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It all depends on how people interpreted what Cameron was saying. If they interpreted it as Cameron trying to make excuses for their behaviour then they will obviously disagree.

Understanding is not the same as making excuses!

Yeah. But is DC going to come up with policies that upset the single parent lobby? I don't think so. Roll on social breakdown.

Good Lord, has someone slipped the Old Chingford Skinhead an E ??

Jack - the low types who pass these portals, eh?

I presume it means Lord Tebbit has actually read what Cameron said not what people think he said.

Jack W - no funnier here than on PB.com, raise your game!

"Good Lord, has someone slipped the Old Chingford Skinhead ??" Jack W @ July 13, 2006 at 18:02
I love the photo of Lord Tebbit smiling under the headline "hug a hoodie", you could not make it up.

'Hug a Socialist'?

These poor misunderstood creatures have suffered social breakdown and have lost all their moral values.

Go on be kind and hug a socialist - If you can find one these days?

The Polecat is right - Dave's argument holds water (but how it differs from "tough on crime, tough on the causes etc etc" I do not know), but as so often his coterie of ad execs and spotty youths misjudge the whole business by allowing it to carry the utterly ridiculous "Hug a Hoodie" title.

A Hague baseball cap moment, if you like, but worn back to front....

kingbongo @ 20:53.

It's not my role to provide humourous interludes for your good self. I suggest you try Conservatives Friends of John Prescott for that.

Where is his Royal Highness, Jack? Stitching the patches back on to his corduroy jacket I wouldn't doubt!

What I liked in DCs speech was the reference to failed Partnerships by this Govt.

I cannot recall the exact words but he said that often the so called partnerships [ with NGOs ] led to takeovers by the government side.

I fully agree from my own experience

This isn't support for Cam, the key quote is "It's a question of what we do about it". That's code for saying Cam's spineless, I am afraid. Lord Tebbit is mentioning the unmentionable: break-up of families and lack of discipline in schools. DC is not going to do anything about either issue. Too uncool. Lord Tebbit knows that perfectly well.


You & Lord Tebbit are right. DC had a serious point to make about hoodies - and he now needs to develop it. We are, BTW, now stuck with the "hug a hoodie" label & need to find ways of making it work for us.

DC's speech was about the need to restore love to unloved and loveless lives. The question is, how to do that? He focussed on some of the tremendous work done by voluntary organisations. But they step in to pick up the pieces after there has already been failure. What do we need to do to prevent failure in the first place?

As you say, schools have a role to play in this. I have been privileged enough to visit Greig City Academy in Haringey 3 times in the last few months. The first time I went with an experienced Head teacher who had known the school during its downward spiral before it became an Academy, and who told me it was the only school he had ever felt physically frightened it. That is no longer the case. it is an inspirational place. Judged by value-added standards, it is amongst the top 5% of schools in the country. 2 of its teams are national basketball champions. The pupils there are motivated and happy. That has come about because of the values of respect and discipline that have been delivered by new and re-motivated staff and driven by its Christian ethos. It is a great example of how focus on first principles can transform radically.

But families are the key to it. And DC knows this too. He has repeatedly emphaised the importance of marriage. And it is to be hoped that his choice of the Centre for Social Justice to run his social justice policy group is recognition of that. The evidence about marriage is now so overwhelming that we can challenge the right of any politiican to take social justice seriously unless they take marriage and family policy seriously too. If DC wants to deliver more "big love" he needs to recognise that hoodies need home hugs.


I don't know where you get this stuff about Cameron & his views on marriage. It is clear that DC & IDS share a common ground on those issues, it is clear that DC believes strongly in family as the basis of a secure society. The bits he gets torn apart on (chocolate oranges etc) are about companies taking rersponsibility as well as individuals.

There are things I have my doubts on about DC but not his views on marriage, on the importance of both parents to a childs upbringing, on the involvement and leadership from voluntary organisations.

Hug a hodie shows just how good Labour dirty tricks still are but the substance of both his speeches that day came down to care for the weak, protection for the children of the poor and punishment for the evildoers - basic conservative principles.

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