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Bearing in mind that the Economist has degenerated into a Blairite rag, I'm not sure that Bagehot's musings merit much serious consideration.

Bagehot has been consistantly sympathetic line to Labour and hostile to the Tory's for as long as I can remember. However, he is one journalist and there are many others who take more objective views and still make the magazine worth reading.

I stopped reading The Economist during its support of Britain's joining the ERM.

...every day and in every way the Tories are becoming kinder, gentler and more at ease with modern Britain...

This sounds more like a description of a party and leadership that is falling asleep, rather than challenging for power.

As long as Murdoch says he doesn't think much of Cameron (FT Saturday last week), there's still hope that Cameron's not an EU sell-out.

If he's avoiding C4 and Newsnight, that shows intelligence. He's also avoiding meetings with Merkel and Sarkozy.

If Cameron's confusing the media as much as he's confusing his own supporters, at least he will get some positive press.

>>>If Cameron's confusing the media as much as he's confusing his own supporters, at least he will get some positive press.<<<

What a lovely quote!

Ah, so that's the secret of Cameronism - it's really Couéism ...


Émile Coué

French pharmacist who in 1920 at his clinic at Nancy introduced a method of psychotherapy characterized by frequent repetition of the formula,

“Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better.”

This method of autosuggestion came to be called Couéism.

The Bagehot column.................isn't that dear old Emma Duncan............I should have thought Cameron suited her just fine...........

Blair is a confident Commons performer, acomplished interviewee and, diciplined strategist.
We've done all that. Where is the principled leader? An English leader, not a paid up member of the Scotch Raj.

The most famous patient encouraged to chant the Coue mantra

"Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better.”

was none other than Insp Drefus in the Pink Panther sequel, trying to escape from the loony bin.

And even Clouseau got the better of him.

I do believe that Dave and Francis mutter "faster, deeper, wider" as they go to sleep at night. Change for change's sake is the stuff of those pseuds who charged millions to slope the letters BP and create a "new" image for the company. All a load of guff.

Bagehot is written by Matthew Symonds.

He's a competent interviewee, but in the Paxman interview, Paxman asked completely the wrong questions. I do think Cameron can be ruffled, and all it takes is a couple of unpredictable questions. You saw this in one of the Sky interviews, where Cameron actually got challenged from "the right" (very unusual). The result was that Cameron got totally miffed, asked why he was being asked these questions, and acted rather truculent.

"Bagehot is written by Matthew Symonds"

I could have sworn it was written by Tony Blair.

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