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That a G4 powerbook you've got there or one of the nice new intel macbook pros?

Pre-Intel, Chris.

If you lose that bag we're all sunk.

Looks much more efficient than Tory Radio - which you point out to me every time we meet.

Mind you it is a great excuse for me to have to get more and more gadgets!

M&S mints - clearly a discerning blogger.

Hope there are no muggers reading!!

A wooden rule for rapping those of us who occasionally overstep the mark in our comments, eh? You've let the secret out of the bag now, Tim. ;-)

M & S mints? Tim, are you a sucker for a bit of re-branding!?

Wiltshire is certainly a fine part of the world

andrew, maybe it's an elaborate sting

I'll come and join you: I live just down the A36 from you.

Not when it rains though... right?

You must be as brown as a berry by now!

thats why this website is so good, its done on a mac, how much do you want to bet that LabourHome is done using windows. I went on it and couldnt even figure out how to leave a comment!

Being at Salisbury Cathedral got me to wishing that OLD St. Paul's was still around. As impressive as Wren's church is, the largest gothic cathedral in the world dwarfed Salisbury, and would've surely been quite a sight.

Maybe one day they'll finish St. John the Divine in New York. I mean, it's only been, what, a little over a hundred years or so?

Daily Mail? oh dear

I can read nearly all of the other papers online, Rob!

I can't believe that Tim reads the Daily Mail. We're all doomed! Actually you should copy their approach to spice up the frontpage, eg:

"Duncan speaks out on Gordon Brown: should your child be exposed to the killer vaccine?"

"Cameron invited to some party by a friend - house prices plummet as gypsies celebrate on YOUR council tax"

"Diana - the real story - she was apparently married for a time to PRINCE CHARLES. When will Cameron SPEAK OUT?"

Oops - sorry - that's more like the Telegraph since Heffer arrived.

PS you're a lucky bloke Tim it looks beautiful there.

PPS They have starbucks in Wiltshire? Harrumph.

Do you remember the policeman in his sentry box who used to stand guard outside Edward Heath's Cathedaral Close house in the 70's, has that been listed?

One good picture deserves another, Tim!

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