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The emasculation of local councils is part of the regionalisation programme. Prescott is running the unofficial EU government of Britain, setting up the regions, killing off the Counties. That's why he's untouchable. He can rape children if he wants, but no one will be able to get rid of him.

The corruption of our Counites is a story yet to be told, with many friends of Council officials grabbing valuable properties and lining their pockets as our system of government is demolished.

IDS was our last chance to stop all this. We blew it. Now Britain belongs to Prescott, the EU Gauleiter of Britain.

If some councillor says something that is allegedly "racist" or whatever what business is that of the Standards Board?

In a democratic society it should be down to the electors to remove him.

Corruption is a different matter but we have the police and courts to deal with that.

But wait a minute...

Didn't Christopher Booker reveal that this is all down to some EU directive.

The trouble with the Standards Board is that it is so inconsistent. Adjudication Panel is very contradictory in it's findings. Two examples locally, one where a member was disqualified because he might possibly have a prejudicial interest 'at some time in the future' in a planning issue, one where a member wasn't even reprimanded for forging the signature of the Chief Executive on a spoof letter to the underage daughter of a colleague. Totally crazy.

The Standards Board has lost it's authority with stupid rulings like this, and should be scrapped. The electorate are perfectly capable of deciding whether someone should continue to represent them, and I don't beleive that the yellow scum will keep it out of their Focus leaflets.

This is exactly what NuLab want, no more responsible local government, so that they may govern by Fiat. Eventually the rules will be such, that no-one will be able to vote, at all, on anything, thus negating the necessity of holding elections and allowing NuLab to become dictators for life and ever after.
The road to Autarchy is paved with well intentioned claims that it is all for our general good and well-being. We should not be seduced.
There are not enough lamp-posts for this bunch of corrupt tossers.
We really do need to get rid of them pronto, before they do for us. Viva La Revolucion.

How do you apply for one of those £60K jobs? I might recommend it to my wife. She's very good at telling me what I can and can't do, and being a Standards Officer has got to be easier than teaching.

Here we go again, I saw this news item in the paper this morning, and the first reaction was - not again.

The extent to which the dinosaur that is/was under Prescott, has spent time and OUR money infiltrating all walks of life in this country in a truly Soviet manner, and seems to have been completely unrestrained.
Was this because the Prime Minister, was always so involved with his own personal world agenda, that he didn't want to get enmeshed in the expensive and ill-thoughtout plans of his Deputy?

Mr. Cameron is going to have his work cut out when he gets back into government, to eradicate the creeping disease that the head dinosaur has set in motion so expensively.

It is a disease which like a computer virus will spread through everything, create havoc and achieve nothing positive and useful. Just think of the hospitals or schools that could have been built with the money wasted on those 'officers' and their ancilliary staff!!!

As posted earlier on Homepage:"The report's authors - Owen Paterson, the shadow transport minister, and Gerald Howarth, the shadow defence minister - said they were shocked by the scale of the chaos the Deputy Prime Minister had created." Telegraph.

I am pleased we are now addressing this but Christopher Booker has been writing about the Standards Board for months. It should not have been a surprise. Local councillors complaints about this problem seem to have fallen on deaf ears until now.

Now we have recognised the problem what are the policy proposals to rectify the problem?
Abolish the Standards Board or modify the rules?

So we can elect a councillor because of local issues but having selected our representative he/she cannot speak on the subject.

Perhaps instead of saying in election addresses " we are concerned about the proposal to" councillors should do a nudge, wink to voters - "I have absolutely no interest in X, don't care about y, haven't ever given a thought to z" then get friends to whisper in pubs, bus stops etc that it really means the putative councillor thinks about these all the time and his/her private views are ....

Local Government managed for centuries to muddle along quite well without this Prescott quango (prehaps he blames the local council for involvement in his 11 plus failure & loss of bike?). Policy idea - abolishment on xth May, the day after we return to power.

Private Eye has been covering the absurdities of the Standards Board for years under its Rotten Boroughs section.

Not only is the Board inconsistent as pointed out (Ben 12:43) but also it and the Standards Committee run by councils act as defacto Kangaroo courts.

They have been used against opposition councillors (the majority of the Standards Committee will be from the ruling party) and even against people from the ruling party's side when they have fallen out of favour.

Local government has such a low profile that such abuse never really gets reported except in local papers or in Private Eye.

No blog exists that I know of that monitors the results of the Standards Board, it is something very Kakfa-esque.

"Mr. Cameron is going to have his work cut out when he gets back into government, to eradicate the creeping disease that the head dinosaur has set in motion so expensively." That's assuming Mr Cameron would want to do so. The Conservatives themselves have an appalling record of centralising power and undermining democracy, and Mr Cameron even thinks that the taxpayer should be compelled to finance them within an entrenched three-in-one party state.

Can anyone assess the savings of doing away with this anti-democratic rulebook and its overpaid policemen?

Just started reading the full pdf
"the Standards Board, with a budget just short of £10 million, rising to above that in 2007,"

We could get a few nurses, teachers and policemen for that!

Tim, it is actually getting like this!! Under the rules we have to repeat silly one liners like "I am minded to oppose/support this but will reserve judgement until I have heard all the evidence". This is the legal advice I have had and it means you cannot be excluded from a meeting making a decision.


Soory my last post was addressed to Ted not Tim,


"councillors with a mobile phone are banned from debating phone masts"

I dont recall a single instance of this happening. Does anyone know what they are refering to? Its never happened in this District and they all have mobile phones.

May I refer you to an excellent article by Cllr Ron Forrest about this whole subject at:

James See page 11 and 12 of the pdf report. Example sited is in South Cambridgeshire

I am astounded every time I go to a Regional Assembly meeting. 30% of the members are unelected stakeholders, who by definition are representing an interest group. They are allowed to vote on statutory planning matters.
The rules are a mess.


So I've heard - must make life interesting for Parties like Independent Kidderminster Hospital & Health Concern when anything on health comes up.

Shame Standards Board doesn't have any powers over Prescott.

I was reported to the Standards Board for saying I was staggered that a complaint against another Councillor to the Standards Board was taking so long to progress! Beat that one! Staggering or what .. oops better be careful, I don't want to be reported to the Standards Board for saying that I was staggered that I was reported to the Standards Board for saying I was staggered that a complaint about another councillor was taking so long.

Needles to say even the Standards Board dismissed that complaint, at what cost to the public purse though!

It seems to me that almost anything that is reported to standards fails anyway so the whole things nuts really,


It's crazy

Did you hear about one of our councillors in Brighton getting reported because he got drunk and made some remark about gays which he didn't mean?

I even heard they wanted to prosecute him.

Perhaps our biggest failing as a Nation is that when things seem really ridiculous to us we just laugh about them and then dismiss them as a joke (remember Abu Hamza?). That is how so much of New Labour's dangerous business gets through.

The Standards Board continues to systematically undermine local democracy.

Unfortunately, we need to take this seriously.

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