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Caroline Flint finds her first target to improve as fitness guru, narrowly ahead of David Cameron.

Clearly Tony Blair is pegging along in the polls.

On a serious note, its so ugly. Hes supposed to be leader of the fourth strongest economy of the World and hes caught topless with man boobs...eerrgghhh!

I wonder, does he wax too? I do notice a lack of fur!

I'd go simply with: "Urrrgh, I'm eating my tea, yuck".

Aaaaargh! It's disappeared!

(I wondered what that shark was eating)


Caribbean Police Inspector: "I'm sorry Mr Blair. We will require urine, stool and semen samples"

Blair: "No problem. Here are my underpants."

"Are you sure you've done this before, George?"

"Blair has growth spurt and is now 4ft taller than the average washing line"

TB: Anything else to be hung out to dry today, darling?

CB: Just you, I think...


Why stoop to the gutter with this sort of thing?

Why stoop to the gutter with this sort of thing?

Come off it. You must have got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.

(Thinks) "These boobs should qualify me for page 3 tomorrow"

REVEALED : Tony takes cross dressing to the next stage. Will Cameron respond?

No, this is cheap. Would you smile if it was a half-naked picture of Baroness Thatcher?

I wouldn't smile, I'd be sick. She'd look like a melted candle.

This man boobs more than most

Sorry Tortoise. Just a little bit of fun and worth it for G-MaN's 18:41 caption and Jonathan's 19:59 caption. My two favourites so far...

Back to "serious" tmrw.

"Domestic chores - beats running the country"

or even

"We're all going on a Summer Holiday" ;)

Not only John Prescott who airs his dirty washing in public.

Nope...Bush hasn't cut it off,


The man boobs have been ridiculed already, but has anyone else noticed how folicly challenged Bliar has become?

Careful Jon, our own leader has a lot of potential to become folicly challenged. He might get manboobs as well if he's forced to give up his bike as Prime Minister.

"Cherie which one is my Bra?"

Andrew, Camerons going quickly down that route...thats both folicly and with the man boobs. With man boobs, he's half way there looking at his most recent picture. The only person coming out of that set of snaps with any dignity is Mrs Cameron...she looked pretty good, especially given she had given birth a handful of months ago. As for the Whale, just ask Less Than Hairy Blairy...

Grumble,grumble,grumble. Why can't Cliff lend us the washing machine? He's lent us everything else!!

The only person coming out of that set of snaps with any dignity is Mrs Cameron...she looked pretty good

Yeah right.

Nice tattoo too.

How about a spot of his/her body-piercing?

I'd go with "damn wind's blowing my hairpiece up!"

BTW, is it just me, or does he look a bit Gene-Hackman-ish?

I think it's just you, Julian!

How about;

"If only it was as easy to launder those damn loans eh Cherie?"


"Just getting in some practise for hanging Lord Levy out to dry dear"

No No Julian! Not Gene Hackman. Its Jack Nickolson after he finished filming "The Shining"

Tortoise is probably too slow to think up any captions, but then so am I, but I am quite happy to read others and have a nice chuckle at this time of night- before sleep!

Where's my Caplin ?

Blair illustrates new economic policy by taking in washing.

Right! That's Cherie's pants. Now where's that bra?

Do my tits look big in this.

It all goes tits-up for Labour yet again

Gordon wishes Tony wouldn't air their dirty laundry in public

The judges announce a surprise victor in the Miss Sedgefield 2006 contest

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