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Good grief, it's almost 9am and there isn't a single poster frothing at the mouth yet at the very mention of Theresa May's name...it seems the usual suspects are slow off the mark today! Very surprising.

From memory that bar at the Highcliff can get a bit untidy around 3am too, so those roving nightime reporters may not be the most popular people in the world...

Who's on Monbiot-watch?


I was born for that job!

Are you coming to Bournemouth then Guido?

Well the press office seems to be a bit wary despite Francis Maude inviting me to come.

It is possible that I'll be covering it for a TV company, it is also possible I'll be covering it from in front of the TV.

But Guido how will you be able to give us your Totty Reports if you're not there?

Perhaps we need a totty correspondent. I'll volunteer for that!

I think this is an excellent initiative.

The mainstream media only focus on the issues that matter to them (or which are spun to them by a party's leadership) and it is important that events such as party conferences and other political gatherings are covered in a way that fosters debate, encourages thought and develops real policies.

I am not able to go to conference this year, I am tired of watching another turgid interview by Andrew Neil or AN Other where they throw easy questions at activists who are falling over themselves to ingratiate themselves with the leadership of the day or the anti-faction (and I say that as someone who has been interviewed as both a pro and anti in my time!).

Behind the scenes coverage and comments from real Party activists in this way will only be a good thing. Hopefully lots of ConservativeHomies will embrace this with enthusiasm.

Apparently the panel modelled on the successful Dragon's Den television programme is to include Oliver Letwin and former Tory MP, Michael Brown.
It's more likely to resemble 'Mr & Mrs' than the Dragon's Den.

Will this involve video camera (ie, moving footage) or just still shots?

"Perhaps we need a totty correspondent."

"Will this involve video camera (ie, moving footage) or just still shots?"

Wow. This should be interesting.

I'll be there from Monday if you need any help Tim.

btw Tim, are you going to havea stand or anything?

With all these new ideas, I think this is going to turn out to be the best party conference that we have had for along time, and a lot of the credit has to go to the bloggers like Tim, Iain and Guido, who have dedicated a lot of there time, setting up ways party members and supporters can interact and debate with each other. It seems that our party is really trying to engaging with people using new methods and technology that other parties have thus far failed to do, lets hope it continues. In other news, anyone seen what is thought to be our new logo, on Iain’s blog, I have to say it looks terrible lol!

"Perhaps we need a totty correspondent. I'll volunteer for that!"

Andrew,I hope this is male totty ?

Don't let Teresa May do an "Ascot" style fashion watch, not with those shoes.

I was thinking of female totty Alison but I don't see why there shouldn't be a male totty correspondent as well. We don't want to be sexist.

Alisn...not with those shoes... or collars.

Blimey, sometimes she looks like she's just walked off the bridge of Starship Enterprise.

Very sadly I can't go to the conference this year.I'm available as 'armchair reporter' if you want.

A great move by CH. Sadly, the conference feels like a trendy Gepgraphy teacher desperately trying to be cool. As per usual, the rest of the UK population will continue to ignore the Conservative Party as previously.

What happened to the two x weekend conferences a year idea muted last year so the working folks and more younger members could attend? Has that idea been dropped?

I like seeing the oldies there - bless them - but its a bit embarrassing when the first ten rows on the 6-o-clock news have 1000 over 80s in them.

Oberon I am sure the 'oldies' produce a good number of votes. I wonder whether it is not about time that 'younger members' and oldies are not 'persuaded' to actually mix for a particular occasion. Everything always seems to be geared up to try to 'lure' youth to be involved (think of the BBC), half the time it doesn't work, except for p.....g off older people and making them feel unwanted. If the two groups had to mix for something that was unfamiliar to both and there was a good MC, BOTH sides might learn something about the other!

However I shall be going, for the first time ever, and Annabel will be too, but not for the first time, so if nothing else it will be interesting!!!

The media will not be able to 'rig' the reporting so easily with CH watching their every move. If there had been a bloggersphere in 2003, maybe IDS would have survived, and reporting of him and Letwyn would not have been so brutally biassed.

The public might reengage if CH home-made reporting gets a big enough audience.

Good to hear your going Patsy, look forward to meeting you and the other CH regulars.

The importance of "totty" should not be underestimated.

I am told by a very reliable source that the BBC political correspondents decided Labour were going to win in 1997 when, during the 1993 conference season the "totty count" at the Labour Conference was higher than that at the Conservative Conference. It will be interesting to see how this year works out.

What is not known, is whether that was male of female totty, but in the spirit of diversity and inclusivity, we realy need five "totty correspondents" covering, straight male, straight female, gay male and gay female and of course bi-sexual totty.

Good grief, it's almost 9am and there isn't a single poster frothing at the mouth yet at the very mention of Theresa May's name

Theresa who?

There is no substitute for party democracy (what there ever was of it). Motions selected by the members are what we need, not all this froth.

What next? Some nonsense inspired by "Big Brother"

BTW, what has happened to my old friend Eric Chalker and his grassroots democracy movement? Do they ever post here or have they folded their tents and silently stolen away.

Democracy seems to have few friends in today's contro-freak orientated party.

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