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Not long I hope.But remember TB is a master manipulater and he's been able to talk his way out of extremely embarrasing spots before,45 minute claim,Ecclestone,Mittal,David Kelly etc etc.Will this be any different? I doubt it.

I'm racing to text whenwillblairgo with a bet on next Friday.

Spot on, Malcolm. Reports of Blair's imminent demise are highly premature and I very much doubt that Levy will be charged. It's just a gesture. Cue massive spin and bluster operation, no doubt with Blair appearing on Richard and Judy's sofa (or equivalent) with his lip quivering to tell us all that he's a pretty straight kinda guy...and that anyway (which is probably true) the Tories aren't exactly whiter than white.

Should all peerages through Blair's tenure be investigated now?

Nice to see the police finally getting some balls on the issue. The entire honours system has been openly corrupt for as long as anyone can remember, with nobody batting an eyelid.

For once, I agree with you Malcolm! :-)

Lord Levy, Prominent Jewish Businessman, fixer and go-between kidnapped ...by the Met.

Lord Levy, 61, schoolfriend of Efraim Halevy ex head of Mossad, (Jewish Rotary Club) tennis partner of the Prime Minister, Middle East envoy of the UK Government to promote and protect the interests of Israel, has been kidnapped arrested and is being held at a North .....


Murdoch will come running to Blair's assistance as he did over Hutton, then receive his usual pay-offs for services rendered....it can't be Test Cricket. That tasty little morsel's been delivered already. Perhaps rugby will be the next Murdoch coup. There aren't many sports left in Blair's larder.

The BBC will report whatever they are told to.

Blair's as untouchable as Prescott. Levy's arrest might be an attempt to provide cover for Blair. As long as someone swings, Blair can claim innocence, and get away with it.

If Brussels is happy with Blair and Prescott, they're safe as houses, even if they robbed the Bank of England.

Saying Blair will spin it is one thing when its just him lying (once again to the public) I don't even think Blair could spin his way out of him arrested after he becomes indicted. Does anyone have a date for the last time a Prime Minister was arrested?

Amusing ads in the press today from the Labour party.I confess I've never heard of most of these supporters.Suprised to see that none of the high profile donors like Lords Drayson or Ali signed it.Why?(sic).
Many of the high profile Labour luvvies of the 1990's also not on the list,where's Richard Wilson,Mick Hucknell etc?

If this probe goes on the way its going Scotland Yard will become the voters champion for exposing this bent regime of government we've got!, so let's all sit back and let's watch Bliar try and spin his way out of this corruption nugget!

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