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Nice photo Tim.

Frankly the way those big city drivers seem to behave in London I would feel safer walking myself! Now where is your helmet???

Was thinking the same Jonathan. Also shouldn't there be a lexus behind you carrying your change of clothes?

Ignoring safety. Cycling in the middle of the road. No helmet or illuminous vest to show where you are. Tut tut Tim. You're letting the side down.

I walk everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE). If I cant walk it to the destination, I catch the train then trek the last mile or so... Its safer to walk it. I also think its more exercise.

Ive just been struck by a thought. No tie, no helmet or other safety gear, flashy dress sense...Tim, tell me you havent converted to the Cameroons, please!

No tie, no helmet or other safety gear
People are too obsessed with safety these days and keeping dry - I go out in the rain in T shirt and shorts these days (April to September anyway), reckon it's good for me - some of my Scottish relatives used to take early morning swims in Lochs, it's no wonder there aren't any real men left as everyone is so protecting of themselves these days encouraged by an overfearful state - something that has to be fought against.

The whole transport debate is interesting. Yes its possible to use public tranport in London - but does it really work elsewhere. Like James I try to walk lots of places, however walking or even public transport really isnt workable for a 60 mile round trip to work - and thats what the politicians have to realise. Yes I would rather not have to go on the M1 to work - but whats the alternative. We don't have a Underground rail system up here, and trains cost more than driving and really dont go where you want them to. Cars Im afraid do.

At some point somewhere will build a Maglev underground network.

Really technology has to look to the future and it's good that it isn't all just about new ways of delivering cruddy pop music with better sound quality to people.

Well if poor Guido's experiences are anything to go by, you'll be reporting the theft within a few days (one bike, with bell, paniers...)

As to the vest'n'helmet debate, I see DC has a more cavalier approach than young Master Osborne (who perhaps isn't such a Cameroon as we thought).

If Tim wore a helmet, it would mess up his lovely hair and we girls wouldn't stand for that...

Do you legally need to wear a helmet? Been a decade since a rode a bike (my bmx got nicked)

Cycling in from Doughty Street eh Tim? Boris rides again.

Who are you taking your room from? The Speccie? Or Geoffrey Robinson QC's radical human rights set of chambers?

Don't forget to pedal over to 1 Warwick Row to take that photo of you handing £100 over to Matthew Elliot

For those worried about Mr Montgomerie's excellent sartorial elegfance, may I remind you that I did advise Mr M to tuck his shoirt in before he got his leg over.

lucy74: "If Tim wore a helmet, it would mess up his lovely hair and we girls wouldn't stand for that..."

I will rule out any possibility of sacasm in your remark and promote you to being my favourite visitor to this site!

Soon Chad, soon...

"Soon Chad, soon..."


It will at least be small consolation for you giving my crown of favourite visitor to Lucy for what was blatant sucking-up. ;-)

Can't see you winning that accolade Chad!!

'i did advise Mr M to tuck his shirt in before he got his leg over.'

Double entendre anyone?

I thought he was talking about Edwina and Mr Major David.

Have you been drinking Mr Dale? Personally I'v never thought about tucking in my shirt when contemplating getting my leg over but I guess we're all different! Well done Tim,I hope you turn out to be a more considerate cyclist than Boris who used to be a maniac on his bike.

Ha ha , Edwina and John Major - nice one!

Well as long as he didnt lift his shirt...

Now, now, Malvolio. Less of that kind of talk or you'll be hauled up before the thought police.

I have thought of cycling to work but it'd be such an effort dragging the bike upstairs just to save time on that long 10 foot trek to the office from my bedroom....

Good stuff, fitter than I.

Interesting observation is that your motivation to ride is not green per se but rather because it is the 'fastest and cheapest' method. Green is a side benefit you could say...whatever works is fine with me and if it takes green to be faster and cheaper to catch the mainstreams imagination then so be it.



I'm glad my chosen method of transport is green, City Hippy, but you're right... I wouldn't be biking if it wasn't cheaper and/ or faster than the alternatives...

(PS I'll buy a helmet tmrw)

Glad you've come to the dark side, Tim!

But, you need to take a leaf out of Ollie L's book & get one of these....


Seriously, though, I started cycling to work last year, and haven't looked back.

On a brief contract assignment near Liverpool St last year when 7/7 attacks happened. Walking back to Waterloo a quite surreal communal experience, but gazing wistfully at people on bicycles. In a way I'd kind of lost my bottle after nearly 15 years of living & commuting in London after that, but also realised I wouldn't for a while be able to rely on the tube to get me from A to B in X minutes (don't laugh - as long as you weren't on the Northern Line you could mostly rely on it). Security alerts, etc, were going to be disruptive for a while to come.

So I got a Brompton (SouthWestTrains policy is not to allow non-folders on pretty much any useful commuter train now).

Best thing I've done in a long time. And it's faster than the tube was.

Tim should wear a helmet? Absolutely. But c'mon folks - this is a photo op!

Being in middle of road is bad? Absolutely not! If you need to be, then go there. Just don't dawdle - but in most cases you can go faster than or at an equal speed to the other traffic. If you reckon that all cyclists should be flush on the edge of the road then you've never cycled in a city - discarded drinks cans/bottles, potholes, rainwater drains, (esp) pedestrians all present serious hazards.

Cycling in London aint as bad or dangerous as it's made out to be. Keep visible, keep your wits about you, observe everything, anticipate what pedestrians & drivers are going to do, and you'll most likely be fine. I'd now rather cycle in London than on the country lanes where I grew up.

Good on you, Tim.

In all the helmet/hairstyle, jacket/shirt/legover, paniers/Lexus debates everyone has missed the essential point: the Editor doesn't actually appear to be looking where he's going.

Whatever happened to keeping death off the roads?

Good stuff Tim, I hope you managed to get the VAT back on the buy-a-bike scheme?

Now theres a good way to reduce taxes, just wish it was better advertised by employers. Wonder what other tax cuts to help the environment we could make?

Cycling towards the middle of the road is preferable to the pavement, which is where people seem to prefer to cycle (on the right hand side!) in my part of Oxford.

Many's the time they've whizzed past me and missed me by an inch. Many's the time I would have been entitled to take their pump and ^*"&% *&£^!

Just wanted to agree with Jonathon Sheppard 19:21.
Cycling would be great if it even approached being practical, but out here in the sticks it is a non-starter.

Good on you Tim!

I think you are great for doing it though and for being honest and lets face it, if it ain't cheap and fast a lot of people will not do it. All other things being equal.

You might be interested in a new series of posts I am doing on The Ecologist Blog which will look at my attempt to green my own life in a simple way that others, yourself included, would be inclined to follow.

Either way



"I will rule out any possibility of sacasm in your remark and promote you to being my favourite visitor to this site!"

Of course no sarcasm intended and many thanks for the promotion! Do I get any special benefits for holding this title - chauffeur, nice badge, sash etc?!

"It will at least be small consolation for you giving my crown of favourite visitor to Lucy for what was blatant sucking-up. ;-)"

Now, now Chad. Don't be a sore loser! I am sure you have very nice hair too!

Do you legally need to wear a helmet?
No, there are no requirements to wear and protective clothing or helmet, front and back lights are required to be fitted and in order if the bike is going to be used when it is dark, cyclists also are subject to the same rules regarding drinking and are supposed to signal when turning but when was the last time anyone saw a cyclist signalling or paying any attention to rules of the road generally?

On the subject of mass public transport, I found an article that's very interesting here: http://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/PSEUDOSC/MassTransit.HTM (link source: reddit)

No need to ride a bike - plant a tree.

Trees contain 250-300 gigatons of carbon, the atmosphere 800-830 gigatons and the annual emissions of fossil carbon are about 7 gigatons.

Changing De-forestation of 0.5% p.a. to Re-forestation of 0.5% p.a. would make a huge impact on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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