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What are the odds on "Tony"?

Damien of course.

I s'pose Prudence is too obvious.

Milton Brown? or does that sound too much like a pork pie?


'George Osborne: Gordon Brown swapped prudence for promiscuity' - so how many more offspring can we expect ?

What about George - not in honour of the Shadow Chancellor, but the tired and emotional namesake who was better than a sober Harold Wilson.


Sorry, couldn't resist it.

If he wants to name it after himself, then perhaps Charlie.

Anyone for Dave?

Brett Gascoigne Brown - Gordon would really want to celebrate both his Britishness and Gazza's goal against Scotland.

How about a nice traditional Scottish name like Cameron? Cameron Brown has a nice ring to it. Don't you think?

Wouldn't that remind him of Tony though MH? (bit naughty there)

Or how about Alistair Campbell Brown, thats very traditionally scottish.

Peter Michael, then at least one of them will make a good PM


Molton! At least he will smell nice.....

I think Gordon Andrew, the first to continue the 'name', the second to emphasise his true 'home'!



Dr Crippen has an interesting slant on this .... http://nhsblogdoc.blogspot.com/

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