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The more the Mail distances itself from the Tories the happier I'll be.

The outlook of the Daily Mail truly encapsulates the soul of the mass of the Conservative Party, whether one likes it or not.

It's lowbrow and reactionary, but so are they. Sadly, the party now totally lacks any intellectual base whatsoever.

I take the Telegraph. I used to read the Times as well but went off it when it shape-shipted to Mail size.

What we as a party must recognise is that we cannot go on rubbishing the press eg.The Mail,just because it dosen't like the things Dave is saying.If we can't take heed of that fact,then we have got no chance.The press are a barometer of how we should put forward Tory policies and judging by what we see now,it is only the liberal leaning Guardian who seem to be our ally. If that is the case then God help us.

Sadly I have to agree that this site is slowly succumbing to the corrosive effect of what are most probably UKIP supporters. I have tried to keep to the debate on a particular thread. I have also spoken as I find, sometimes supporting the modernisers and at other times saying if I thought they were wrong. At all times though I have been a Conservative supporter and of course the site carries the word "Conservative" in its title. Maybe one way the site could be improved would be if anonymous posters were stopped as a first action and then maybe other rules put into place. I don't want this to be just a cheerleading CCHQ mouthpice BUT equally I don't want it end up as just a negative head banging site for right wing obsessives. What is needed is on topic debate rather than personal attacks.


I agree with you Matt; every now and then I feel like ripping up my membership card if this board was representative of party activists, but it's not, not anymore and while there are dozens of long standing and genuine posters, debate gets disturbed by trollers from all parties and none (including self declared 'ex-Conservatives'; if you are an ex supporter why are you on this site?) which makes it difficult to follow and encourages tempers to flare and insults fly which is unfortunate.

Do you actually ever read the Daily Mail Afleitch or Changetowin ?

I grew up with it at home. I still read it if I find it on a train or am given it free on a plane. Why would I buy it? It's lowbrow and reactionary. I would rather spend my money on any other British newspaper, except the Mirror and the Daily Star. And I'd much prefer the New York Times. When I read a newspaper I like to be challenged and to read beautifully written journalism. The Mail does not provide this.

"I agree with you Matt; every now and then I feel like ripping up my membership card if this board was representative of party activists"

Maybe you need to meet a few, Afleitch. As I said (and changetowin agrees - that's a first!) they're lowbrow and reactionary, just like the typical Mail reader. However, I've always had an amused affection for them.

Although I am generally regarded as a "right-wing Conservative" I was once nearly lynched by elederly ladies at a Blackpool conference meeting when I dared to suggest that privatisation of utilities might not have been 100% in the public interest.

One of your "representative activists" called me a Communist!

I'm sure (if she's still this side of the grave) she is 100% loyal to Cameron though, just as she has been to every other leader before him.

Was that J S Mill who coined the phrase "The Stupid Party"?

"Maybe one way the site could be improved would be if anonymous posters were stopped as a first action"

Afleitch, changetowin, G-MaN Wild, Cardinal Pirelli...

Most of my favourite Cameroons would be wiped out in the CH equivalent of the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

However, I think I could be persuaded to post under my real name and produce evidence of membership, and I'm sure Christina and many others would do the same.

I'm not sure that the result would be quite as you hope, Matt.

Monday Clubber I have my membership card in my wallet; if the site ever wanted those details to allow me to post I'd gladly provide it; my full name too. And I'd still continue to post my opinions as I have done.

So why not start now, Monday?

Just a thought, but you're not the Duchess, Barbara Villiers, back in a new guise, are you Monday Clubber?

I've occaionally wondered when Her Grace would return...

(A Google search of this site will reveal the poster I am referring to if it's not you, Monday.)

"(A Google search of this site will reveal the poster I am referring to if it's not you, Monday.)"

Sorry Alex but I have better things to do than trawl the site for the shade of the Duchess of Cleveland. Maybe you'd like to explain in greater detail why you think I am a gender-bender.

Personally I find it very curious that an Australian should keep on talking about "our party" and "we" on the basis of a few months' work at CCO during a backpacking trip or whatever it was you are supposed to have been doing. Have you become an honorary Pom?

So isn't Howard good enough for you? Many of us wish we had him over here.

"A quick google will show you that scumwatchuk (their email address, at least they are truthful) also posts on a BNP forum with a remarkable understanding of their views on jew-hating."

I think some contributors to "Stormfront" post here.

I remain involved through Conservatives Abroad, Monday. To what extent are you involved in the Party? I'm intrigued about your level of involvement. Which Association?

Certainly part of the reason I find this site intriguing are individuals such as your good self. And I agree that John Howard's a great prime minister, Monday - but I suspect that, judging by your posts, he would probably want to give a few lessons on on-message discipline, unity, electoral professionalism and electoral focus that you mightn't like.

Doubt you'll get any response to your questions.He is, unless I'm very much mistaken a Labour troll.

I daresay if you trawl through my posts you'll find numerous references to people and places which would be unknown even to an extremely well-briefed "Labour troll".

If and when all posters are required to disclose their identity I will reveal mine. I have held office at constituency and area level in the past. I'm just a paid-up member now.

What seems to hurt the likes of Malcolm and Alexander is the dawning knowledge that many long-term Tories are totally unenthusiastic about the present state of the party under the stewardship of the Notting Hill Set.

And to that I plead guilty.

But why are you reluctant to reveal your identity, Monday?

Monday, When I wrote the post I knew that a rule stopping anonymous posts would potentially block some of those who have been arguing on opposite sides to you. However I felt it was part of a package of amendments that should be considered, firstly because in principle I don't like people who hide behind pseudonyms. No-one should be afraid of sensible well argued constructive criticsm as it always help people and organisations improve and excel. However increasingly many threads are just degrading into slanging matches and negativity and for some it appears that is the aim. The people who are likely to be driven away by this behaviour are the ones who prefer sensible debate. Those who oppose Conservatism are more likely to gain from this,


"firstly because in principle I don't like people who hide behind pseudonyms"

Given the experience of Inigo Wilson, I think it's hardly surprising some may prefer to use pseudonyms. As long as anonymous posters are not spreading hatred, libel etc I don't see that it matters.

I suspect that most of the people who are upsetting you are not "trolls" (whatever that means) but semi-detached or former Tories who don't like the cut of Cameron's jib.

This is not an official Party site, after all. And what does it matter if one or Labourites stay on from time to time?

These days there is virtually no opportunity whatsoever within the party for
genuine political debate. CPC, CPF or whatever it was last called has finally gone out of the window, so I understand.

In a way, Conservativehome provides a replacement for the old CPC discussion groups.

Why dont we put it to the rigours of Cameronian-style democracy and see who wants Monday Clubber banned? ;)

I mean at first it was challenging and rather funny but I believe unless francois_the_frog can do something to prove he is something other than a trouble maker, he is by dint of the volume and uniformly confrontational tone of his posts is only trying to wreck this blog.

Lets have some transparency and move to a new system of registration (at the moment anyone can post under anyname from any made up email address) because as far as I can see anyone from anywhere can come on here and try and spoil things for everyone else with nihilistically critical and negative posts.

Real names with real email addresses that only people with passwords that have been emailed to them (after having been vetted by an administrator or editor) are allowed to post. Those being abusive, threatening or consistently being ignorant of good forum etiquette should have their ISP address blocked by the people who run this site.

Here, here, Robson. anonymous posting is a refuge of cowards amd scoundrels.

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