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Not a Scottish Tory Boy:

Yes you do have your own parliament, opened if I recall by that great Scot Sean Connery (who of course lives in Marbella).

You do have a parliament - the cost of it being subsidised by the 'sour and ignorant little Englanders'.

You want to call the shots - fine by me Sir. I won't resort to name calling and abuse like you do because I have great respect for Scotland, and the majority of it's natives. (But certainly not for bigots like you). However, I note that you have no problem taking the English handouts that keeps your nation going. Nor do you have a problem in your Members of the Westminster Parliament (e.g. Brown and Reid) making decisions that effect England (which you clearly regard as a foreign country). Call the shots for yourselves by all means, pay for your own country, and let the 'sour and ignorant little Englanders' call the shots for their own country too.

I have always supported the Union for emotive reasons (not financial ones, it's patently clear who gets the best deal from it), but people like you make me question that support. Maybe an independent (and self-funded) Scotland wouldn't be such a bad idea.

How many more times must I say this. David Cameron said the Enlgish are sour and ignorant not me. Didn't you read his speech? Everyone in Scotland knows about it. We haven't stopped laughing. As for our Parliament like I said, if you really wanted one of your own, you'd have one by now.

What a sad and pathetic thread this is. Each "side" given to petty and mythical stereotypes and sad little hatreds.

When we live in a dangerous world that wants to destroy us all, and yet here we are in a prosperous and peaceful Union that has lasted for 300 years is it not strange we want to break it up?

We are like an old married couple fighting over a chocolate bar inside their home while people outside want to tear down the very walls we live in.

Utterly pathetic!

I'll ask you this: when you hear a British soldier is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan do you rush to find out which part of the UK he /she is from so you can decide how you feel? Thought not!

Grow up!

I would echo your thoughts Doulouz, I think there are some serious trolls on this thread most of whom are far too cowardly to post under their own names.

Is "Doulouz" a real name?
Is "Malcolm" an identifiable name?

Why are you so keen that people should identify themselves? What's your agenda for wanting them to do this?

Malcolm Dunn is my name and I'm on the Community section of this site.Some people may have a good reason to hide their identity others prefer to do so they don't have to justify their opinions and there are third group on this blog who are moronic trolls.
Personally I wish everyone had the courage to post under their real names.

Maybe Doulouz is Doulouz-Lautrec, the artistic French dwarf with a penchant two-holer thunderboxes.

Malcolm Dunn dictionary definition No 1.

"moronic troll" = anybody who doesn't agree with Malcolm.

Doulouz posted:

I'll ask you this: when you hear a British soldier is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan do you rush to find out which part of the UK he /she is from so you can decide how you feel? Thought not!

Their likely deaths would possibly have been caused by decisions taken by Cabinet Ministers probably from this trio:

Gordon Brown
Dr John Reid
Desmond Browne

All Scottish.

Co-incidental perhaps but the reputed national trait for parsimony might well play a part. NEGLIGENCE ALMOST CERTAINLY - AS ALLEGED BY ASENIOR RETIRED RAF OFFICER ON LAST EVENING'S CHANNEL 4 NEWS.

Over representation in the corridors of power by various Scots, all seemingly incompetent, would normally be a target that Cameron's Conservatives should jump at.

Instead he seems to follow the recent Conservative Party tradition of doing everything possible to alienate popular support and avoid meaningful confrontation on the incompetence and mismanagement of New Labour.

After four such Tory leaders even the politically non-informed must begin to wonder whose side the Conservative Party is really on.

Why now go out of his way to insult the English, the largest section of his potential electorate? The only answer must lie in his response to Andrew Marr last June "I'm a Cameron" - which fellow Scot, Marr could not have failed to understand, and thus cease his line of questioning on the clear inequity of the Barnett formula.

I have met Scottish dislike for we English frequently down the years. It is not reciprocated - but it is immediately recognisable and generally incoherent.

IMO Cameron cannot now successfully lead the main opposition party in England.

If three Scots are offered as potential Prime Ministers in the next General Election, then Ming Campbell seems the most balanced and anglicised ...... would the disinterested youth vote that Dave Cameron courts really come out to forestall such an outcome?

Even by your low standards 'Wallenstein' that was a poor post.

I am not in the least surprised to hear yet another Scottish politician, even one who is sometimes English and sometimes British, blame the English for everything.
Cameron, a few facts would help, land clearances took place in England too, thousands of villages were forcibly emptied to make way for sheep farms. Scottish comedians also mock the Scottish. Nor do I see how this pathetic excuse for a politician can pass off Scottish racist attitudes as being somehow light-hearted and inconsequential.
Cameron, if you are so desperate for Scottish votes may I suggest that you move to Scotland and stand for election in the Scottish parliament! One thing is for sure millions of English people are becoming more furious by the minute at the way that the MacMafia and their Welsh and Northern Irish cohorts are robbing the English not only of money but democracy.
Give us our own parliament and leave us to our own devices. I assure you we will cope very nicely without the 'Celtic fringe'.

Martin, I would respect you a lot if you were courageous enough to simply say you hate Scotland and Scots.

Go on, you know you want to! :)


You say… “I’ll ask you this: when you hear a British soldier is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan do you rush to find out which part of the UK he /she is from so you can decide how you feel? Thought not!”

In return, I’ll ask you this… when a young person wants a university education, do look up which part of the UK he /she is from?

Of course you do, because the English have to pay, unlike the Scots!

If a British citizen wants a life saving cancer drug, do you rush to find out which part of the UK he /she is from?

Of course you do because they are not available to the English, unlike the Scots!

If a British citizen needs care in their old age, do you rush to find out which part of the UK he /she is from?

Of course you do, because the English have to sell their homes to pay for it, unlike the Scots!

To repeat your question “when you hear a British soldier is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan do you rush to find out which part of the UK he /she is from so you can decide how you feel?”

Yes, because these young men and women have joined to defend, or serve, their nation’s interests. If that nation is England, it’s too much to ask them to lay their lives on the line to ensure an Iraqi Parliament, when they are denied one at home

Have you thought of that? Thought not!

Ps. I’m no troll, my name is genuine, as is my email address and as are my beliefs. Further, I cannot beieve I'm having to point this out to fellow Conservatives!!


Not only do you feel it necessary to resort to silly names, but you actually believe that 10 million non-English Britons rule the other 50 million?

This is getting pathological, but I suppose even the dominant want to feel like victims in modern society.

Funnily enough this attitude is very un-English and is the opposite of what makes England great.

As for rushing to see which part of the UK a dead British soldier comes form well...that sort of sums you up my friend.

PS. Why are you on about your name and email address etc? When did I mention anything of the sort?


Sorry, what silly names? I did not mention, nor at least intend to mention, any silly names. I mentioned that my email and name is genuine because someone alluded to trolls and I am not.

Having said that, would you agree with the following statements?…

a Scottish vote should be worth more than an English one.

Scottish working class students deserve free tertiary education whilst the English do not

the Scottish elderly should have a better care system than the English.

more public money should be spent on the Scots because our needy are less deserving.

a Scottish life is more valuable that an English life. (The life prolonging cancer drug, Velcade, is now freely available to patients in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but not to those in England).

If you don’t believe the above, then you should not agree with DC’s speech in Scotland and you should campaign for the completion of the devolutionary process, ie an English Parliament.

I agree, it’s not typically English, but that’s what we are since the Blair/Brown administration divided Britain. Because Britain is just a concept now (see above!) it’s over and you’ll not recover it now!

Seriously ask yourself, and like minded people, how you’d react to the above statements.


Don't you see your thought process is used in exactly the same way in Scotland?

"Why is a Scottish vote less than an English one?"

The Scots don't want Nuclear weapons in Scotland - but there they are because the English want them there.

The Scots didn't want the Poill tax - but the English MP's said it should and so it was.

The Scots didn't want the Iraq war but the English MP's said yes so there you are.

....and so on.

You're argument falls on one point. If England is a nation that must decide EVERYTHING by itself and for itself, then so must Scotland and all of the above would be changed.

As I have said on this place many times, far from Scotland leaving England forever, it will still be there only it will no longer have any influence from England.

Why fervently attempt to lose influence? From the world's greatest power to no longer being able to have any influence on the top third of Britain.

What a come down.

From disagreements on immigration to possible alliances with foreign nations not in England's interest you will be powerless. England will not gain power over this Island it will lose it.

This will come to pass, for even though I am a nominal Unionist, I see it all being swept before me in a tidal wave of pettiness on BOTH sides.

The UK is dead - killed over a bunch of stereotypes. In fact the more I think about it - the bunch of controlling Superhumans that the Scots are (remember according to you they control a nation TEN TIMES their size) should flourish and go on to rule the world...then the solar system and beyond.

My goodness Dulouz, keep this up and you will be asked to represent the Conservatives in parliament.
Ihave read the correspondence between yourself and Terry and the one thing that is obvious is that Terry is asking questions about actual situations whereas you resort to rhetoric and hypothesis.
I share Terry's concerns, as do millions of other English people, and no amount of near hysterical defence of the status quo will convince me to accept Cameron's speech as being in any way helpful to democracy. You see Dulouz that is what it should all be about, democracy.
The Tory party which once produced giants that defended democracy now produces pygmies that eschew it in favour of minorities. For, in an electoral sense, minorities are what the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish are. As a former soldier my pride in Great Britain used to be immense. Sadly, this is no longer the case. My 'Britishness' died when democracy died. My 'Englishness' has grown with every unfair action against England. The sort of actions which Terry lucidly points out; English loved ones being condemned to death because they are not economically viable, English pensioners forced to sell homes and hand over pension books for the care that is free in the 'Celtic fringe' nations, free tertiary education in non-English universities, to name but three examples which anger me.
None of this seems to matter to you as much as the status quo. The fact is that the United Kingdom is no longer a democracy; It cannot be when the majority of its population has less political representation than its minorities. Let Cameron address and redress this situation and I will gladly consider giving my vote once more to the Conservatives. Until this happens I am determined to vote for the English Democrats. I do not blame the Scots et al, in fact I admire their politicians for putting their people's welfare first. An English parliament could do the same for the English electorate.
Finally I would wish to point out that whilst I wish to see an English parliament I do not necessarily wish to see the end of of co-operation between England and her neighbours. I believe that a new type of union is now called for, perhaps along the lines of a union of federal nations.
Best wishes,
Terry Brown

Unbelievably, Cameron is trying sell the "conservative" logo as represening England, when it most certainly does not. It is the UK logo. England has no logo and no Conservative Party.


Cameron had a chance to modernise and recognise England. He has done no such thing. He must be made to pay in the polls for this.

Complain to the BBC that the description of the English logo is inaccurate and misleading.. 08700 100 222

He'll find out exactly how ignorant the English really are. It's operation Cameron every day, from now on............

Cameron will be sorry for this says:

"Unbelievably, Cameron is trying sell the "conservative" logo as represening England, when it most certainly does not. It is the UK logo. England has no logo and no Conservative Party.


Cameron had a chance to modernise and recognise England. He has done no such thing. He must be made to pay in the polls for this.

Complain to the BBC that the description of the English logo is inaccurate and misleading.. 08700 100 222"

Your link doesn't work, so we've only your word for this!

Check your mail box, Longshanks. I've posted the link to you.

Terry Brown

Your last point actually contradicts your first point.

Scotland joined the Union presuming and wanting a "union of federal nations" in the first place - but were denied it by England.

So much for equal rights and democracy.

I think a "union of federal nations" is what most Scots desire still and I personally would welcome it with open arms. This would be the fulfilment of the Union.

As for democracy, well why is it that the vast majority od Scots do not want nuclear weapons on their soil, but they are there anyway?.

If Scotland was really in control or the Scottish nation had more rights than the English then that wouldn't be the case would it?

The fact is that England doesn't want it anywhere near them.

As for your "Britishness" dying - you are wrong. You never were British in the first place. You just confused England with Britain and were shocked that it wasn't necessarily the same thing.

I am British and yet I am not, never will be and don't want to be, English. This seems almost an insult to English pride, as many of the "little Englanders" (See above on numerous threads) define their nation by belittling and hating others who are beneath them.

When those they feel should be on a leash are realised to be standing beside them they feel insulted.

In the thread above we have yourself who will now vote for a Gary Bushell party, we have Terry who admits going out his way to find out if a British soldier is English before he feels sad and a man who names himself deliberately over someone who hated Scots and loved killing them, and another who wants England to crack down on Scottish Terrorists! (sic)

Is this representative of the Conservative Party I belong to. It is a serious question - are you people really English Tories?

Doulez, you quote me as saying "...Terry who admits going out his way to find out if a British soldier is English before he feels sad..." I said no such thing and how dare you suggest I did?!

Of course I feel sad for any of our troops who have been harmed by the policies of Bush's poodle. What I said was, I looked to see if he was English or not, because the sad and awful irony is … the troops are in Iraq (supposedly) to secure a democratic Parliament for them. It’s a tad ironic that they are denied a Parliament at home (England) whereas they are not denied one if they are Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish.

There is a democratic deficiency in these islands. It’s not because I believe the Scots are super human, or evil, or anything else, it’s because NuLabour have not thought the policy through. We urgently need to create a level playing field and I’ve always believed that is in line with Conservative thinking.

The only way to do that is either a) reverse the devolution process to pre-1998 levels, b) devolve power to the County Councils (or Regional Assemblies) or c) create a Parliament for England that matches the powers held by Hollyrood.

The first is untenable, the second is demonstrably unpopular (see North East referendum), so that leaves us with an English Parliament.

Do you agree there is a deficiency? If not, stop arguing because you already have it your own way. If you do agree, can you think of any other way forward, other than the three points oulined above?


So you agree you feel equally as sad if a Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or English soldier dies? If so I genuinely apologise. However, you did say you went out of your way to see which part of the UK a dead British soldier comes from. Regardless of honourable intentions that in itself is beneath you.

Can I ask a very simple question? Who is your enemy here? The Scots who in every poll want to see Scots MP's not voting on English only matters (because they know what it has been like for 285 years - including ME) or the English people who deny you these things?

Dolouz refers to:
"The Scots who in every poll want to see Scots MP's not voting on English only matters (because they know what it has been like for 285 years - including ME)"

Why do you silly Scots almost invariably have to inaccurately go back hundreds of years in a feeble attempt to justify a current position?

You weren't alive a hundred years go (presumably much less), neither were we! Whatever was done then wasn't done by us, and it wasn't done to you. It's just an excuse to be prejudiced against the English now without reasonable justification.

You have just demonstrated, once again, how deep seated and unreasonably hostile is the attitude of so many unthinking Scots to the English. We are no more responsible for the actions of our forebears, than you are for yours.

So, get over it and confine your comments to the here & now, instead of endlessly and unconvincingly pleading the victim bit!

It's pathetic - rather like your 'simple question' which is also irrelevant! The trouble is that Cameron seems to be just like the rest of you "with Scottish blood flowing through his veins"!

Edward Longshanks,

England is the dominant country in the United Kingdom. It always has been and always will be. This is not just accepted, but is natural - so your attack on the "silly Scots" is a bit silly in itself.

As for Cameron having "Scottish blood flowing through his veins." What if he does?

I would like to know if you are brave enough to admit you think this is bad? If you are a racist admit it. If you think it doesn't matter then why mention it?

So what is it my friend? Do you hate "Scottish blood" or not?

We have an old saying in England: "Don't measure others by your own yardstick!"

'Hate' is one of your preferred terms, not mine! Inappropriate moral judgements such as 'bad' are another feature of your extreme thinking.

Surprisingly enough, English is my first language - not one propped up by the Council of Europe's Charter of Regional or Minority Languages as are Welsh, Scottish Gaelic,Irish Gaelic, Scots, Ulster Scots, Cornish and German! Therefore I am well able to express my opinion of Cameron and his attitude to having Scottish blood without being limited to saying whether it is bad.

You see, I will not be limited by you, and neither do I feel the need to prove myself to you. Quite simply, I care not whether you think I am brave or not. In fact, your silly invitation inclines me to avoid answering because of the juvenile way in which it is posed. I like to think that we in England have moved beyond seeing things in that medieval way.

The point about Cameron's remark about his paternal ancestry is that, despite having been born in England and despite saying that he is proud to be English and despite purporting to represent constituents in Witney, when taken together with other facts it indicates very strongly that he regards himself first and foremost as a Scot.

Nothing wrong with that, but it's no longer feasible for him to go crawling around (as do other Scots) trading on English lack of perception, and allowing the English generally to regard him (and them) as English, Sooner or later, their actions betray that their real allegiance is to Scotland before England. One only has to consider the Scots surrounding Cameron, to get the flavour: Michael Ancram, Ian Duncan, Liam Fox,Michael Gove, Malcolm Rifkind, Ian Duncan Smith to name but a few. All of 'em sitting in English constituencies - something Scots will not tolerate in reverse!

Why should the English want individuals sitting in our legislature who do not represent England first and foremost, after the UK, anymore than we should tolerate muslims whose first loyalty, on all the evidence, is to muslims where ever they may be? You see, it's not a question of race or ethnicity. It's question of ATTITUDE, and increasing numbers of people in England are tired of being told to step aside for others.

In England, many of us want our customs and practices to be observed and given precedence. We've had enough of petty officials sanctioned from the top, telling us we mustn't offend minorities. That is standing democracy - the essence of which is majority rule - on its head!


A quick postscript to amplify further:

The late and much missed Eric Forth, by word and deed, was (is) very much regarded as having been wonderfully loyal to England.

As I said, it is a matter of ATTITUDE!

Edward Longshanks,

You are certainly an interesting individual.

The political points you make may be right or wrong, but they are certainly valid. However, your true colours are shown when you complain about politicians being Scots and about "Scottish blood" which is a curiously backward type of language.

What does it matter where someone comes from or what "blood" they have? Is it not their policies and opinions that matter? It seems some (and only some) Scots and English feel it is fair to say things about each other that they wouldn't say about a Jamaican or Pakistani.

As for your name - I love it. Edward Longshanks was a fearsome man indeed and of-course I am sure your choice of a man rightly called "The Hammer of The Scots" was not a coincidence.

One thing I would like to remind you of. Edward Longshanks was deliberately buried in a lead casket with the wish that when England finally conquered Scotland he be moved to a casket of Gold.

He is still in his lead casket.

As I said in my earlier posting "Scots almost invariably have to inaccurately go back hundreds of years in a feeble attempt to justify a current position?" Knowing this, I chose the pseudonym Edward Longshanks aware its significance. (Cromwell would probably be similar for the Irish, some of whom in their anti-English prejudice, love to blame us now for Drogheda and the potato famines!)

I agree with you about "Scottish blood" being a curiously backward type of language, but would remind you that it was used by Cameron in a broadcast interview with Andrew Marr, and that was why I quoted it; they are Cameron's words! I construe references to "blood" and "bloodline" as a more archaic way of referring to ancestry, but no more than that. You may read into it what you wish. Please note that I used the phrase "paternal ancestry".

(Incidentally, apropos the interview with fellow Scot Andrew Marr, such is the proliferation of Scots in the media that we English are almost invariably squeezed out of discussions about what we call "The England Question", to give it a more accurate description. For example, in a Newsnight discussion a few months ago about the question of an English Parliament, the presenter was - yes, you've guessed, Kirsty Wark - not Paxo - and the programme cut away to a link with Gordon Brewer on BBC Scotland's version of Newsnight for him to pontificate about the matter. Apart from the speaker representing the English Democrats, none of the others representing the Big Three were English. You'll be interested to know that the Conservative there was Nigel Evans MP for Ribble Valley.)

You ask: "What does it matter where someone comes from or what "blood" they have? Is it not their policies and opinions that matter? It seems some (and only some) Scots and English feel it is fair to say things about each other that they wouldn't say about a Jamaican or Pakistani."

My answer is that it should not matter, but whether it does very much depends upon the attitude of the incomer (here, the English in Scotland would be the incomers). It should be borne in mind that the indigenous community has never been directly consulted about who is to be permitted to dwell amongst them.

The English and Scots are supposed to be British, but whilst Scots have been encouraged to celebrate their Scottishness, the English are discouraged and every obstacle placed in their way should they, as individuals or collectively, seek to do so. There are a number of Caledonian societies in England and Wales, but how many are there English societies in Scotland. (It is questionable whether they would be tolerated and, if they existed, their meeting places not damaged.)

We have a situation in which being British has been exclusively imposed on the English, whereas the Scots have the choice of being Scottish in one context and British in another. The minor matter of national anthems serves to illustrate the situation. I have seen Scottish and Welsh nationalism in comparatively recent times result in each of them being now manifested with individual national anthems at international sporting events. A similar process is occurring in England but, although partially successful, we are having the devil of a job ridding ourselves of God Save the Queen! Remember that, even if only via Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth II is as Scottish a queen as English. In the 2001 Census, the Scottish Government in Westminster contrived to prevent anyone in England being able to record their origin as English. (They indicated a similar arrangement being used in 2011, but hastily amended their announcements in the wake of a number of protests.) So it goes on . . . .

One consequence is that many Scots regard the English as having usurped 'British nationality' and reject it. Another consequence is that many younger English people are unsure of their nationality, certainly so in comparison to incomers of all descriptions who proudly proclaim theirs and insist upon "retaining their identity", whether it be Scottish, Jamaican, Nigerian or Pakistani.

I could go on at length, but suffice it to say, that whether or not newcomers to England have been let down (and remember that most of them choose to come here), the ordinary English citizen has certainly been let down by those in authority. One simple example lies in the failure to encourage the English and all who come here to largely adopt our English culture, our customs and practices, our 'way of going on' which has resulted in a generation of those who neither fit in with the remnants of English identity nor that of their parents.

Ultimately, it is to the benefit of Scotland and the Scots for England and the English to be allowed - nay encouraged - to manifest their nationhood, and that does not automatically mean that the Union (of two Crowns and two parliaments) should be dissolved. The process which daft Jack Straw described as "balancing out the overwhelming size of England" is a disaster waiting to happen - to join the others (pensions, transport, education and health!)

It should be remembered that the EU project aims to eliminate England and, if it succeeds, Scotland and Wales will surely follow. Just look at the so called 'transnational EU regions' being planned, which would not only fragment England, but split Scotland and separate Wales. ALL home nations of the UK should be uniting to oppose this, instead of allowing the Big Three political parties to betray us.

Oh, one final thing: Longshanks can stay in his lead casket as far as I am concerned, together many other English folk! We do not regard Scotland the Longshanks way. Many Scots have yet to realise it, but England is a gentle giant. However, you anger the gentle giant at your peril. If you do, Heaven knows what will be the eventual outcome.

Edward Longshanks

England is a gentle giant - that is why I love her so. It is also why I hate any Scots with a chip on their shoulder (their is much less than you would like to think. My English workmates haven't had any anti-English comments, although strangely my friend from Burnley is often told on the phone by Southern Counties types to go home to Jockland.)

It is also why I hate to see this new un-English behaviour by the English who complain about this new super-race of Scots who run everything in England. Cameron hit the nail on the head. Scots are seen in England as two extremes. Either as drunken fools or masters of England. Both are contradictory stereotypes - much like the French either class Englishmen as either Homosexuals or fierce Hooligans.

DC is right in saying that English people do not even bother to understand their fellow Britons. As I have said above, every time I have visited England my Scottishness has either been attacked or ridiculed - so lets not pretend ant-Scottishness does not exist. Ask any Scot in England and they will tell a similar story but Scots seem to accept this as par for the course.

It is seen as fair-game in England at the moment, especially in politics, to be anti-Scottish. It may surprise you to know that in Scotland it is very different. The Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and even SNP have English MSP's sitting in the Scottish Parliament. I have never heard any complaints about this because (upsetting as this may be for you) to even bring this up would be classed as a racist taboo.

In fact if you write the same about the English in Scotland as you have about Scots in England you would be classed as a racist.

I AM NOT SAYING YOU ARE NOR DO I THINK YOU ARE - merely that similar anti-English talk in Scotland is seen as barbaric in a way that is fine in England against Scots. Of-course there are Scots who do talk this way but they are seen for what they are - morons. Can we say the same in England? Is this type of talk not glorified at present?

Don't mistake the Scottish Football fans for the Scots, anymore than you would identify a English skinhead at an England game chanting BNP slogans and beating up Johnny Foreigner at a World Cup as being the epitome of England.

Its about time we had an English parliament. Why is it, that mainstream political leaders are hellbent on discriminating against the English for prize winning scottish votes?

Do they care about everyone? Or do they only care about themselves through the blag of votes?

this site sucks.i think you should all get a life.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that Scottish Tories (many of whom are unreconstructed Orangemen) are out-of-step with the Notting Hill set.

Iain MacWhirter of the Glasgow Sunday Herald writes as follows:

The “Dave” revolution has left the Scottish Tories cold – in deep freeze even.

There’s no way they are going to start going around sympathising with single mothers, gays and greens.

They want to get back to the old virtues of tax cuts, family values and law and order, which they see being ripped off them by Labour.

Indeed, I suspect a lot of Tory MSPs secretly yearn to be on Jack McConnell’s side of the Scottish parliament these days rather than their own touchy-feely compassionate Conservative benches.

If they were Labour they could still do macho things like cheer asbos, war on drugs, war in Iraq..."

Scots Tories are not alone.

Having looked through much of the posts here, it seems to me the English blame the Scots for much of their frustrations.

I am just starting to try to undertand more politics, so please bear with me!

Comments have been made regarding English shop keepers not accepting Scottish notes because they dont know what they look like and are worried about forgeries. Scottish shop keepers however learn what all the bank notes look like, including Bank of England, and how to spot forgeries, so why is the same not possible for English shop keepers to avoid offending people who present Scottish notes?

Much has also been said about the Scots Parliament, which as I understand it was set up predominantely to avoid the total imbalance of a British Parliament, with a massive majority of English MP's, voting on issues effecting Scotland only, which was recognised in the speech which started this thread. Most Scots would therefore totally understand the frustration felt by most English now that Scottish MP's can still vote on English only matters, as many have lived through the same frustrations but in reverse. However, realistically how much effect does this have on English only issues, bearing in mind the massive minority of Scots MP's? I agree that if it would relieve these frustrations, Scottish MP's should be stopped from voting in English only matter, however, who is stopping this? If only a small proportion of English MP's voted for this ban, they would far outweigh any minority of Scottish MP's who may vote against it, yet the Scots seem to be blamed for this. Same applies for National Anthems etc. I fail to understand how a minority of Scots MP's can stop a massive majority of English MP's. It has been proved this is not the case as this was one of the main cases for a Scottish parliament.

The solutions for the frustrations aired seem to lie with the MP's representing England, not with the Scots.

As for anti-English attitudes in Scotland, I would be foolish to say this does not exists (as anti-Scottish attitudes exist in England), but it is the minority. During the world cup several English flags were flying near me, including one very prominent above a city line, and cars decorated with the St. George flag, all without problems. Yes there were a couple of incidents which the press seemed to tag onto, but how many other football fans were attacked in other cities throughout the whole of the UK by rival supporters at the same tie, nothing to do with the World Cup or Anti-English/Scottish but off course the press like to sensationalise such stories. At the height of the World Cup, the Scottish sun ran a test where 3 journalists were sent to stand in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen city centres for an afternoon wearing England football tops - the result - no hassle!

For me, Scotland and England are good together, Britian is stronger united.

Why is there no English conservative Association?

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