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Actually Courtney, in the interest of balance, Cameron's Built To Last document covers Regional Assemblies as point 7:

"Abolishing unelected Regional Assemblies and returning their powers to local government."

So Prescott is not Scottish but WELSH - better get rid of the Welsh too, then.

And if this discussion was about the EU, I'm sure the world would appreciate your knowledge, Dennis. Thank you. We are all envious of your superb talent at communication and attempts to re-educate those less fortunate than yourself. Clearly, you have to learn to make allowances for everyone else on the planet.

(Note to posters: PMSL)

It's unfortunate that the chip-on-shoulder attitude of a minority of Scots seems to be provoking a full blown English reaction. Some of the anti-Scots comments verge on racism.

We should remember that the Conservative AND UNIONIST Party is either fully committed to the Union or it is nothing.

It therefore behoves us to turn the other cheek and not to react with such negativity. We threw away our Orange vote in Scotland (and NI) under Heath and his liberal cronies who were not prepared to recognise the centuries of loyalty to Crown and Country which has been shown by committed Scots and Ulster Protestants.

Heath betrayed the spirit of 1912, to which our party was formerly committed. We may not be able to retreive what we had, but we should most assuredly turn our backs on the enemies of Ulster/Scots Loyalism.

Clearly you need not so much re-education, as education, or you would already know that "English independence" doesn't mean that the English would govern England unless England was outside the EU.

And clearly you do not know that English independence automatically means independence from the EU.
The Union signed up, not the individual countries. Each would have to re-apply if they were granted independence from the Union.
You learnt something new today, Denis. Or is that possible?

The best way to resolve this is by referenda,
1 do you want an English Parliament"
2 do you want to leave the EU?

Dennis Cooper is so wrapped up in the eu he fails to see what has happened here.
un elected eu regional assemblies have been set up in England and tories sit on them too. I believe Cameron will renege on his pledge to abolish them. An English Parliament can stop the pro eu brigade in its tracks. I am a democrat and content for Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland to join the eu if they wish.
I really don't know why scottish conservative is so irate, the tories have already stopped scottish tories from voting on English affairs.

Christopher Reeeves @ 10:07

"Don't be so narrow minded, everyone knows about the Scottish majority in Parliament and the denial of any English representation."

Nonsense - 529 MPs are elected in England, 59 in Scotland. How can that possibly be a "Scottish majority", or "denial of any English representation"?

Euro-regionalisation is certainly continuing, because a) it's what the EU wants and b) in 2005 the English made the mistake of voting in enough Labour MPs to allow the present government to continue in office.

The latest is to set up 10 anti-terrorist police squads for England and Wales:


which incidentally also comes under "Justice and Home Affairs".

@Scottish Conservative
But the situation is different after devolution because we are no longer in the same boat.

Is your argument
a) that devolution is payback for the situation before devolution
b) that two wrongs do make a right
c) that you didnt mind the situation before devolution
c) Nonsense?

Terry @ 10:22 -

"And clearly you do not know that English independence automatically means independence from the EU. The Union signed up, not the individual countries. Each would have to re-apply if they were granted independence from the Union."

Yes, the UK is the High Contracting Party to the treaties. So once it had been agreed to dissolve the Union, officials would start work on amending the treaties so that Scotland and a residual UK would become the successor states to the UK as parties to those treaties - unless it was clear that one of them did not want to remain within the EU, in which case officials would start work on amending the treaties and also drawing up a secession treaty. Otherwise there would no hiatus between the end of the EU membership of the UK, and the start of the separate EU memberships of the successor states. Therefore you have to explain why you assume that an English Parliament would reject continued EU membership.

Dennis Cooper, no matter which party was or is in government we would still be heading for oblivion in the eu. maggie used to hand bag them, but still ended up signing on the dotted line. forget the scots and welsh, they want to exchange the uk for the eu. let's be on our way to independence.

Scilla Cullen, Secretary to the Campaign for an English Parliament, @ 09:32:

"He says ”Sending an MSP to Holyrood to vote against tuition fees for Scotland is fine. Sending an MP to Westminster vote for tuition fees for England is fine too”. Oh no it is not, Mr Cameron ..."

This is a distortion of what Cameron actually said:

"In dealing frankly with the current difficulties in the relationship between Scotland and England we need to address both sides of the equation.

The West Lothian question is a problem.

Most Scots acknowledge this.

Sending an MSP to Holyrood to vote against tuition fees for Scotland is fine.

Sending an MP to Westminster vote for tuition fees for England is fine too.

Doing both at the same time is problematic, to say the least.

I've asked the Conservative Party's commission on democracy, led by Ken Clarke, to look at possible solutions.

We should address the asymmetrical nature of the current arrangements in a calm and considered fashion."

mungo jerry, I repeat, why do you assume that an English Parliament would reject continued EU membership? We're not in the EU because the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish want the UK to be in the EU, and are keeping us in against the will of the English. The (English) person elected to represent this English constituency in the UK Parliament wants the UK to stay in the EU. If the same person was instead elected to a sovereign English Parliament, she would still want England to be in the EU. That's true right across England: if it wasn't, then the UK as a whole would already be well on the way to leaving.

As an Englishman I am disgusted with David Cameroon's speech, he is another politician disregarding England.

The only way to save the union is to treat all nations of the union equally, so we either go back to having one parliament or give all the nations their own parliaments to deal with domestic issues.

Which is it to be for the Tories?

A MORI poll showed 41% in favour of an English Parliament. I agree with the above post, but what we have is a union of "unequals."
I support the Scottish parliament and I support the Welsh Assembly being upgraded to a Welsh Parliament. I support England being treated equally. Every supporter of an English Parliament supports their neighbours haveing their own, too. I know the SNP agree.
The SNP currently outstrip the Conservatives in Scotland and that speech will not convince their supporters to switch sides. They are not that shallow, thank goodness.

LOL @ Dennis thinking its his duty to reply to every post. His keyboard must be melting hot by now :-))))

You are all missing the point this is a Conundrum. and only 'Call me Dave will have the answer, so suggestions from the floor please.

And the Conundrum is 'How can the English be ignorant if the English do not exist?
Does he mean the British are ignorant if so is that an inclusive British or just those that live south of the Scottish Brits, does he mean all those that live in ENGLAND but who are not English, that had the voting reflected the non existent ignorant English in the 2005 election would have meant a Tory govt.

Confused so am I. My one word of advise to Call me Dave Cameron between you all you have woken the dragon, take care for without the irgnorant you may find its not just Scotland that eradicates the Tories.

@Denis 11.23

Why cant you get it?
Politics is not a steady state. What you say about the currently EU-justifying MPs is true but they are merely reflecting back what they perceive to be the current zeitgeist & what will get them applause in the Press and from the leadership of their own parties. That is now.

If a campaign for English Independence or a parliament/EVfEL is whipped up and succeeds the situation will not be as now. National sensitivities will be excited; the penalties of paying into a Union which gives you nothing in return will have been exposed; the smell of freedom will be in air. Public pressure on the EU will have increased enormously by analogy. All those people who hate the EU or depise it but have been too cowed by the zeitgeist or to too cynical to believe that anything can change for the better will be energised. Eu withdrawal will no longer be the preserve of political anoraks and the easily dismissed.

English Nationalism is the Bismarkian way to EU withdrawal, yours is the Butskellite.

None of the main parties entertain the English when wanting their own parliament, and Cameron shows us a prime example here of ignoring the matter and concerns of the English, he even belittles us as "little Englanders" He certainly wouldn't say half of these comments in his recent speech in Scotland if aimned at any other national.
Its time the leaders of all the main parties started to take the English far more seriously as a proud historic people! The English are gathering in force against this anti English nonsense being spouted by british politicians, who persist to ignore the English and England in the most disrespectful way.

English Nationalsim, Scottish Nationalism, Welsh Nationalism, German Nationalism, Japanese Nationalism, Chinese, Indian etc etc. It's on the rise everywhere.

Globalisation has made the world wealthier, but the change it brings has made the world feel less secure. A trip abroad used to be interesting and exciting. Foreign goods exciting to buy. They still are.

The initial flow of travellers and goods was stimulating, but after the level of flow reached another level, people began to feel their identity threatened. The accelerating movement of goods and people has made everything seem transient and temporary.

Islamists react by trying to bomb planes. Scots want devolution and become rude about the English. The English become rude about foreigners generally. The Chinese threaten with naval expansion, and the Japanese want to reassert themselves in defence.

The pace of economic expansion is unlikely to pause. The sense of insecurity can only get worse.

Political and spiritual leadership must deal not with history and culture only on a strictly rational basis, as the Pope is attempting to do. Leaders must also address feelings of alienation, and irrational fears as David Cameron is doing in Scotland. The Poll Tax may have been launched there first because of Rates, but the narrative in current belief in Scotland is different to that. You cannot persuade people not to believe what they believe. You must address them as they are. Cameron seems to have the gift for that.

Jonathan @ 13:20 -

That's a possible scenario, but on past experience it seems highly unlikely.

The Labour government's devolution plans were shaped by the Millan Report, Bruce Millan having been not only a Scottish (horror!) Labour MP but then European Commissioner with responsibility for "Regional Policy and Relations with the Committee of the Regions" until January 1995. But that connection didn't come out at all in the referendum campaigns for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and London Assembly. Six years later it figured in the referendum campaign in the North East, but only on the margins. Even now many of the people who have heard about English regional assemblies - and that's probably still a minority - don't understand that this is being driven by the EU.

It's difficult to get people to realise the extent that we're now governed by the EU - the average voter is always years behind the times in what he knows about that.

So on past form I wouldn't expect the EU to be a major issue during a referendum on an English Parliament or on an "independent" Scotland or England, and at the end of it all if the Union was dissolved we would end up with what the EU wants - the UK divided, and its component parts still in the EU.

I am astounded. Way to go, Dave. Who told you it was a good idea to alienate 85% of the voters? By all means, apologise for the Tories all you want, but not by accusing the people of England of being ignorant Little Englanders and not showing enough respect.

Its a damn good job there isn't an English Press, because if they printed this in England, the Tories would be wiped off the political map altogether.

Heaven help us if Tony Blair - or worse, Gordon Brown - replies to Cameron with extracts from this this speech in PMQs

This is prime example of the Boy Cameron being proving himself too young and inexperienced to lead the Conservative Party in a grown up way. All those in England who are patting him on the back, had better pray their constituents don't get a copy of this speech.

My MP is a Scotsman,his predecessor(Willie Whitelaw)was a Scotsman.Our Scottish Prime Minister represents an English constituency.When the Conservative party wanted to get Malcomn Rifkind back into Westminster they were to parachute him into an English seat.Where are these little englanders?Scots are accepted in England as equal members of the UK.Is the converse true?Can anyone name an Englishman representing a Scottish constituency?The Scots anyone except England mentality has grown,with the Scottish Parliament fuelling Scottish guilt over their narrow nationalism and preferential financial and political treatment within the UK.If the Conservative Party wish to alienate England as thoroughly as they have alienated Scotland speeches as blinkered as David Camerons' will achieve it in quick time.An English forum with the same powers and responsibilities as those in the other parts of the UK is the only way to maintain the Union in the longer term.

Mr Cameron has breathtaking complacency. He seems to think that he has the English vote sewn up and has no need to do anything to make sure the English vote for him. He has set out to suck up to the Scots, wake up Dave and do something for the English. Give us our own parliament so we have equality with the Scots.

This speech is ridiculous. It has angered at least one English Conservative (me) and has done nothing to promote the party in Scotland.

According to the Scotsman... "Cameron hailed devolution as 'the settled will of the people" and claimed the Conservatives "are determined to make a success of Holyrood'."

Can the English people have some "settled will" too please? After all, we are the ones paying for it all!

The Scotsman’s leader column continued…”Cameron's sole, sketchy policy contribution was to promise an answer to the West Lothian Question. Here, he was knocking at an open door: all the surveys show the overwhelming majority of Scots have no interest in legislating for Gloucestershire. Most objective commentators, on the other hand, agree that the Barnett Formula cannot survive. Yet Cameron launched into a dead-bat defence of it, instead of doing what an opposition leader should be doing - proposing a pre-emptive alternative that would appease English discontent while preserving Scotland's funding interests.”

Apart from the “preserving Scotland’s funding interests” part, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

When I was at school, was I under the same education system as a pupil in England. No.

When I was at University, was I financed the same as a student in England. No.

When I went to my state Church, was my Church the same as that in England. No.

When I got involved in politics, were the main political parties the same in Scotland as they were in England. No.

When I received my council services, was my local authority structured in the same way as in England. No.

When I learnt about my history and culture, was this the same as that of England. No.

When I learnt about my country's languages, was this the same as that of England. No.

When I supported my local football in Scotland, was this in the same league set up as that in England. No.

When I supported my national rugby and football teams, were they the same teams that supporters in England followed? No.

When I think about my monarch, is the title of the queen factually and historically the same for Scotland as it is for England? No.

When I use money, are my banknotes the same as those notes which are acceptable as Sterling in England or in other countries? No.

When I celebrate my national saint's day, is it the same one as is celebrated in England? No.

When I sing my national anthem of Scotland, it is the same one as sung by people in England? No.

When I receive treatment on the national health service, do I do so with the same choices and structures that apply in England? No.

When I buy/sell a house, am I subject to the same system that applies in England? No.

When I break the law in Scotland, am I faced with the same judicial system as applies in England. No.

When I speak to my local politicians on any of the above areas, do I speak to the same type of politician as those in England? No.

And so on.

Now, can some Unionist tell me what makes us all British and uniquely ties us all together?

You arent a yes girl then Michelle?


Equality my backside, The NHS is in crisis, rubbish,it is the English NHS that is in crisis with the closing of hospitals, A&E departments, Wards, Ambulance stations (Regionalisation). In Scotland - Free social care in old age, two fixed wing air ambulances at a cost of £160m. In Wales - NHS prescription charges to be abolished (printed in Welsh so that the English can't nip over the border and participate).
The breaking up of England into 9 regions at the behest of the European commission (a body of unelected and unaccountable failed politicians), the result of which will be English patients having to travel in excess of 60 miles to get emergency treatment (some of them aint gonna make it). 500,000 new homes to be built in the South East of England where there is a water shortage and a traffic system that is close to melt down, all this is said to bring prosperity to the "region", would they not serve a more useful purpose in the north or Scotland or Wales or N. Ireland crying out for "prosperity", The Tories will sort it out, Oh! wait a minute, the Tories have a majority on the boards of most assemblies, Don't make me laugh, the present government and opposition parties can't even spell equality. Roll on the English Parliament

Blimey! An amazing amount of prejudice and bile from both some English and Scots.As far as I'm aware most of these people have never posted on this blog before let's sincerely hope they never do so again. They're an embarrasment to our party if they're genuine which I somehow doubt.

"Roll on the English Parliament" - which will be full of an entirely new breed of English politicians, completely different from the MPs we have been electing to Westminster, 82% of the total, who have allowed all of the above to happen.

I think we should all forget about Labour, Lberal, Conservative, Ukip and English Democrats. The party that should be considerd is the BNP. I would not have had thought that way of thinking untill I bought their news paper called The Voice of Freedom.
There was not a derogatory remark about any ethnic group in the paper at all. All it did was report the truth and what is going around us.
della petch will you marry me.

No. I consider all people in England to be English.

The English have virtually had their identity and culture wiped out by the Labour and Conservative governments. There is a growing resentment and intolerence in England to idiots like Blair and Cameron etc abusing the English. You lot can debate backwards and forwards all day cos thats what you do. But if like Blair Cameron Prescot etc you think you can abuse us English at will then dont be suprised if we remind you of your comments when you need us.

Many of the comments above demonstrate continuing unawareness of the change wrought by the Scotland Act of 1998. Prior to that the United kingdom was a unitary state with a unitary pariament in which all MP's were equal and had equal status and powers .
with the commencement of a parliament for Scotland everything changed . Scotland , always overepresented , has now become ridiculously overrepresented and over privileged. in 1998 England , in equity , should have been offered a parliament with the same rights and competencies as Scotland
-this still remains to be done .
There is profound assymetry in the British state and it is rapidly getting worse .

Mr Cameron has shown that he is broadly ignorant of this fundamental imbalance and compounded the sin by blaming the English for the resulting rise of resentment .

Like Mr cameron , I have always been a Unionist and sincerley hope the Union will continue . The real threat to the Union is not ( probably ) from Scotland , but from England where there is a distinct draining away of sentiment in its favour .
Not surprising really.

Here we have the greatest tosser of all time by the name of Tony Blair of the New Labour Party aided by another tosser called David Cameron of the New Conservative Party. Going around the world causing mayhem in the name of democracy. Whilst he denies the people in England democracy. England is the only country in Europe that has not got its own parliament.Roll on the revolution.


What makes us all British is 300 years of unity that has served both (yes, both) nations well.

Unfortunately for the English (and in the long run, maybe the Scots and the Welsh), this Government has created a constitutional crisis that urgently needs to be redressed. The only way this can be achieved is either, a) reverse the devolution process to pre-1998 levels, b) devolve power to the County Councils (or Regional Assemblies) or c) create a Parliament for England that matches the powers held by Hollyrood.

The first is untenable, the second is demonstrably unpopular (see North East referendum), so that leaves us with an English Parliament.

Conservatives are, by their very nature, pro-Unionist and do not want another layer of Government. Unfortunately that layer has already been created by Labour and we are not going to stuff that particular genie back into the bottle.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we need a leader who has the vision to create an acceptable solution to what is an unacceptable, asymmetrical constitution. Rather than do this, Cameron has gone north to talk of the injustices of the Highland enclosures a couple of hundred years ago, Russ Abbot’s 70s comedy programme and Thatcher’s poll tax in the 80s (you’re getting warmer!). He hasn’t sought to address an unfair, undemocratic situation that is happening now…in the millennium years.

Cameron’s dithering and evasiveness is not making him any friends on either side of the border.

Vote Conservative? Never again. I am a longlife supporter, but DCs speech was the last straw.
I had hoped that David Davis would be elected leader and be true to the ideas set out in his 2001 speech in favour of an English Parliament. However, even he bottled out.
I had pinned my hopes on the Conservative Party correcting the injustice of devolution. It seems I am to be dissapointed!
I never thought the day would come when I would be called ignorant by a Conservative Party leader
I have reached the conclusion that the British Union is dying.Is there nobody who can put it out of its misery.
Independence for England!

I'm a card carrying member and have voted Conservative all my life, beginning with Maggie in 1979.

I can't imagine voting anything else, but if there are many more stunts like this, I'll just abstain.

Damn shame Davis didn't make a better speech at conference!

Denis Cooper @ 9.46 wrote

"You seem to conveniently forget that the minister who spent eight years pushing this agenda, John Prescott, is not a Scot, he's as English as any of us, and he has been elected and repeatedly re-elected by his English constituents in Hull."

John Prescott is Welsh. That he has been re-elected shows three things.

1 English people show no prejudice regarding the nationality of their MPs.

2 English people are misled by politicians about what actually affects England only, rather than the UK (aided by the media)such as health care.

3 Politicians hold the English electorate in contempt, including David Cameron.

Allthe arguments for and against as to who is ignorant of whom is totally irrelevant. The solution is so simple one cannot expect any current politician to understand it .The UK has already been broken up for whatever political reason the last piece in the Jigsaw is to give the English their own Parliament.Eventually if necessary all present members of the UK could be granted full independence.Sad as it may be we are no longer British.

Michelle asks "what makes us all British" the answer is simply that we use our electoral authority to return MP's to sit in the House of Commons(abstentionist MP's obviously excluded). Legislative devolution has however created unequal representation in UK. It is unfair and unsustainable. Legislative devolution must be repealed and replaced with equal representation of all UK electors. Electors in Scotland have 16 legislators each. 1 at Westminster 7 in the EU and 8 in Edinburgh! Conservatives must break the consensus on legislative devolution. It will win votes.

As a Scottish person who would like our country to remain in the Union, as we seek to resolve bigger problems than mere patriotism - lets face it, in the shadows of globalisation it's a pretty petty thing, I am not bothered where my country is governed from... London or Edinburgh.

And in fact, as there is less political intervention (god willing!) the location of the Parliament is of EVEN LESS importance.

Now I'm sick of the silly Scottish seperatist mantra's and I'm stick of English people saying "Well, off you go then". Neither side has been constructive up to this point.

I find the Scottish banknote thing particularly offensive, and I have walked away from a supermarket leaving £30-odd pounds worth of shopping at the checkout in sheer anger that the xenophobic assistant refused my money.

This is one factor that makes paranoid Scots feel England is taking us for a ride, and why they want our country to be independent. There must be mutual respect on both sides. I conceed both sides are at fault. Cameron was right.

In todays ITV 1 Teletext Poll 52% said the Union of England and Scotland should end!


I understand why you must find it offensive when shop keepers don’t accept Scottish pound notes. They are, after all, legal tender both sides of the border.

However, the crazy situation in Scotland's banking system is that every bank prints their own. There is no "Scottish Pound” note. There's Clydeside, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland et al and they all look totally different. Given the ease of faking a single English tenner, or US dollar, you can't blame shopkeepers' reticence in accepting a note they've never seen before.

As far as where we are ruled from (although I prefer the word “represented”), I agree that the Union has served us all very well and should continue. However, you’ll not reverse Holyrood now, so will you return the favour and support an English Parliament?

It’s only fair! We only want what you have, or at least, the opportunity to vote on it. In the sense that Cameron does not even have it on the agenda, he is wrong!

@malcolm 17.51

And malcolm its prigs like you that turn people away from the Conservatives, and your remarks are nothing short of emotive, this is a ploy used in the hope it will stifle debate. well sorry but this time it won't and if you don't like what you have heard, tough, insulting and ignoring the English is what has woken the dragon and if the politicos don't like what they are hearing its for them to give us parity with the rest of Europe and give us our own parliament. It was never considered wrong for the Scots and Welsh to demand it so why is it so terrible when we do.
Since 1997 I have written across the voting papers NONE WORTHY after having voted for the conservatives for a great many years.and next May I shall do the same unless there is a EDP candidate.

Question to editor

Is this a record.

Boy has Dave misjudged the mood?

What irony in Terry and Andrew droning on about Scottish bank notes, and Cameron bleating about lost Scottish identity!

Why on earth do the Scots insist upon having separate bank notes anyway, and then whine when those in England (where 85% of the UK's population lives) demur about accepting them?

What irony in the fact of Scots and Welsh being actively encouraged to manifest their respective national identities, whilst the English have been urged to suppress theirs by being British, with every obstacle being placed in the path of doing anything different. In 2004, Mayor Livingstone divied up £100,000 for St Patrick's Day celebrations, but not a bean for St George's Day. In 2005, following protests, he funded a multi cultural day for the 23 April, and so it goes on.

All the main political parties, the TUC, the BBC etc etc have Scottish and Welsh organisations, but none for the English. We are expected to be invisible and then to tolerate accusations of equating 'British' with 'English'! England has been erased from many maps, especially those used by the EU. Even the so called 'TransManche' region is insulting for its avoidance of the English equivalent ie the TransEnglishChannel or, at a pinch, the TransChannel region. (Oh, by the way, North Britons, the planned EU 'transnational' regions will also fragment Scotland putting one part in the 'North Atlantic' region and the other in the 'North Sea' region.)

Earlier this year, the OPCS proposed that the Census being planned for 2011 should provide for individuals to record their origins as Irish, Scottish, Welsh and, yes you've guessed it, British! It was only after a number of protests to the BBC which published the announcement and the OPCS which issued it, that the OPCS claimed that an error had been made, and that it was intended to include 'English'. Well, that is something which was excluded from the 2001 Census.

Who is presiding over all this? A hugely disproportionate number of Scots in the Cabinet and in other levels of HM Government!

Individually, these things seem minor, but taken together with many others, they create a clear policy of seeking to eradicate England as a nation, as an entity. All the evidence indicates that there is nothing to chose between the three main political parties in this matter. The Big Three have an aggregate membership of circa 0.5% of the electorate, but together account for 95% of all MPs in our elective dictatorship. Cameron has not helped the Conservative case here by pandering to the 8.3% of Britons who are Scottish!

The genie is out of the bottle, and increasing numbers of voters in England realise there is no point in voting for any of the Big Three's candidates, and are abstaining. It is facile to attribute the increase in abstentions to apathy.

In desperation, more voters are turning to the BNP. Others can be expected to turn to the EDP or other English nationalist parties. England must have its own parliament! The longer the delay in establishing that parliament, the less chance of keeping the UK intact! Cameron & Co take heed!

>>I understand why you must find it offensive when shop keepers don’t accept Scottish pound notes. They are, after all, legal tender both sides of the border.<<

Bong!!! Not true.

Scottish banknotes are not legal tender on either side of the border.

Legal tender is currency that a party to a transaction is legally obliged to accept in payment. Throughout the UK you are obliged to accept Bank of England notes. You are not obliged to accept (eg) cheques and you are not obliged to accept Scots banknotes, even in Scotland.

£1000 in ten pence pieces does not count as legal tender either.

For Christ's sake - there are some real headbangers on here aren't there? The man was trying to build bridges in a country where the Tories have one seat - don't you think it might be time to extend an olive branch to Scotland and try a new tack - after all there would have been few Labour governments this last century without the majority delivered to them by Scots Labour MPs.

Some of the comments on here are very disturbing, aggressive and quite xenophobic. If some of these people are so horrified by Cameron I suggest they melt away to the BNP where they keep threatening to go - just go - we dont need crypto-fascists here - maybe they can bring back imperial measures and do something about 'gypsies' and 'poofs' or whatever makes you bark at the moon.

Monday Clubber (great name - didnt even Tebbit find you guys too extreme?)makes the following point:"On another point I see the same old IDs endlessly popping up with "great speech" and other unquestioning rhubarb rhubarb style nonsense intended to big up Cameron.

I am informed that some of these pro-Cameron IDs are sockpuppets of CCO employees, and I must say I can well believe it."

Really? By who? I'm keen to turn this back at you - I'm pretty sure this blog is packed with UKIP and Labour - why else the pathetic aggression? The raving about what tie the man wears, the insinuation of continued drug use, the allegations of 'poofery' and the low personal insults?

The pathological disagreement with Cameron EVERY SINGLE TIME HE SAYS OR DOES ANYTHING? Why? Is there nothing you will support him on at all?

It's comical in its obviousness. We have posters on here with false email addresses, or addresses identifying them to be jokers or extremists, web links that lead to Liberal and Ukip blogs (how come????) and web links that lead to posters business's that specialise in selling dodgy military memorabilia and old maps of the Empire - amongst other things :)

Its time people on here were properly audited to see who they really are and banned if they are found to be activists from other parties - its just fodder for enemies of the conservative party as too many of the posts here end up as quotes in anti-conservative newspapers and websites - maybe a few of you are journos?

A question for some of these agitators and perpetual critics - If you hate Cameron's tories so much why do you spend so much time here? Why? What do you do with your spare time? Stare at the sun? Have scolding hot baths? Why the masochism?

I'm really sorry that Cameron isnt proposing war with France, a return to the gold standard, deporting people with suntans and whatever other claptrap you long for but Britain has changed and a democratic election has to be won - we are not living in the 1950s anymore.

There are vast segments of British society who rightly or wrongly perceive they got a very raw deal from the Conservatives 79-97 - Cameron is to be applauded for identifying and reaching out one-by-one to these groups, trying to get them to notice us again and establishing a dialogue.

You may want tanks on lawns and an aggressive and uncompromising rightwing agenda but so long as this country remains a democracy with universal suffrage that will not be possible.

If I were you, Robson, I would calm down and keep taking your medication.

Cameron is only the Tory leader, not Der Fuhrer.

And he isn't infallible

Robson, you are a silly would-be authoritarian guilty of the things you accuse others of being.

Pity you can't engage with the actual arguments!

Hopefully, others are listening.

Even more hopefully, they might even be learning, which is much more than can be said for you.

Do try to stop ignoring the elephant in the room!

Robson..... This is my authentic name and my mail address the same....
More emotive language! when are you all going to understand we have had 9 odd years of it and we can now see through it as though it were glass.
ListenI am an EX Conservative, and have as much right to voice an opinion as any of you on message robots.
You should be asking WHY have people like me turned away, not berating us for criticising Mr Cameron, whose speech in Scotland I found insulting, and the next time you have you are brown nosing tell him I am very clued up on Scotland and the Scottish, I am a proud English woman and I refuse to have my country air brushed out by him or anyone else.
My statement stands NON-WORTHY

Robson, you are wrong. This former Tory voter will never vote for this nasty creep. Not now, not ever. No doubt he will not miss the few votes I take with me, but we will not support a man who calls me and my family ignorant and disrespectful little englanders.

Cameron is an Imperialist, not a Unionist. There is no Union. I know now that the Union is dying. Those that cling onto it are starting to look more embarassing by the day.

If only DD had won the leadership. The Conservative Party would be modernised properly if he had

As a new poster and a paid-up Conservative with a genuine email address I find these posts by Robson Leeds very insulting.

I also voted for David Davis and think he would have made a better leader than Cameron. Newarly everything Cameron comes out with sems designed to ape what Blair is doing. Is that what we want?

The arrogance of Robson Leeds is typical of the PC element that have moved in on the party.

Ironically Cameron won the leadership through support from the very elderly membership who simply see him as a nice boy. Many younger people and party activists much preferred David Davis.

His failure to win was a tragedy.

I'm still waiting to hear where this entirely new breed of politicians would spring from. I mean politicians who once elected to an English Parliament would have the interests of their English constituents at heart.

We already have 529 politicians elected in England to the UK Parliament, 82% of the MPs. Yet they clearly don't have the interests of their constituents at heart or they wouldn't allow these indignities and injustices to be heaped upon them.

Why should that change if those same 529 or others like them were elected to an English Parliament? They would still disregard the interests of their constituents.

Conversely if we could find politicians to elect in England who could be trusted to have the interests of their English constituents at heart they could do that through the existing UK Parliament, where they are an overwhelming majority.

Clearly, Dennis Cooper, we are not going find the right calibre of politician via anti-English Cameron, who is busy stitching up the selection process.

Using the provisions of the registration of political parties act, the party leaders now have control of ALL candidates, witness Michael Howard's personal ejection of the candidate who made unfortunate, speculative comments about taxation shortly before the 2005 General Election. Cameron's gone one further in the process, by introducing the 'A'List.

Voters will be forced to look elsewhere for truly independent candidates who put their constituents first!

Well that's a novel way of explaining Camerons overwhelming victory Hoots.I'm not sure that I qualify as old (45) but I voted for Cameron because I thought he could win an election.Davis admirable man though he is did not seem to me to be able to offer that. Frankly after so many years of defeat I've got fed up with losing.
According to all the polls Cameron is more popular in the country than any leader for 15 years and according to the Conhome poll is still overwhelmingly popular with the party mwembership. Don't know where your evidence that 'many younger people and party activists' supported Davis.If you have any I'd be interested to see it.
One word of advise 'though, adopting an unbearably patronising tone to the party membership is unlikely to help you further your arguement or win any debates.


Do you really not get it? Are personal insults the only thing you have to offer?

Forget thirty year old comedy shows and twenty year old legislation and consider what is happening right now, ie…

1. Scottish students have free tertiary education and the English have to pay (decided on Scottish votes).
2. The Scottish elderly receive free care, the English must sell their homes to pay for theirs’.
3. More public money is spent on the Scots than on the English.
4. A life prolonging cancer drug is freely available to patients in Wales, Scotland and NI, but not in England.
5. Scots have their own Parliament with control over two of the most expensive public spending items, health and education.
6. In addition to Scots having their own Parliament, they are also over represented in the Commons
7. There is a real feeling amongst English Labour voters that it would not be right for a leader to head an administration when his constituents would not be effected by more than 80% of the Government’s legislation. ie Brown and Reid!
8. England is the only nation in Europe without a Parliament.
9. The latest Mori Poll http://www.ipsos-mori.com/polls/2006/ecc.shtml put those in favour of an English Parliament (with similar powers to the Scottish one) at 41%. Forty one percent is an incredible number when you consider that there has been no political party or newspaper campaign behind it. It is a similar number to the Scottish vote (44% of the electorate) and that was after NuLabour spent millions of advertisements and spin.

I don’t blame the Scots, I blame ourselves for sleep walking into this, but do you really think we should offer an olive branch?

Cameron took the above information, went North, shot himself in the foot and stabbed us in the back. Plus, the Scots didn’t fall for it, just look at the leader columns in the Scottish press.

The above is happening now! The Poll Tax was more than twenty years ago, Russ Abbot was more than thirty and the highland clearances were a couple of hundred years ago.

As for your allusions to fascists under the bed, sorry, won’t wash! If the other nations in the UK can have their own Parliament, so can we and we can ask for it without being accused of being a fascist. In fact I’m not even asking for a Parliament, I’m asking to be asked if I’d like one.

Mr./Mrs./Ms.Alien. Robson,
I tend towards the latter title, here's some more Tory sweeties offered to the Scots in exchange for votes;
A 3% cut in basic tax rate (in England, ever rising, albeit, by stealth)
A cut in council Tax (in Scotland, increased by 43% since inception, in England 83% and still rising)
See McLeichie speech (Scots Tory party leader)
The Scots will soon get a Public Holiday to celebrate their Patron Saint. Rowan Williams (Welsh) wants to elevate St. Alban
to Patron Saint of England and ditch St. George and his flag, bloody lot of equality there.
Once we were a great union, pulling together when things got tough, yes, there was a lot of inter - national banter, sometimes crude but mostly lighthearted. Since devolution things have changed radically, as you may have gleaned from the posts above, there is now national rivalry, to see who can get the best deal, jealousy, real or perceived. New Labour, in collusion with the other main parties, Put the cracks in the union, consequential arguements and aspirations will split it asunder. An English Parliament is the only way to redress the balance.

Looks like the only people Cameron was referring to, was his remaining supporters in England. It seems they are happy to wear the "Ignorant Little Englander" for the sake of their master's political ambitions.

I ditched the Tories when Cameron said he was happy for England to pay 3% MORE than Scotland in taxes and that he would never alter the discriminatory funding allowances, that ensure England remains at the bottom of the funding pile. This is not a recent policy, as some would believe. This was during his leadership election. Most English are daft enough to assume fairness, without question.

The Scots are canny and will see this speech for what it is. An opportunist who is desperate to rule Scotland. Neither will they be impressed with a man who cdan so easily insult his English voters in a blatant attempt to gain power.

Cameron is living in a world of his own. At least it took Blair a little longer to get there.

"An English Parliament is the only way to redress the balance."

Not so; instead people in England could start to do what they should have done long ago - vote in MPs who would represent the interests of their constituents.

In fact if they didn't do that, an English Parliament would make no difference.

I still wait to hear where this entirely new breed of politicians will come from.

The British Parliament is just that, the British Parliament. An English Parliament would do what it says on the box.

Scotland and Wales are represented in 2 Parliaments (the Welsh Assembly is being upgraded by stealth), by British and Welsh/ Scottish politicians. England is only represented in the British Parliament, by British policiticans. None of England's politicians are national policians, all are elected on the British ticket.

EVoEL will need a whole new quango to help the speaker decide what is and what isn't English only. This is time and money that is better spent on a democratic institution to represent England.

Nothing whatsoever has been devolved to England and by definition, nothing whatsoever is English only. That is the argument put forward against EVoEL and that is the argument that will ensue for every single policy put to the HOC.

The Conervative policy of EVoEL is flawed and has already been proved to be such, with the recent debate in the HOC over this issue. You will still have politicians elected in Scotland or Wales to the British Parliament, but banned from governing a country that does not have its own elected government.

A government that spends most of its time arguing who over should be allowed to vote on which policies, yet operates on a whip system, can never be a democratic government that is capable of looking after the interests of England. For instance, Gordon Brown is elected to a Scottish constituency, but with EVoEL, he can formulate policies for England, not vote on them, but use the whip system to ensure his party forces it through. Hence England will always be open to discriminatory policies.

We would have different classes of MPs in the British Parliament. This is a very stupid idea from a Party that declares itself to be Unionist.

If a Unionist does not support equality for all the nations in that union, they can never be true Unionists.

Most of the membership of the party are ancient so it follows that the majority of Cameron supporters were of that age group. They were desperate not to have Clarke of course and Cameron pretended to be anti-EU

I know two younger people who are on the B list and they are hopping mad about what hes done.

Most of the membership of the party are ancient so it follows that the majority of Cameron supporters were of that age group. They were desperate not to have Clarke of course and Cameron pretended to be anti-EU

I know two younger people who are on the B list and they are hopping mad about what hes done.

There are 529 MPs in the HOC that were lected by English voters to represent the interests of England, to date, not one of them has had the cajonies to do just that, they have blindly followed the Party whip no matter what their political hue, in a lot of cases, I imagine, against their own personal convictions, in doing so they have allowed us to be ruled instead of represented and allowed Parliament to descend into a talking shop

Correct. Every disadvantage which has been inflicted on people in England compared to people in Scotland could have been very easily prevented by MPs elected in England. They could simply have said "I'm not willing to have my constituents treated in this blatantly unfair way" and walked through the other lobby. They chose not to do so, because the interests of the people in their constituencies rank a long way below various other interests. Similarly it's become clear in Scotland that most of the politicians elected to the Scottish Parliament do not put their constituents first, by a very long chalk.

Very true, Denis. David Cameron was partly right, then. Perhaps he should have said, "England's MPs are ignorant and don't show enough respect?"

I don't know why we should apologise for opposing devolution. As far as I'm concerned, opposition to devolution was a perfectly honourable position to take.

Is there anything we advocated in the eighties which we're not now expected to apologise for?

So there we have it. The Cameron prescription for reviving Tory fortunes in Scotland is to blame the English for the poor and deteriorating relations between the English and the Scots and to insult the English by giving credence to every cliche and complaint from the Scottish nationalist handbook.

There is so much wrong with the speech that it is hard to know where to begin. "Other areas of the UK are subsidised more than Scotland is". Well yes, Northern Ireland to be precise. If Scotland's relationship with the UK parallells the six counties, god help us all.

"In the British Context they (the Scots) don't always receive that respect". For the better part of my lifetime most English people have liked and respected the Scots in a way that has never been reciprocated. "Anyone but England" is not a new phenomenom. What is new is that the English are more aware of it and are reacting to it. It is indeed true that English respect for the Scots has, in the last few years, been rapidly draining away. The arrogance with which Scottish politicians react to complaints about the West Lothian Question has much to do with this, as does the (accurate) perception that by voting for a separate Parliament the Scots have defined themselves "other".

To whinge about Russ Abbott-style lampooning of Glaswegian drunks really is quite absurd. Should the English feel aggrieved about Abbott's stereotypical Englishman, Basildon Bond, or the sozzled English toff in the fast show? Leaving aside that Abbott has not been on my TV for many years, Cameron is here dispaying an ignorance about Scotland for which he berates the English. A much more recent Glasgow comedy drunk is Rab C. Nesbitt - Scottish actors, Scottish writers and so well observed as to be a major contribution to the gaiety of both nations.
Drink, like it or not, is deeply interwoven into British culture and will, therefore, inevitably be a subject for British comedy.

In fact, the more frequent media image of the Scot is the lean, muscular, highlander of the Scottish Beef advert, who is contrasted with a beer-gutted couch potato of unspecified (but probably English) nationality.

Then there's the sport. Cameron repeats the old complaint about Scottish sportsmen and Women being British when they win and Scottish when they lose. Possibly this did happen in the past. Not any more. They are Scottish when they win and Scottish when they lose. It's now only the English who get subsumed in being British.

Finally there is the Poll Tax. According to Cameron, Margaret Thatcher treated Scotland as a laboratory for experimentation in new methods of local government finance. No doubt it was a political blunder to allow the tax to go forward in Scotland first, but to characterise it as an experiment is to ignore history. It was implemented in Scotland and encountered major problems. Had it been an experiment it's application to England would then have been abandoned. Instead, it went ahead and it's Scottish and English opponents united to oppose it, ultimately bringing down the
Prime Minister in the process.

Cameron affirms his support for the Scottish Parliament, but his conversion to devolution does not extend to offering the same courtesy to the English. He defends the Barnett formula as a carrot to buy Scottish loyalty to the Union. This speech will lose him many supporters in England. I doubt whether it will gain him any in Scotland. The Scots are not as dim or as susceptible to flattery as he appears to think.

Who is Mr Cameron trying to kid? We Scots have long memories of the disastrous Thatcher years, of the great and lasting damage done to our heavy industries which were sacrificed on the EEC/EU altar to safeguard jobs in England. The devastation caused to our fishing industry by signing it away in exchange for advantages in the City of London. The blatant lies told to us about North Sea Oil whilst Billions of £'s went south each year.

Scottish Independence is coming fast and before long a Scottish Toraidh will be as scarce as hens teeth. Mr Cameron, we Scots do not believe a word you say, the Toraidhs have proved themselves utterly untrustworthy down the years so why should be trust you now?

Airson Alba!

Niall's contribution puts one in mind of P.G. Wodehouse's remark about a Scotsman with a grudge and a ray of sunshine.

Yet Niall's contribution is the only one Mr Cameron is most likely to take note of, or for that matter, cares about.

Good to get a Scottish point of view. Well said, Niall, Aslen.

To think we've spent all that English money subsidising Niall Aslen's education, and he comes up with that biassed drivel.

For your information Niall, the Foreign Secretary when your fishing industry (and that of the English) was signed away, was one Sir Alec Douglas-Home - you know the Scotch geezer who owned half of Scotland!

More upto date, the 300tons of the current annual mackerel quota for the UK was allocated to the fishing north of Peterhead. Given the northerness of Peterhead, it leaves hardly any of the remaining 20 tons for England's fishermen.

Such is the even-handedness that we've come to expect from Scots in power.

The English do not need to go back thirty years to point to injustices; they being inflicted NOW!

"Such is the even-handedness that we've come to expect from Scots in power", thanks to mainly English Labour MPs elected in England by English voters.

So, given the broad consensus of posts here, from both sides of the border, I think it would be fair (nay generous) to say that Cameron has misread the mood of the people.

Brilliant! Another ten years of Nu-Labour misrule to look forward to. It really is not that complicated you know. Just talk to people and more importantly…listen!

Without any party, press campaign or NuLabour spin machine, the latest MORI poll shows 41% of people want a referendum on an English Parliament... will you give us that? Please?

English Labour MPs had no wish to stop what amounts to foreign MPs imposing discriminatory policies onto England. Without those foreign MPs, they had no majority and so could not rock the boat by defending their constituents.

The Conservatives could have put a stop to this a long time ago, if they had really wanted to. They chose to do nothing, but still keep banking their salaries. Are there any Tories in Westminster with old fashioned principles?

I never thought I would see the day when the Conservatives were the first Party to openly declare their contempt for the English. And still our representatives remain silent on the matter.

There has been much debate on the relative populations of England and Scotland. I would be interested to know what proportion of Scottish people live in England, and what proportion of English people live in Scotland. I have no figures, but feel pretty confident that many more Scots will have gone to England than vice versa.

Which reminds me of the old saying - "A Scot is someone who will do ANYTHING for his country, absolutely anything. Except live there, of course"

On a more serious note, I have up until now been a sceptical Cameron supporter. I disagreed with much of what he said, but still was prepared to give him the benfit of the doubt - after all he put us ahead in the polls for the first time in living memory.

This speech has really made me question that loyalty. As someone has posted above, he seems to be taking the English vote for granted. Howard managed a majority of the English votes in 2005. (Though obviously, due to the unfair boundaries, not a majority of English seats). To engage in 'England Bashing" like this is dreadful behaviour from a leader towards his core constituency and displays awful political judgement. If we won EVERY seat in Scotland (as likely as me becoming Pope) we still would be short of a majority. What could he have possibly hoped to gain? A very bad misjudgement.

(The fact that I disagree with almost everything he said is immaterial. I have disagreed with him on many things before. This speech severley calls into question his judgement.)

Robson S Leeds - "Monday Clubber (great name - didnt even Tebbit find you guys too extreme?)"

Well Robson he appeared to have put aside his prejudices when he addressed our annual dinner at the Carlton Club a couple of years ago.

It's true that the Monday Club has been subject to some ignorant attacks and ill-informed comment. In hindsight we can now see that the ceremonial "slagging off" of the Club which occurred 4 or 5 years ago was part of an orchestrated attempt to "reinvent" the Party. Cameron is another symptom of this cynical exercise.

In fact the Monday Club welcomed gay and ethnic members long before the national party decided to follow our lead.

Seems we were the true pioneers in Tory "inclusiveness"

Robson S Leeds - "Monday Clubber (great name - didnt even Tebbit find you guys too extreme?)"

Well Robson he appeared to have put aside his prejudices when he addressed our annual dinner at the Carlton Club a couple of years ago.

It's true that the Monday Club has been subject to some ignorant attacks and ill-informed comment. In hindsight we can now see that the ceremonial "slagging off" of the Club which occurred 4 or 5 years ago was part of an orchestrated attempt to "reinvent" the Party. Cameron is another symptom of this cynical exercise.

In fact the Monday Club welcomed gay and ethnic members long before the national party decided to follow our lead.

Seems we were the true pioneers in Tory "inclusiveness"

Exactly what England bashing did Cameron engage in Jon?I've read the speech in its entirety (its front page of conservatives.com)and can see none.Perhaps you could point it out for me.

malcolm wonderfully demonstrates the problems with a Cameron-led Conservative Party. He should do as his great master tells him -

"isn't it time that English people of good will educated themselves?"

Is this Cameron's first attempt at an education policy??

I'm surprised that the man I considered to be the 'best of a bad bunch' could make such a speech. However, I am glad he has done so now, for it has made up my mind. His speech was a desperate attempt to find favour amongst the Scots.

Apparently being British isn't about ethnicity or local identity, yet we are told, as 'Brits' who live in the 'regions', that we must recognise and respect the distinct nationality of our Scottish and Welsh neighbours.

The final nail for me though was "it matters because the union is supposed to be a relationship of equals...certainly in terms of that most precious commodity, respect" What about that other, apparently lesser known commodity, Democracy? There's nothing equal about this union. A parliament for England is the only way forward, and I believe this will soon become the settled will of the people.

It's a shame there is no-one out there brave enough to champion England though.

Well perhaps you could point some England bashing remarksd Henry instead of making smart arse remarks like that above or were you trying to be funny?

Derek Cooper posts:
"Such is the even-handedness that we've come to expect from Scots in power", thanks to mainly English Labour MPs elected in England by English voters.

This superficial statement takes no account of the fact that HM Government centres around (if not in)the Cabinet. Here, and at ministerial level, the Scots are hugely over-represented. Scots amount to 8.3% of the UK's population which, in a Cabinet totalling twenty three would be around two, in fact they amount to seven ie 30%.

You may care to deny it Mr Cooper, but this imbalance extends elsewhere. Neither does your statement reflect the fact that over thirty Scots occupy Parliamentary seats in England, but not one seat in Scotland is occupied by an English person.

There is a Scottish raj, and on the evidence (which now includes Mr Cameron's speech), it crosses party boundaries.

John George says: "It's a shame there is no-one out there brave enough to champion England though." There is, the English Democrats Party, about which the BBC tries to suppress information. The BBC even refused to publish the MORI Poll findings that 41% of voters in England want an English Parliament with no less powers than that in Scotland. (Where is its Complaints Dept? In Glasgow, of course!)

Instead of just denying this situation in a knee jerk kind of way, wise Conservatives will take account of it, and endeavour to suitably change official Party policy in this area.

malcolm, read it properly. He uses the phrase "sour little englanders," and it doesn't matter what context he uses it in, because he links it in his speech to genuine grievances that English people have. You and he know full well that he would not dare say the same thing about Scottish or Welsh people.

He accuses English critics of the Barnett Formula as being those seeking to break up the Union. By this point, he has already related this English attitude to the dismissive "sour little englander."

He accuses the English of being ignorant towards Scotland and the Scots, culturally insenstive and not showing enough respect to the Scottish. They have their own Parliament, preferential funding and now they have can take their Saints day as a public holiday. What more can we do, malcolm? Doff our caps northwards when we rise in a morning?

He accuses the "English media" of portraying Scots as drunks and beggars. This man hasn't watched Little Britain, has he?

He is inaccurate in his description of media treatment of Scottish sportsmen/ women. There is no English media, only British, Scottish, Welsh or NI.

He tries to use Scottish money as yet another way of proving his point that the English are ignorant, yet he has not researched his subject and is once again inaccurate.

He accuses ALL the English of being ignorant, not just non-Tory voters, malcolm. By painting anyone who critices the barnett formula, as sour little englanders, he is trying to prevent any attempts to debate on the subject.

Apparently some turkeys DO vote for christmas and they're not all in the Labour Party.

You might not be able to recognise a verbal insult when you receive one, but it is clear that the majority on here can. Or perhaps you just suffer from low self-esteem?

Malcolm, how can you read his speech and NOT come to the conclusion that he was England bashing?

“Instead of deriding Scots as chippy or difficult, isn’t it time that English people of good will educated themselves?”
Yes, we are an ignorant bunch of people, even those of “good will”.

“Another aspect of English cultural insensitivity…”
There’s more than one. Them English aren’t ‘alf an insensitive and ignorant bunch.

“There’s another grievance held by those in England who seek to dismember Britain. They want to end the Barnett Formula.”
Why on earth would we be aggrieved and want to end the Barnett Formula? Is it because we’re ignorant or is it because it’s UNFAIR!?

“Even as an Englishman, I find it a bit embarrassing.”
Oh, I’m embarrassed by at least one of my fellow Englishmen too!

“the alleged England-to-Scotland subsidy:”
Alleged? That reminds me, I need to send my Tax Allegation off by the end of this month.

“One other aspect of the interface between the Scots and the English causes offence. And here there’s absolutely no excuse. Scottish banknotes…”
“Another aspect”? Yes of course! There’s more than one you ignorant, uneducated, insensitive people (whom I am not bashing). Vote for Dave!

“On devolution too we fought on against the idea of a Scottish Parliament long after it became clear that it was the settled will of the people”

I’d say that 41% of the English people wanting an English Parliament is clearly the settled will of the people too…so stop fighting it!

Wake up and smell the coffe(that would be the Camp variety) Robson s of Leeds. as a card carrying member of the Conservitive Party I sit here in my little room deck out with all the blue trimmings and a bloody great picture of Maggie on the wall. Cameron has lost it before he has started. How can insulting the people in England help to build bridges.

Just for the record folks Russ Abbot is Welsh not English

From an ignorant delusional person who thinks she is English, please is there a conservative who can answer my simple question.

If its right for the three parts of a unit of four to protest [although in fairness the Welsh did not want it]and be given self-governence why is it wrong for the English to do the same, and be denied parity???? there must be one of the conservatives on here with an answer,

The same question asked of Call me Dave referred me to Kenneth Clarkes task force' whose response to the question was, Away until end of september, answer from David Davis, zilch he didn't even bother to answer.

Now ask me why I am no longer a conservative.

Don’t know whether this is indeed a record for this site in terms of posts but having been silent for wee while I feel the need to add my two pence worth.

DC came to Scotland on Friday and was not on top form due to some sort of post Indian jaunt syndrome. He gave two speeches one which was widely trailed in the media which had him apologising for everything from the poll tax to the Highland clearances and other assorted nonsense like English attitudes to Scottish drunks and banknotes.
Who cares about the poll tax that was twenty years ago, and we all know how to deal with the bank note problem just tell them that RBS is the biggest bank in the UK, lets move on. The people who are still ranting about it (the poll tax)- (like Tommy Sheridan) aren’t ever going to vote for us. But quite a lot of our core vote still thinks it was the right policy just badly delivered, so you switch them off. Who is advising DC on this rubbish, does he seriously think this sort of stuff will improve our electoral fortunes up here. Get real.
The second speech. (Which wasn’t reported) was at a major fundraiser in front of 1000 of Scottish commerce and industry’s movers and shakers, very few of whom were Tories but most of whom were there to be converted. Did he say anything about business, tax, or the Scottish economy then ? No. Instead he gave a speech which could have been given to any constituency wine and cheese anywhere, any time. (The problem was that the room was full of real Scots not blue rinses)
Will the combined effect of the two speeches make any difference to our chances of electoral success in May 2007? Dream on. What the party in Scotland wants and needs is some policies, and a bit of leadership and direction would be nice too.
If you want a summary of how bad things are up here for us just read Eddie Barnes piece in SOS—he is pretty well bang on.
There are some bright people on our candidates list in Scotland, who have ideas if not solutions that might prevent meltdown, try listening to some of them instead.
And finally, one piece of good humoured advice, encourage all your P P to sign the pledge, it’s not just the English who have a distaste of my own countrymen when they are drunk. A fair few of us Scots think they are letting the side down too. Remember Charlie Kennedy.

Edward Longshanks wrote:
"[For your information Niall, the Foreign Secretary when your fishing industry (and that of the English) was signed away, was one Sir Alec Douglas-Home - you know the Scotch geezer who owned half of Scotland!]"

And for you information the prime minister was one Edward Heath who sold out the nations in these islands for a mess of EEC pottage. By the way Alec Douglas Hume did not own half of Scotland just 0.058% of it!

As for the 300 tonnes of mackerel, this decision was made by the EU whose CFP has been a disaster for Scottish Fishermen and has created wastelands in once prosperous fishing ports. Mr Cameron might have more respect if he had not reneged on the Toraidh committment to come out of the CFP.

Finally I hope you do not share the characteristics of your namesake? In Scotland we regard him as a murderous, genocidal, barbarous thug who did his best ot eradicate Scotland as a nation.

Airson Alba.
Niall Aslen.

I didn't know Russ Abbott was Welsh. Will someone tell Cameron that?

I truly believe that the Scottish will be as disgusted as we are, at his anti-English rants.

If he gave a speech in England to say he would allow us our own Parliament and equal funding, I would be delighted; but if that was accompanied by a verbal barage of how ignorant the Scots are, I would be appalled.

It was unprofessional, totally unwarranted and shows a disdainful characteristic in someone who aspires to be the next Imperial ruler of the yookay.

I'm afraid I cannot shake off the feeling of anger over Cameron's anti-English rant.

This is the first time I have posted here and this subject will be the last time. I just felt I had to say something to defend my nation and my people. We can't just sit back and allow this to go unchallenged. We English have tolerated too much for too long. No more. It ends now.

The Tory party is finished as far as I am concerned. They have not only turned their backs on England, but they have put the knife in as well. We have the power to change things and yet there are too many who have become corrupted whilst seeking power for their leader. What happened to values? They have become scewed out of all recognition whilst in opposition.

I wanted a Conservative government, but not at any price and certainly not at this price.

The real shame is on those who do and say nothing.

I am exasperated and furious at David Cameron's rudeness to the English. We have been a nation for a thousand years and have a great deal to be proud of, yet now we are constantly being insulted or ignored by politicians of every persuasion. I had intended to vote Tory, but now seriously wonder whether I shall.
To redress the unfairness of the present system we must have an English Parliament.

Does David Cameron see these boards?

I think we should write to him at his Parliamentary email address [email protected]

Yes perhaps David Cameron should read these boards?

Denis: your argument is tosh. What constituent do you know, or has ever persuaded you that he or she has YOUR best interests at heart? None or little i would imagine.

It comes down to money and there is no money in National representation for England because it is AGAINST Labour policy and Labour policy is set down by Scottish Ministers, not English, Scottish.

An English Parliament will strengthen England and maybe it will weaken the former UK? But this is something Labour should have thought about before they started waving the power stick around, granting Scotland a Parliament and Wales an Assembly.

David Cameron is quite a sad man, being an English politician who vast majority of votes would come from England.

Better hope this doesn't come back to haunt you when election time comes around, boy.

LOL The Tories get most of their support from "ignorant, sour little Englanders?" Not my words, but those of your Party Leader. This joke will run and run in Scotland.

Don't shoot the messenger. He's your leader, not mine

"LOL The Tories get most of their support from "ignorant, sour little Englanders?" Not my words, but those of your Party Leader. This joke will run and run in Scotland.

Don't shoot the messenger. He's your leader, not mine

Not a Scottish Tory Boy"

If anything exemplifies the widespread scorn of Scots towards the English, this does!

Out of the mouths of Scottish babes & sucklings!

How sad. How pathetic.

Cameron said it, not us in Scotland. He knows we have our own Parliament now and we call the shots.

The English are happy to be governed from London, otherwise they would have done something about it by now. You have a lot more MPs than we do and they don't seem to have a problem with it.

Like your leader says, you are just sour and ignorant little Englanders. Educate yourselves for goodness sakes.

Even Cameron is ashamed of you all.

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