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It has an ineluctable logic - Mr Cameron sees himself as Blair's natural successor.

Utterly appropriate. Then all they'll need is to hire a few more Blair advisers, and the Cameron project will be complete.

Why do they all keep doing midnight flits? Do they get cheap 12 month deals?

Maybe that's whny they kee[p losing the membership lists?

Weren't they previously in some short-term let above Starbucks?

Behaving like a dodgy bunch of timeshare operators second-guessing the bailiffs is not what I would have expected of the great Conservative Party I joined.

'I just cannot believe it' sorry for using a catchphrase,but it does say a lot for those who are leading? this Party.

Obviously the Heir-To-Blair seeks to operate from the Lair-To-Blair...

I think they're above Starbucks now, aren't they - though NOT tenants of Starbucks! ????

Since all the parties are skint and likely to stay so unless (over many people's dead bodies) they get public money, Labour will come off best as they have the Beckitt caravan to fall back on.

Does it really matter where the office is ?

As David Cameron unveiled the plaque at the new Conservative Party headquarters, 'Nelson Mandela House' (sorry Delboy) the large lump under the carpet was believed to be the body of Lord Tebbitt (obit. to follow).

If Millbank offers the best deal, the best price and the best location, they should move to Millbank. Alison Smith's post above is entirely correct.

It's a building nothing more, unless of course it is haunted by the leaders of Labour past or something, imagewise it could backfire on David Cameron adding to the perception that the Cameroonians are New Improved New Labour now with more image than ever and even less substance.

Maybe they could be really radical and move "up north", office rents are a lot lower and Virgin can do Euston to Warrington in 2 hours, somewhat less than it takes to get from one side of London to t'other. ;)

Maybe they could be really radical and move "up north"
Political parties can have the best of both worlds and have their administrative functions somewhere cheap and small offices for easy access to where the press and parliament is based - currently London, after all communications between the different offices is just a broadband connection away.

Maybe CCHQ should think about moving out of London entirely. Ok, still have a small place for the leader and shadow cabinet and things that are essential to have premises in London for, but move everything else to somewhere outside of the city and save some money.

Nice one Christina @ 11.55!!

When I read the headline I thought we were going to Walworth Road!

That's where New Labour was born (under Kinnock and Mandelson), not Millbank Tower.

Why can't we stay in Smith Square?

Decentralisation would be an excellent idea and would show that the party is genuinely committed to saving money, and to promoting regeneration in the provinces, which is where our real support lies anyway.

Constant moving around and failure to sell Smith Square creates a very poor impresion.

Silly me I thought the New Labour scam started with 'ackney with the help of Mark Trotter, Tiny Blur, Prudence, Betty, Mrs. Dobo, Derry (if it moves and its warm!), Cherry Bare and liberal use of Dewar's that was repaid! Also with the help of Geoff the fix and The Mirror Group Pension Funds under the control of the Gaulleiter - managed via the black files and Common Purpose!
Leadership was based on 'The only other serious contender for the post having serious fundamental flaws of personality' which seem to be keeping him out of office still! All recorded by Poof in Boots for his payolla!
The pictures are interesting!
Millbonk was for minnion management!
The Black Widow may one day spill the beans ;-)
Greg L-W.

The symbolism is unfortunate indeed. Why can't they just renew the lease on the Victoria Street office? With all this upheaval it's small wonder CCHQ can't get its act together.

CDM comes up with a short sharp and completely right point. Whats wrong with moving back into Smith Square? I know its old, but re-arranging the rooms and a bit of decorating didnt hurt anyone. The issue of CCHQs offices needs to be sorted out ASAP.

Its just an office and presumably there are limits on where they could go,


Yes,why does someone who is taking this Stupid decision not willing to say why it is no longer possible to remain in Smith Square. After all it was a scene of many a victory celebration in the good days. Does DC and FM want to airbrush out our past. Well he may just suceed and wipe out this Party altogether. By the way,how do the membership figures stack up now that we have adopted this Liberal Conservative nonsense. I wish CCHQ people would let us know if this policy is bearing fruit? and that people are rushing to join us.

So its now official...

So not simply being content with being heir to Blair Boy wonder has to go the whole hog and move to Millbank...

Will UKIP now move to Smith Square?

Have we sold 32 Smith Square? I hear not, in which case we will now have three offices? Is this a wise use of our limited resources, or is there yet another way we intend on emulating New Labour (going bankrupt).

I think we are going into a new phrase where we get a new HQ for every new leader we have.

Didnt Michael Howard move HQ as soon as he became leader?

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