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For some strange reason my computer wouldnt connect to the link. It seems the www. bit is missing. Add it on and it works fine.

Tricky question about how to spread any tax cuts...

Why is their a problem on where to spread tax cuts James. Simply answer has to be to get rid of Brown's rate of 10% and use that to cut the basic rate of tax and increase the threshold of paying tax.

Can we have more questions on 'global warming' and whether or not tax-payers' money should be diverted to 'reducing it'?

Kev, how can you "reduce" something which doesn't exist?

Oooh Geoff how terribly controversial of you! You must be very free thinking to have such an independent view!

P.S. Which university is your degree in climatology from?

Stumbled across what looks to be an interesting book on the Tax Payer's Alliance web site - "The Bumper Book of Government Waste" (http://www.harriman-house.com/pages/book.htm?BookCode=22852). Has anyone read it yet?


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