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'Private Eye"
under the title:-
"How I would solve all the World's Problems" by Tory Leader, David Cameron

"People keep asking me what I would do about war in the Middle East.

"Well, I've got one simple answer. We could start by saving water when we brush our teeth.

"The only thing that matters in the world today is that we save the
planet for future generations.

"And it's up to each and every one of us to make a contribution.

"Do you realise, for example, that if everyone in the country turned
off their television sets at night, we would save enough energy to
light a city the size of Birmingham?

"Just think about it.

"And here's another thought if all businesses provided bedrooms for their staff, then no one would need to go home at night.

"Not only would this produce a massive saving in the cars and trains which would no longer be needed to get people to and from work.

"If people weren't at home in the evenings, they wouldn't need to turn on their television sets at all - thus saving enough electricity to light and heat a country the size of Africa!

"So there you are.

"Let's make a start today in building the world of tomorrow!"

©David Cameron 2006,

You say its been a good week for David Cameron, do you have any polling evidence to back this up?

I think Gordo Brown is looking very much time-expired. He has run one department for 10 years almost and interferred in every other - yet all the waste comes from Brown - tax credits, gold reserves, PFI, spending cuts, under-equipped armed forces, benefits fraud, tax increases, pensions disaster, means-testing..............

I just don't see Brown as anything more than a Gollum figure trying to recover the ring but doomed never to get it back

It seems like the Murdoch/Blair/USA axis is outmanoevring the Brown/Prescott/EU camp, as regards the Labour leadership battle.

But public opinion is swinging the other way. Only 15% want strong alignment with the USA now, and 45% want to align closer to the EU's position on terror.

Cameron is running with the hare and the hounds - criticising Israel for being 'disproportionate', and demanding more security measures at home - a win/win as regards public opinion, with little clue as to which of the foreign power bases he will finally opt for. No wonder Murdoch, when asked what he thought of Cameron, said,'not much'.

John Rentoul is a very biased observer.Good to see Christina Speight being reduced to quoting Private Eye when criticising DC.PSI thought you'd changed your name to Tapestry ,Henry.

The performance of the economy over the next year will undo Gordon Brown.

Malcolm - I quoted Private Eye to show the contempt the public have for such a limp-wristed, weak-kneed apology for a leader.

I have

No Christina, the public don't.As any poll will show you the Conservatives are the most popular political party at the moment and Cameron is the most popular leader.This may upset you but that's tough.
Amusing that you have to use Private Eye as some sort of justification ,

Malcolm - I'm glad it amused you as it amused me. ~I thought you'd predictably rise to the bait to defend the darling Boy

David (11:23): "You say its been a good week for David Cameron, do you have any polling evidence to back this up?"

No polling evidence - just my own view. For the reasons I gave the other day I happen to believe that the public wants a Government that will protect them in these dangerous times and Cameron's post-holiday emphasis on border security, homeland security minister and use of intercept evidence (for example) will help the long-term health of the party (although there must be much more of of the same kind of thing). Addressing the aspiration to own a home is also particularly good politics.

Credit where credits due. Cameron has had a good week. This week he has focused on practical issues of concern to most people. Feedback is good,


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