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Shock news: politicians caught with trousers down

Bernard Jenkin meets representatives of Women 2 Swim

Large cheque seen in swimming pool: 14 politicians jump in immediately

LADY IN RED, ON RIGHT: Who wants to be the first to try the breast stroke?

There was something for everyone in this year’s MPs in Swimsuits competition.

Its like Baywatch all over again...

Who's on the far left at the back? Looks like Roger Moore. No doubt Guido will be doing a totty watch on the women in the photo.

Those girls in the orange should be A List candidates.... We would do well in the North next time lol...

I think there would be an upward swing in the southern regions as well Billy.

"Who's on the far left at the back?"

It's Lord St John of Bletso

When I first saw the photo, I admit I was a bit surprised that Chris Bryant was wearing shorts and not a speed (considering his use of Yfronts)!

Too late Billy ....the woman on the left in orange is Caroline Flint, MP Minister for getting fit - she certainly makes the sparks fly!!!

The all-party swimming team stood transfixed in horror as John Prescott took to the top diving board in just a tight pair of Speedos.

Bernard Jenkin (to self): Must... not... look... down...

Model (to Chris Bryant): Is that a despatch box in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

" ....the woman on the left in orange is Caroline Flint, MP Minister for getting fit - she certainly makes the sparks fly!!!"

She isn't Flint! The brunette woman on the left and the blonde girl on the right are 2 Stringfellow Angels!

British Naturist Association seeks clarification from Bernard Jenkin. Members feel let down.

Carswell?(2nd in from rt back row): I said 'thank god we don't have elections'.(Courtesy The Late Benny Hill)

Chris Bryant: Johnson's on the rise...
David Willetts: Try having a cold shower...
CB: Support is swelling...
DW: You're disgusting...
CB: I was talking about Alan!
DW: So was I!

JENKIN: I feel a surge coming on. Would you like to come back to my office and examine my poll?

When David Willetts was invited to a pool party, this was not what he had in mind...

Chris Bryant:

"I hope I look better in these red trunks than I did in my Y Fronts"

will these cheques realy keep us afloat now that there are no more loans?

Is that two brains or is he just pleased to see me?

Jenkin finds attractive woman at last!

B Jenkin to chap in centre of group:

"is that a wet suit or do you go to the same rug shop as me?"

And the winner is UKDP. Had me in stitches.

Where's Soames?

Don't show this to Margaret. You know how she hates the wets...

Off camera, the stingray lay in wait....

Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of money laundering

Grand Opening of John Prescott's new bath.

One of John Prescott's perk homes opened to the public.

Return of the Wets.

Shall we throw a life-belt to Ming? Or shall we just stand here and laugh?

[check out Blogonymous]

Is it too unkind to remind people of the saying 'Politics is acting for ugly people' - that being the case how about posing is best done by the models!

Willetts in nipple expose

I would vote for the young lady on the right in the red swimsuit!

Is there a computer buff who can explain how to remove red from this picture? It would give a 3 to 1 improvement ;-)

A Newd irection.

The AGM of the Bath Conservative Association was taken rather too literally this year.

Photographer: Can you move a little to the right please?

Bernard Jenkin: We're trying not to do that at the moment

Nice to see Benard's kept his pants on...

"when I said taxes should strip the rich I didn't mean MPs!"

Photographer: What a spectacular pair of tits.
Chris Bryant: Please can we leave the Blair-Brown thing alone for one day?

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