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Thanks, Valerie. It is nice to have something of a debate that elicits more information for everytone to feed on.

I'm not an expert, so I hope I've got it straight...

One area in which regulations passed by the council & implemented by the commission cause significant stress to those affected by them is obviously the CAP, though. The European Parliament has too little power in agriculture, although the constitution would have given it more.

We (the UK) should be being far tougher on CAP reform/abolition.

A local manufacturer near my home was being put out of business by ridiculous application of EU regulations. Under British rules and EU rules technically he was not in breach, but the agency responsible for deciding useworthiness of his products refused to licence him, and he was pushed out of his markets.

He visited the EU regulator with a famous British politician to ask the regulator to abide by the rules (not the other way round!). The regulator agreed to license his products if and only if there was no further negative publicity in the British Press.

The result is that he is now operating undr licence but that this has not been reported. I'm afraid that my experience and most peoples' is that things are far worse than you think, Valerie.

The law is applied to suit the whim of the regulators and that often means putting others out of business to benefit their own.

Other European countries have a different tradition about fair play, dissemination of power, the acceptability of corruption than we do. They insist that the corruption is not mentioned, that their unjust decisions are not reported, and that Conservative MEP's are to keep silent about corruption etc in the Europarliament.

And if one does speak out , like all EU whistleblowers, he is to be thrown out. Hello Roger Helmer. Valerie presumably thinks this is all just fine, and it's only a question of time before we don't mind losing all our jobs and resources to a corrupt system of favours to your friends.
Maybe Valerie get's a little cheque for writing pro-EU propaganda on CH, and encouraging us all to be good little EU citizens.

That is indeed a ridiculous case, couldn't agree more - do you expect me to condone it?

I also think whistleblowing within the EU is highly necessary - as within any other organisation.

I take great offence to your insinuation that I'm some sort of propagandist, and would be glad of an apology. I'm a freelance Czech-to-English translator who doesn't even do any work for the EU.

I might need one of those. I have a business in Slovakia!

Apologies for my insinuation. Mind you. There must be paid activists in action somewhere in the blogosphere.

Thank you - much appreciated.
Actually I have to say that one of the things I really don't like about the commission is its happy-smiley PR efforts, which is why I was a bit sensitive to the accusation!

I hope your business is doing well and you're not too freaked out by the Slovak election results... hopefully at least the flat tax will stay...

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