UKIP.

I would say Philip Davies is doing both his Party and himself a disservice by adopting an approach that keeps him on the backbenches.

I like to see all potential for the frontbench be given their opportunity to shine. : )

...and I wasn't making a comment about Philip originally, Chad - I was making more of a generic observation about your approach to politics.

i.e., you think Philip should ditch his values, and stopping being the person his constituents elected for the chance to work in Cameron's team?

Sorry, which one of us is being unrealistic here? ;-)

Probably the only sensible event in The Nasty Party since Vapid Cameroon became the current fashion puppet - Up a tree without a thought in the world! Surely it is Roger Helmer's this party needs with a cornucopia of views for leadership IN Britain by The British showing a torch to follow not scribblers drawing sad childish drawings of trees!
For many centuries cream rose to the top but the body politic is now so debased it is no longer cream - that is suppressed for fear of being mistaken for what rises now!
Is it any wonder that more and more people refuse to endorse politicians with votes when you see how they are treated if they stand up for Britain rather than self interest and party?
Regards, Greg L-W.

How disappointing it took so long...

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