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I have no doubt whatsoever that Gordon Brown will be the next Prime Minister.

I have just under £300 worth of matched bets in his favour on Betfair and I think I may take more.

Last night's Panorama showed Mr Brown as a substantial, thoughtful, figure in comparison with the lightweight Cameron, replete with permagrin.

As long as Gordon Brown is true to himself I believe that once he is PM the public will accept him at face value and respect his personality. This is not a beauty contest, after all.

Unless we can promise tax cuts there seems to be no overarching reason why the public should want to replace New Labour with Blue Labour.

The euphoric hubris of the Cameroon clique on this blog has to be seen to be appreciated. I fear that nemesis awaits as surely as night follows day.

I am disappointed.

I thought that Luntz's audience would go for Johnson or Milburn (as he even on Luntz's list?), one deceitful conceited bullying Scot is the same as another as far as I am concerned.

And surely Reid must realise that the UK, as far as I am aware, prefers to elect Prime Ministers who are a) English and b) Not bald.

Looking on the bright side, maybe "Tories for Gordon" are right, maybe this country's medium term interests are best served by having the worst PM in the short term.

Frank Luntz you say? Good to see Newsnight producers reaching for new and unpredictable contributors.

Think this says more about Mr Luntzs' polling methods than anything else. I posted a while ago that choosing a Scottish leader would put Labour at a disadvantage in England and am not suprised that that is borne out in Luntzs poll. But to see that not applying to John Reid does seem to me beyond belief. John Reid is the ultimate Glasgow boot boy and I would be as happy to see him as Labour leader as Gordon Brown who after all does not seem to be a fully paid up member of the human race.

Put my tenner on Reid at 20/1 with Betfair last night!

I'd be interested to know more about the floating non-voters - ie what floats their boat - issues (if so, which?), people (who?), messages (which?) and why are they non-voters? Anyone have any ideas?

Brown will be the next PM - no questions about it. But he'll lead Labour to defeat - there will be a hung Parliament or Cameron Government. The knives will be out for Brown and this will present Reid et al with an opportunity of leading the Labour Party in opposition. Sadly, for him, John Reid will be in his mid-sixties by 2016. That's when Balls and Milliband (if he can find a seat) will be' ripe'. A Balls-Milliband ticket? I’m reminded of Blair and Brown :-)))))))))) It would be better to bet that Brown will be Labour’s shortest lived PM.

What's a 'Whitehall farce'?

Gordon Brown believing Blair's assurances that he will inherit the Labour Crown.

Can we have a new joke now please?

12 years has been enough.

If Brown lost what would they do with him? Could they put him safely on the back benches, he would be a loose cannon, maybe they would make him deputy leader or foreign secretary. As deputy he would be moody and undermine the PM, the EU would hate him as Foreign secretary (which would be good news for the UK's ejection from that corrupt undemocratic organisation) But would throw Labour into chaos

Labours problem is that Gordon is their biggest beast and he rubs everyone up the wrong way.

The Tory's problem is that Cameron is their big beast and having Minni Mouse as your leader is hardly impressive.

Just goes to show being "the nasty party" is no bad thing!

Our old chum Luntz surpassed himself last night. It wasn't just the questionable way he'd assembled the sheep...sorry, focus group (most couldn't recognise photos of most candidates- 2 couldn't even recognise Gordo himself). It was also his choice of material presented to them.

Reid was shown delivering a trad Tory law and order message, which obviously went down very well. Others were shown wittering about "stuff", and that Big Mac bloke was actually shown head bent reading out some boring Commons statement (and he still clocked 10% support)

Still, we shouldn't complain- whereas last year Newsnight used him to nuke DD, this year they're using him to nuke Gordo. And get Labour led by Reid! Brilliant stuff.

Carry on Frank.

Absolutely right Wat. I wish Frank Luntz and Newsnight every success in their campaign to damage Brown as much as possible.

What I loved were the cocky cockney Labour voters who felt they had to crack a joke everytime they spoke. Why can't we have more voters like that? Sod Waitrose Woman.

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