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Shutting down Robathon's question was a disgrace. Parliament is paramount and can talk about what it likes when it likes.

Michael martin should be ashamed of himself for once more reducing the role of Parliament - he is a disgrace to democrats.

Nobody has ever imposed their will on the Afghan tribes. They will (for obvious reasons) follow the money and, post-Taliban, the money is back in poppies. Our current attempts to support a “democratic” government are a total waste of lives, resources and political capital with absolutely no prospect of success. In three years or thirty years we will have achieved nothing.

A more sensible approach would be to buy the Afghan drugs harvest through legitimate channels.

I thought Sir Ming's questions and performance were a considerable improvement (not difficult I accept)and probably his best to date.

The "Nat West Three" is a most disgraceful situation and I congratulate the Lib Dem Leader for raising it again.

Don't you think Labour whips primed the Speaker for any questions about Prescott? He seems uncharacteriscally quick of the mark.

If Mohammad Sarwar needs action from the front bench to turn him into "a second class MP", it is because he is currently third class.

Oh, and lucky still to be drawing a public salary after all his previous "difficulties"

I think the Speaker was right on this occasion. The Tories may want another pound of flesh but there is an investigation going on at the moment. The Speaker had a point.

Mark at 13.46. I suggested buying the poppies the other day, and was howled down by the political anoraks!!! It makes perfect sense to buy up the crops for Glaxo or who ever, use military force to keep the criminals out of the picture, control the amounts grown, make sure the farmers get a decent livlihood, and they are more likely to cooperate. The benefit will be felt by hospitals and hospices the world over, not to mention stabilizing the heroin addicts by medicalizing their condition, thus cutting the life blood of the pushers.
Now wait for ther anoraks to start howling about market forces again!

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