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Yes I would like to tax the relevant initiator in this government every time a new tax is proposed and adopted, and everytime a new law is proposed and adopted. Ideally it should be made retrospective, that would bring in a nice little sum!


We already have a Ministry of Silly Taxes - It's called HM Treasury.

If I were to introduce a tax it would be a 'Patronising tone of voice tax'. The sole aim of which would be to bankrupt Patricia Hewitt.

Did anyone see this post late last night by David Clive? One of the most interesting and provocative I have seen on this site to date!

I think this is all a bit rich coming from you. On many of the major issues of today, isn't CH a lot closer to Blair than Cameron? In fact, I PROPOSE THAT YOU RE-NAME YOUR SITE TONYBLAIRHOME.COM! Lets look at the facts:

Do you support neo-con foreign policy in a general? Blair & CH, yes. Cameron, no.

Was Israel "disproportionate" in its recent response to Hezbollah? Blair & CH, no. Cameron, yes.

Should we look favourably on expanding nuclear power? Blair & CH, yes. Cameron, no.

Should we make immigration more of a campaign issue? Blair & CH, yes. Cameron, no.

Should we have a Bill of Rights? Blair & CH, no. Cameron, yes.

Should we allow the police more powers to detain terror susupects? Blair & CH, yes. Cameron, no.

Given this, answer the following question truthfully: From 9/11 to today, would you rather have had Cameron or Blair as the leader of your nation? I don't expect an honest answer, but its obvious what you and many CH bloggers think. Don't get me wrong. I'm with you. I am a Conservative, but Blair has given me a lot more comfort in recent years on the issues that really matter than the jokers that have led our party. Remember the Reagan Democrats. I'm a Blair Conservative, and so, I think, are you Mr. Editor.

David Clive

David Clive was referring to yesterday's ToryDiary on Blair attacking us from the Right.

Interesting stuff from David Clive with more than a grain of truth but there are plenty of reasons why I'm not a Blair voter (appeasement of Sinn Fein, higher taxes, indifference to married family for a start) but let's not take this thread off subject...

I've got a candidate for a "silly tax".

As 0870 numbers cost callers 8p a minute it pays the company to keep you waiting and then iy makes you choose departmenys by keying in numbers. Answer a tax on the company from the moment the line gives a ringing tone till a LIVE human being in Britain answers the phone. A sliding scale of 30 secs FREE, to 1 minute £1, to 2 mins £2.50 and then £5 a minute.

what about a windmill on the roof tax

Christina, that is not a silly tax, that is a bl.... sensible tax, i am actually typing with one finger at the moment as I am WAITING on an 0870 line, to find out why I have been charged for goods that I haven't received! So you could say I am paying twice over.!!

Here's a real silly tax to vote for.

Tax everybody who earns, say £50,000pa. Tax them, garnering about £15,000 once all the NI and income tax is collected. Use some of this money to pay for a huge computer system and to employ thousands of people to answer telephones and write letters. Then, give all those people who paid £15,000 in, £500 back!

It's brilliant. Jobs created, money re-distributed, families happy and smiling at the generosity of the state.

Oh look, it's already been done. Welcome to the Family tax credit system.

You could charge everyone a flat fee to watch the BBC.
Or has that one been thought of too.

Chewing gum tax to go to local Councils towards clearing up their mess.

Plastic bags tax - actually, not a stupid one but already introduced in Ireland and a very good idea.

Special tax on use of EU/Council of Europe flag other than in direct connection to the particular institutions concerned to stop its intrusive over-use, such as at the Ryder Cup, and on number plates. Happy for proceeds to go to EU just to show I don't bear a grudge.

Special £100 extra climate change levy for anyone flying in an aeroplane more than once in 4 days - to be spent on carbon offset.

Education contribution tax for anyone on an income of over, say £150,000 pa, who puts a burden on the State by accepting free State education for their children. Might hit Tuscany Villa lettings, though. Depending on quantum, consider using proceeds to abolish top-up fees for any UK citizen student who did not receive any State subsidy for their school education.

Special purchase tax on Burberry checks; and on white socks when not worn for playing sport.

Tax, payable by publisher according to print run, of all freeby newspapers - to go to local authority to fund the extra litter collection and re-cycling facilities required.

Public access levy on all cable/sat broadcasters who get exclusive live coverage of sporting events (e.g. Ryder Cup) to be re-cycled to free to air broadcasters to subsidise their bids the next time.

Public Representation Tax payable by the political party in respect of every MP who has not done at least 10 years in some previous occupation not connected with politics.

I'm beginning to see now how it is that politicians find it so difficult to resist the temptation to introduce new taxes...

How about one on carbon?

Caravans should be taxed at a punitive rate. This would encourage the reduction of traffic congestion and emissions, not to mention slowing global warming caused by the red heat of irate motorists stuck behind the monstrosities. Owners of caravans should also be required to pass a further driving test to ensure that they are capable of manoeuvring their pointless behemoths.

Punitive rates for caravans? A Foreign Secretary in a caravan should pay even more. When you mention 'monstrosities' and 'pointless' though Angelo, do you mean her or the caravan?

How about a 110% sales tax to be paid by all shops that sell Christmas products in September?

A Spin tax! It would have to stop. Cherie would soon stop Blair wasting all her money.

On a slightly more serious note I am becoming more and more convinced that a chewing gum tax would work, with every penny going towards clearing the stuff up off the streets.

Patsy - Ye Gods! Join the Club. My husband and I spent 1hr 20 minutes continuously on a 0870 number being shunted around the Currys-PC.World-Dixons empire speaking to no less than 12 people in 6 different towns before we convinced them that they HAD sold us a TV (that was the biggest hurdle) and that it was defective.

In the end I got the name and address of the CEO of the group (in yet another town) wrote him an old-fahioned snail letter and his PA came on the phone the next day, settled the queries (my you should have seen the underlings jump about) AND paid the cost of all the phone calls, gave me a new set plus a cheque in compensation, SO keep right on till the end of the road. The telephone and websites are useless.
Londoner - "Public Representation Tax payable by the political party in respect of every MP who has not done at least 10 years in some previous occupation not connected with politics." Total agreement from me except I would amend the end to read "----not connected with politics OR PUB:IC RELATIONS."

Come to think of it we'd have a proper Conservative leader if that had been in force

A Tory Tripe Tax would bring in billions, and encourage people to get on with their work instead of reading and resonding to ConservativeHome.

Is Chistina Speight suggesting that David Cameron is improper? He was right to refuse to say whether he had taken drugs. Just because he is a wealthy Old Etonian does not mean that he does not have the common touch, as shown by his cycling to work even if a Lexus has to follow him.

Is it the resounding resonations from Conservative Home that make one resond, Tony?

Sorry TimC I meant respond, not resond. My lack of spelling ability must be down to being educated in the UK.

I read with amusement all the anti BBC comments on this site. This is one for you. A tax on the time between programmes on Radio and TV. It could bring in millions given that the gap gets longer and longer filled with inane comment including how good the next programme will be in 2 weeks time when I'm on holiday.

What are you on about Guenther? . Irony I think; but just in case - - -
"Improper" is not the opposite of "proper" in almost all usages . I was suggesting that we might have had a REAL (proper) Conservative leader if we'd had to choose from people with 10 years in some previous occupation not connected with politics. or public relations"

I didn't bring up Cameron's drug background though that doesn't stop others elsewhere.!!

So DC is unreal is he Christina?

Guenther - You have a very literal and crimped view of the English language!

"Unreal" is NOT "not real", any more than "improper" is "NOT proper". More subtle than that.

Londoner @ 13:24 and Christina @ 15:55

I'm in total agreement except that I would also add the Law to that little list. There are far, far too many lawyers in Parliament!

Tax the Fat

A tax on Red Ken every time he opens his mouth.
A tax on every politician who makes a pledge then doesn't keep it.
That should bankrupt our Dave, to say nothing of the existing government, who would all be on Carey Street.

A open subscription fund to facilitate Ken Livingston dangling over Blackfriars Bridge to test a forensic theory

All of which just goes to show that tax raising is not merely the preserve of the Left. We have nothing but silly taxes and no one should be suggesting more - even in jest.

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