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Sadly, this means more time for his new Car Crash TV productions. Joy.

Shame. Would have done us a favour if he had stood.

Can't say I am suprised - but hurray all the same!

I imagine that the Liberal Democrats will lose Winchester anyway, they have passed their high mark, their actual national vote in 2005 in terms of total numbers was still slightly below that of 1992, even assuming that maybe there was some effect on the Liberal Democrat vote of apathy at best it still leaves them way behind the Alliance results in the 1980's in terms of votes, with a recovery of turnout among Labour and Conservative vote they will lose a lot of the more unlikely seats they have taken and largely only hold onto seats through tactical voting.

perfect? I think in the circs he could just have wished them well?

I can't help but think that MP's and all those wishing and waiting in line to grab themselves the same career path should always pause and be mindful to the quoted line, 'All political careers ends in failure' and indeed there has been a long line of them right across of political spectrum!, so then for Mark he can at least have comfort in knowing that he wasn't the first nor either be the last, as it's next customers Del boy Tony and cowboy John are fast approaching the front of the line to be served there equal fate.

more time for the rentboi then......

Anyone suprized in the least? His career in politics is long over.

Chris Ryder said:
""....so then for Mark he can at least have comfort in knowing that he wasn't the first nor either be the last.""
True, but Mark (it seems we first-name the opposition on this Blog) - to hell with it, Oaten, must be the first and last (hopefully) to go for indulging in the particular disgusting extra-curricular activity to which his baldness brought him.

Ahem .. steady , thats a young gentleman of negotiable affection to you please ...
Well, sorry to see Mark go. I rather thought he was ok , for a LibDem.

I am sure he is no doubt delighted that he will now be free to pursue his 'interests'.

He didn't mention the big boundary changes....

The priority list's Conor Burns could look into taking Winchester, he's fought Eastleigh a couple of times and has been local for over a decade...

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