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Homer Simpson. George Bush Snr preferred the Waltons but this is a man who goes to church, sticks with his kids and works at a nuclear power station. Ok, ok... I can see lots of flaws with Homer but I guess this isn't meant to be a serious thread!

There's Desperate Dan - he knows what he thinks and what he wants and he's an individualist.

Popeye is the little man who wins against the odds.

Surely Bagpuss must be the ultimate One Nation Tory of the Macmillan tendency, he manages to avoid doing anything; Professor whatsisname from it who when Emily wasn't there turned into the Bookend is rather more reminiscent of Keith Joseph - always pointing things out.

Morph was always someone who liked to be left alone without interference from outside - true he was made of plastercine but then again Wallace and Gromit are puppets not cartoon characters.

Then of course there is the Thunderbirds Team - they protect the world without expecting anything from the State and are entirely self reliant.

Batman of course sorts out the bad guys when the system breaks down, is a self made multi-millionare and philanthropist.

Wily Coyote is vaguely reminiscent of Peter Mandelson.

I think Mickey Mouse would vote Labour, as they follow his policies.

And Walter Mitty would be Lib Dem of course

Scrooge McDuck from Ducktails would definitely vote Tory. Anybody who keeps taxes lowest!

I reckon on the bad side of things Cyril Sneer would be a Tory, as an industrialist with questionable morals!

But then I also think that Babar the Elephant would also be a Tory. HIs desire for fair play, equality and old fashioned values make him a definite Blue in my eyes!

Professor Yaffle is the Bagpuss bird you are thinking of - but maybe the Mad Hatter is a better comparison for Sir Keith!

Mr Benn, of course.

Yaffle was a raving Marxist who believed that mice couldn't add value through making chocolate biscuits with their magical machine. Since the mere thought of Bagpuss makes me cry like a baby I'll stop there.

Why Mr Benn, Graeme?

My favourite, Droopy, wouldn't vote for anyone.

Mr Benn is a Lib Dem - dressing up in odd clothes and living in a dream world.

The Bagpuss music was manically depressing. And Emily's shop supposedly didn't sell anything. Tax dodging anyone?

@ Editor: I was proposing Mr Benn before the anti-change faction decided to make a laboured joke about changing appearance etc etc. But he did live in the very suburban Acacia Avenue (I think?) and wore a pin stripe to work - more of my urban prejudice of course!!

Bagpuss oh Bagpuss. Bagpuss is the epitome of Conservatism. Emily ran a shop - one in a long line of the nation's shops. No-one wanted the old tat that she sold - in fact she never sold anything - what more sterling metaphor for the 70s could you have? When Bagpuss went to sleep, all his friends went to sleep - the mice were just ornaments on the mouse-organ, for example - exactly along the lines of the commune I still faintly dream of achieving one day in Hackney. I used to suggest to friends in the 80s that we should move into one house and sleep in a big circular bed, feet pointing to the centre, so that when we woke in the morning we could all begin computing, efficiently, on bedside tables, until tiredness sent us all simultaneously back to sleepful oblivion. I am sure this idea was planted in my head by Bagpuss, whose state of fragile dependency - a noble exterior yet a tangible yearning to be held and loved - had too large an impact on me. And I'm a Tory. Hence Bagpuss must have voted Conservative!

Actually we did consider running a cat in the last council election. But that's another story.

Lord Snooty must be a Tory lord!

Graeme - Mr Benn lived on Festive Road. Given my memories of the 1980s I can't see him being a Tory with a street name like that.

Snoopy sort of varied between Marxist, Anarchist, Syndicalist, One Nation Tory, Liberal, Neo-Nazi, Nationalist, Fabian, Conservative Republican and just about any political and philosophical ideology you could think of. Woodstock was a bit like John Major - I reckon he would vote Conservative like clockwork unless Snoopy somehow forced him to do something different.

Charlie Brown was a Liberal Democrat, Lucy on the other hand was more like Ann Widdecombe.

I am worried that this thread is going to give the numb-brains in Labour PR something to work on! Have been giggling about Lord Snooty (too many Tory functions resemble something out of the Beano anyway, don't they?) - but think perhaps Private Eye beat us to it.

Am now fascinated by Whatever Happened To Mr Benn. He lived in suburban Festive Rd (thanks Keith) and wore a pin stripe ... pin stripe ... pin stripe ... Festive Rd - must be south of the river, perhaps behind Festival Hall on the South Bank ... not only did Mr Benn vote Conservative, I believe there is strong evidence to suspect that he holds a leadership role in the Cornerstone Group. No?

Madeliene and Gabriel were just rag dolls. So. Clearly Labour? (Rag-doll trousered philanthropists?). That's probably enough.

PS I meant "that's probably enough" from ME!

Mr Toad from Wind in the Willows is a CamCon surely!

He is green, but skin deep only, mixes with the riff raff but lives in a very stately home in the country.

But hmmm, but for all his Tory qualities, his favourite colour is red. Maybe he is a champagne socialist after all. It's getting hard to tell the difference. ;-)

Wind in the Willows was set in pre-Great War England and is actually an allegory as to why socialism won't work (the weasels take over Toad Hall when it doesn't belong to them and have to be evicted). Badger is clearly a Tory (doesn't like society, but you notice he's the one they turn to in order to sort out the mess); Ratty and Mole are the sort of floating voters that represent DC's target market; and Mr Toad would have done well out of the war and received a peerage from Lloyd George.

The Mr Benn controversy is more serious. I think Festive Road is meant to be in Putney. He's clearly a Liberal - you notice he never buys anything from the fancy dress shop, does he? typical freeloader expecting the enterprise society to support his fantasy existence; and he doesn't seem to be under any pressure to turn up at the office so I expect he's a civil servant (probably at the DTI). "As if by magic, the Shopkeeper appeared" - yes, once again, it's the Tories riding to the rescue.

As for Winnie the Pooh, I should have thought it patently obvious that he was a Chamberlainite appeaser. Eeyore is the only one of that crew worth bothering with. And as for Tigger - who else could he be but Tony Blair?

"As for Winnie the Pooh, I should have thought it patently obvious that he was a Chamberlainite appeaser."

Aah, so that's who negotiated that 2009 EPP *cough* declaration!

What about Ludwig? Now he was a weird one.

Mr Incredible and family!

Sid the Sexist??

Disney's cartoons ......Cindarella was certainly a Labour supporter turned Libdem after the gentrification of her area.

Alice in Wonderland was among the female voters who fell for New Labour in mid 90's..... until she met the Queen of Hearts (Peter Mandelson).
White Rabbit was a Tory and the Cheshire Cat a Libdem (appear, disappear, changing its colour).

The fairies in Sleeping Beauty were Green voters from Brighton.

Homer Simpson DOH!! is a dim leb surely.

Its easier to find Cartoons from the other side I reckon.

Wile E. Coyote is Gordon Brown. Spending his life plotting ways of preying on the unfortunates who share his realm.

Jessica Rabbit

Top Cat and The Flintstones must surely be true blue!!!

Ian Duncan Smith

Who would Ming the Merciless and Flash Gordon vote for?

Prince Baron would vote Conservative I think, King Vultan probably UKIP.

I have given a lot of thought to the political leanings of the Wacky Races characters.
Heare is the list:
Peter Perfect -suave, debonair an obvious Tory
Ant Hill Mob.These guys would prefer a party with an inept approach to crime-Labour.
Slight Brothers-not politically correct,rather neanderthal -Tory but a complete embarrasment to the party.
Professor Pat Pending-unsuccessful inventor,relies on government grants -Lib Dem?
Arkansas Chug-a-bug.Interested in Rural issues,pro hunting-Tory.
Army Surplus Special.Wants a strong defence,in favour of war against anyone-Tory but have a sneaking regard for Blair.
Penelope Pitstop.Does what Peter Perfect tells her.Tory.
Gruesome twosome in the crazy coupe.I suspect these two probably don't vote.At least I hope not!
Dastardly and Muttly.Prepared to do anything say anything to win.Obvious Lib Dems.
I hope you all agree with me.

Nice one Malcolm! Peter Perfect is definately a Tory - something of the Steve Norris about him. (Smooth talking Ladies Man)

Dick Dastardly though as a Lib Dem? Surely more NuLab - will cheat, corrupt, steal, simply do anything to win. And he has a helpless lapdog who takes the blame, and is given stupid 'medals'. -Surely Blair and Prescott in micro.

"The Flintstones must surely be true blue!!!"

I think The Flintstones are classic floating voters...you need them to win back a GE.

Jon White:Peter Perfect is definately a Tory - something of the Steve Norris about him. (Smooth talking Ladies Man)

Hardly. Isn't the whole point about smooth-talking Peter Perfect that he didn't get the girl? I don't recall Penelope Pitstop being the helpless goody-twoshoes Malcolm describes - although I'd agree that The Hooded Claw is natural Lib Dem.

As an aside, someone who once saw my brother and I together described us as Dastardly & Muttley, tho' I forget which was which...

Surely the Lib Dems are best supported by Dr Doolittles pet 'Push-me-pull-you', an ass who faced in two directions at the same time. Insert joke about Lib Dem of choice here.

Mr Magoo would probably intend to vote Conservative but vote for the Liberal Democrats by accident instead.

I would vote any of them!

Thomas the Tank Engine!!!

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