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Well, I do live in Surrey and read the Telegraph (but I read other papers as well) as well as ConHome. Enjoyed Robert Harris's Fatherland and Archangel. Not a fan of port, wines or smoothies. Eat heartily - of course. Don't drive anything as opulent or expensive as the cars listed above. Don't own a bike but do appreciate the aesthetic value of lawns. Do hate taxes but don't hate foreigners (no, not even the French - they just irritate me ;)). Global warming - not too bothered about actually as I could quite easily stomach a Mediterranean climate. That said I'd miss good old fashioned British weather. Choco Oranges - indifferent. Don't wear ties.

Old Etonian tie? I think not.

What's wrong with chocolate oranges, I don't get it ?

Well, Im a life long Tory, age 71, I drive an ancient Citroen Ax, normally rebel against anything remotely crusty or bluerinsed, port etc gives me a headache, OK, I read the daily tel, and daily mail, also CH.com, Harry Potter, Ian Rankin, and watch all the political shows as well as casualty and Holby city, Go to france every year, speak french appallingly badly, so the dishy old neighbour calls me la comique n'est pas? My dearest nurse friend is trinidadian, so I have been over to provide lunch for the mozzies, so what does that make me? Perhaps the jolly old Observer should stop trying to stereotype us. We are far too broad a church.

Agree with last line from Annabel Herriott's comment. Stop trying to stereotype us!

I'm as working class as they come, can't afford port, a car, my own home, or even a holiday abroad.

I read ConservativeHome because it doesn't try to sterotype or patronise its readers and believes in personal freedom.

Im an Old Tory in general as regular readers of this site will know. I do however object to the Observers comment about hating foreigners. I live in a house of Poles and the only problem we have is the language barrier. I read a whole range of different newspapers and publications irrelevant of political viewpoint. I dont get to choose what I eat. Living on meatballs and tinned potatoes isnt glamorous but its the only thing I can afford. I cant afford the lifestyle of a New or Old Tory.

The stereotyping is hardly subtle in this article...Im myself, not a characature. The public dont fit into little boxes. The Observer should know this...

This is fatuous nonsense from the joke-paper that the Observer has become - but for the record, I tick all of the "Old Tory" characteristics. My only "New Tory" trait is the regular reading of a certain website....

OLD TORY: Led & tried to act in the best interests of Britain
NEW TORY: Panders, is insecure, doesn't lead seeks populism and acts in its personal interest.

OLD TORY: had gravitas and won with votes
NEW TORY: is an ass and seeks new supporters discarding activists and 5,000,000 who wish they could vote Tory but won't.

Greg, lets not be too harsh. The Party needs to broaden its policy platform. Thats a given. Environmental concerns are growing and the Conservatives need to adjust to it. The problem is that these issues are overriding other key issues like running the economy and taxation policy, issues that I think are probably more important as they affect everything else. If the economy is poor, then everything else suffers.

James Maskell using his own name, which probably explains his rational attempt at reasoning says:
>"lets not be too harsh"<
But James there is nothing harsher than the 5,000,000 natural Tories who will not vote for Vapid CommieRon.
James continues:
>"Environmental concerns are growing"<
This is not strictly true - the media and politicians do NOT reflect the people they seek to indoctorate them for their advertisers. The mistake politicians make is they believe the MSM who are so out of touch with reality as to be risible each with their own agenda endlessly publishing to support their niche market.
Either get out more or join the 10,000,000 citizens with broadband and regular Blog reading.
The Environmental issues are driven by false science and big business, guided by Green rascals on fat salaries and fueled by usefull idiots!
James you cite:
>"other key issues like running the economy and taxation policy"<
Perhaps you would care to identify one of the major concerns that Westminster controls - You will find that ECA Section 2 Part II shows beyond doubt that Westmoinster is utterly irrelevant and that ALL consequential Law is dictated by the undemocratic and utterly alien EU governance.
Start to tell the public the truth and watch 5,000,000 voters flood back - but that will not happen with Vapid CommieRon who had to lie to get elected as leader.
There are enough lapsed Tories to get the party elected 2 to 1 but not founded on populist pro EU clap trap.
Under the present clique of self seekers manipulated by TriLats, Globalists, Bilderbergers, CfFR, NWO, etc Tories, Like David Steel, Ashdown and sad old Ming - stay at home and prepare for failure!
Greg L-W.

I go through phases of reading newspapers currently reading The Times and The Observer but I do sometimes read The Telegraph.

The Observer = Guardian on Sunday

TomTom, I work in a newsagents...I know.

Greg, we need to attract people from all walks of life. Those with environmental concerns may be many. Whats wrong with seeing what the Conservatives cando to attract them? The Eu arguments I avoid, not because I fear the argument but because I tire of the same statistics shoved in our faces on this site...

Where has the 5 million figure come from?

>>>What's wrong with chocolate oranges, I >>>don't get it ?

Alison, David Cameron made a remark about keeping sweets away from tills so as not to encourage children to eat junk food. I think by chance he picked out a chocolate orange, hence the comment.

It's a witty piece, I reckon.

I've signed up so I must be a Tory. In the past I have always preferred to keep my absolute preference to myself, but in the present political situation in this country I feel much more militant and its MIDDLE Tory definitely not leftish, not stick-in-the-mud rightish! Lawns are OK if not too big, roses are better, and better suited to drought conditions. I don't like chocolate oranges, but I love Cadbury's chocolate! I like a car with enough speed to accelerate past all the caravans, and reach the nearest town approx: 8 miles away in under half an hour - in the summer. I am doing what I can about global warming, but I don't ride a bike, because I fall off, I had mastoids as a child so have increasingly bad balance. Isn't that all just fascinating!!!

"I think by chance he picked out a chocolate orange, hence the comment"

Thanks for the explanation....I thought it was a bit random even for the Observer !
I "drive" an electric wheelchair so God knows what that makes me ?

"I think by chance he picked out a chocolate orange, hence the comment"

What planet has Alison Anne Smith been living on? Cameron is MISTER Chocolate Orange.

I am very happy with my BMW and have no intention of switching to some kind of electric shopping trolley purely to please Cameron and his tree-hugging mates.

The other day an acquaintence proudly showed off his new car. It's a Toyota which can run on electricity.

When he offered to show it off the wretched vehicle woundn't start.

"Thanks for the explanation....I thought it was a bit random even for the Observer !
I "drive" an electric wheelchair so God knows what that makes me ?"

Solar Powered = New Tory.

Says it all really. Old Tories live in Surrey, Gloucestershire and Chelsea. New ones in Battersea , Hertford and Nottinghill

Which rather excludes most of the UK north of Milton Keynes, dunnit.

The good folks of Burton and Blackpool, Tynemouth and Telford will swallow hard, hold their noses and vote for Brown, rather than be ruled by an out-of-touch wealthy minority in the south east.

(I hope)

Burton will go Tory Comstock. I'll have a good bet with you about that.

Trust you Wallenstein to boast about owning a foreign motor.Are you doing what you can for the EU? If you are a 'proper' Tory like me buy a Jag and help keep a British worker in a job!

Burton will go Tory Comstock. I'll have a good bet with you about that


But as I've already got a similar bet with Malcolm (on the election as a whole), I'll have to limit this one to a fiver.


Oh yes Comstock. Count this as an online handshake.

You do realise the solid Tory Needwood ward is going to Lichfield, don't you?

Was that an 'oh sugar' I just heard! :D ;)

It's Ok Comstock, I knew that. I'm still confident we'll take it in spite of that. Had a terrific result in Uttoxeter a few weeks ago.

Burton was solidly Conservative for years.

Its member was Monday Clubber Ivan Lawrence QC, perhaps best remembered as defence counsel to the Krays.

Yep and his replacement MP one of Blair's babes. Totally ineffectual. The only surprise last time was that we didn't take it. Burton is in the new tranche so we should know the candidate who will win me my fiver soon.

"one of Blair's babes"

Sounds like a sexist non-PC comment there Mr Woodman.

You'll get a rap over the knuckles from Comeron's PC police for that one

Burton was solidly Conservative for years.

Wrong, Monday Clubber. Burton constituency was Conservative for years. Burton itself is Labour as a rule. The rural 'tail' has been wagging the dog for too long. Off to Lichfield with the lot of em I say. :D

Its member was Monday Clubber Ivan Lawrence QC, perhaps best remembered as defence counsel to the Krays.

Yes, a good trio together ..... I.L was a nasty piece of goods all round, as I recall from when he spoke to us at school. Still I should kindda thank him for my socialism LOL! Formative experiences and all that ;)

The article is simplistic bullshit. Don't waste out time on such crap.

Burton & Blackpool, Tynemouth and Telford ? Where are they? I've checked my London A-Z, and they are not there. Are they in Scotland? Wales? France?

Hertforshire was reasonably Conservative pre-cameron really. The only seats which we didn't win in 2005 were Watford, Stevenage and Luton (North and South). The later 3 seats are total lost causes due to the high proportion of migrant workers, unskilled workers and unemployed which live there.

Admittedly St Albans (My own constituency) was won only due to a huge swing to the Lib Dems (Who now also have control of our district council). Its places like this which we won in 2005 purely due to the Lib Dems where we need to shore up our vote, and Cameron should be able to do this.

The Chocolate Orange thing was because I believe they were selling them half price with a newspaper in WHSmiths a while back and Cameron wanted to know why they were selling chocolate oranges and not oranges... It was one of his earlier remarks. He was linking it to the obesity issue. Lets not forget, chocolate oranges WILL kill you! It made me laugh for a while until I realised he was being serious...

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