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I thought you meant Boris.

So did I. Maybe he should sell it to him after he has had a go.

I am so relieved to see it is Alan Johnson and not Boris Johnson. Thank the Lord.

So he has his eyes on the big prize then!

It's a good story but I suspect that this Taylor chap is a loose cannon activist acting entirely on his own, rather than someone with any great links to Johnson, Blair or indeed anyone.

I am not a natural conspiracy theorist, but it does strike me as entirely plausiable that Johnson will make a run for it. No doubt links to Taylor will be denied, but I also will bet they exist...

Boris as leader of the Labour Party would be a fairly unstoppable combination.

James, it is entirely plausible that Johnson will run, but it is also difficult to believe that he's handed his internet operations over to an attention-seeking teenager in North Wales, and that he's stupid enough to register those domain names now.

I fear Iain may be jealous of this Taylor chap.

The more the merrier as they throw their hats into the ring for party leader.
The greater the number, more room and opportunity for schism amongst the party faithful as they cover every political angle and stance.
But better the lefties than those arch-Blairites, who would not give in, lock stock to union demands.

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