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be based on property-owning democracy
transfer welfare and education to Mutual Societies
reinforce the common law
reward success

...abolish Simon Heffer.

Put mortgage rates up to 15%, introduce a poll tax and say it's all a price worth paying.

Perhaps at the MPs get together they could ask for twenty word suggestions? Careful it doesn't just become a vision statement though.
A bit more beef around Built to Last perhaps?

Continue and enhance Tony Blair's commitment to end child poverty by 2020.

The next Conservative Government... will cut income tax by 1p in the pound each year for the next five years by declaring war on public sector waste.

[This Tory commitment could be announced in one year after devoting this year cataloguing government waste (Taxpayers Alliance style). Every time Gordon Brown tried to attack us for cutting public services we would attach him as Mr Waste].

...need to sort out the Blair legacy of incompetence and frittering away of the golden inheritance left by John Major.

(20 words)

The next Tory government will... deliver lower taxes, cleaner hospitals, more police, controlled immigration and discipline in schools.

.... not be elected before 2015

will institute no new legislation for 2 years, guaranteeing to spend that time in cancelling 90% of Labour's interfering garbage (20 words)

institute border controls
commission free health care for all
make schools self-governing
protect savings and pensions
hold an EU referendum


Halve council tax for every pensioner, end the subsidy to Scotland, double sentences for murder and take Britain out of the EU (22 words!)

+ if it makes Mr Cameron feel better: More recycling!

...be committed to Patriotism, Freedom, and Responsiblity.

or for the more cynical:

...be better than Labour, and on the right track, but not perfect.

...trust people by returning meaningful control over their lives, protecting their freedoms and refocusing our economic strategy onto a modern, global economy.

(OK, it's a bit over...)

Reducing our policies to 20 words is a pointless exercise. We should use the number of words necessary to explain clearly what we are going to do. Target driven policies have gone too far and need to be replaced by common sense. In fact why not say we are going to restore common sense to government, and then go on and explain how.

Devolve powers locally where possible and give people the sense that their vote means something.

And abolish Simon Heffer.

common sense to opposition would be a marked improvement Derek...

There is only one thing which needs to be "wider, faster & deeper" - and that is the hole into which we plunge Maude. He and these Islington-tinged idiots are squandering our chance to be a real opposition, and instead are trying to make our party a copy of discredited Blairism.

Captain Blair's political ship is heading for disaster, but instead of standing firmly against his politics, as an iceberg which will send him to the bottom, we are fooling about in the ballroom waiting for the next dance....

introduce simple and effective policies that will create a united, secure, confident and prosperous country.

Trust people and share responsibility?

"......repair the damage caused by Labour, focus public spending, reduce waste (both environmental and Beaurocratic), Protect the honest and hardworking and bring tax relief."

There 20 words. Not bad.

seek support from Blairites and Orangebook liberals, reducing the Left of both other parties to irrelevance.

Reading this lot it appears that as a Labour supporter, I'm a repuplican who gives away all of the money to the unworking and gives even more away to any old EU slave driving anti British thief!

Good grief! get a grip my fine losing enemies.

I love my country. I am a royalist.I accept the EU argument and Euro reasoning. I accept modern democracies look after the unfortunate. I accept BIG British business and their interests. I accept that small business is bigger. I acept the education argument of free at the point of delivery and I welcome the NHS care from cradle to grave.

So pleas, stop portraying me and most others as anything that comes out of William Hagues mind.
Rule Britannia, God save the Queen, long live the Labour party.

"...champion political openness and reconcile individual freedom with social cohesion; enterprise with social justice; and economic growth with environmental responsibility."

(Sorry, the 20 words ran out before motherhood, apple pie and Thatcher's Birthday as a new public holiday. Oh, and I forgot that you chaps like "reduce Europe to a thin film of fused rock, for being foreign.")

as an alterntive;

"...will not confuse social justice with Social Services, will not sacrifice freedoms for "rights", will try not to lie."

...deliver low interest rates, make Britain a stronger and safer place, and encourage opportunities for our young people.

It is the voters like me who will by the power of the ballot box have no problems in sending even more deadily election firing shots across the bows of the main political parties if they don't start rapidly listening up fast to the wider masses, the failure to respond and the results that will flow out from it for this nation will turn deadily serious if not real nasty especially if the likes of the BNP get any further toe hold, but we have now clearily seen by the recent local elections and also the by-elections that says we the voters will simply not tolerate inept government or opposition and 'equally' inept political parties and in response the voters will indeed lash out and duely brush them aside and it should also be clearily reminded that no political party has 'any' devine automatic right to govern, so then never mind your 'deeper, wider, faster' buisness or the fake veneer of image PR media, opinion polls, or the Mr Murdoch's of this world and get on with preparing the practical 'changes' to the core issues the people of Britian want to see being urgently addressed because the failure to do so will just as much effect politicans as it will for us the voters .. so now consider yourselves to have been hereby put on served notice!

Build 50,000 more prison places and lock up more criminals for longer, getting them off drugs and educating them while inside.

(20 words, + the "50,000")

Be fiscally Conservative and socially liberal

The next Tory government will.... give Simon Heffer a knighthood and surprise everyone and actually be Conservative (no chance)

Not led by David Cameron unless he gets his act together and acts like a statesman, not a showman.

Convert soon-to-be redundant oil rigs into maximmum security prisons.

One radical idea for use given todays immediate poor politics is to have politicans wages reviewed regularly reflected on there ability in producing good results or not as the case maybe, ( oh but this could I suppose bankrupt most labour politicans straight off ..but then again how novel!) but oh my! I bet we'd see some real effort put in then just like I have to when earning my wage rather than it just leeching off an open pay check and if they don't there money gets simply tipped back into our ailing public services ..its called hit'em where it hurts most!, secondly politicans need to get out amongst the masses pressing for feedback and gaining a proper take on British life rather hiding away inside party and parliamnetary offices only to emerge on a five year walk about at an election to chase after an all to ill earned vote.

. . . continue to exist only in the frontal lobes of a declining number of young fogies.

To follow up on Chris Ryder on a proper take on British life. Read todays Daily Tel. front page headline. LABOUR RED TAPE HITS FREE NURSERY PLACES.
This will not mean a thing to political anoraks. Discuss.

elected in about 2024 and be lead by Priti Patel, David Cameron will be a cabinet minister in the government.

The next Conservative Government will
make it easier for Strivers and harder for Skivers.(14)

Plus a knighthood for Simon Heffer and Francis Maude to spend more time in his garden.

I don't think that the Conservative Party is yet ready to chrystallise the essence of Cameronism into a short phrase or sentence.

Most have little idea as to what he represents. He himself has yet to engage fully with the Party, and establish depth to his persona.

Getting new thinking established, and policies fleshed out takes time. A summary sentence or mission statement is more likely to arrive after some of the policy decisions are taken, rather than before.

At this stage reading Compassionate Conservatism is a good way to see more of what the Cameron era signifies - where the message is written out in over 70 pages. It represents a complete reorientation of the Party's beliefs from its philosophical bases in the 18th Century, and brings them into the present age. Twenty words are not going to help get that across.

Party Members will be pleasantly surprised when they do start to see the real Cameron emerge from behind his media image, the creation of which has been an important priority in establishing his leadership nationally.

This prioritisation however, has prevented a strong link being established with Party members and supporters, and work now needs to be done to build a bridge across to meet them.

A copy of Compassionate Conservatism should be sent out to every Conservative Party member, so they can give their feedback to the underlying ideas that are informing Cameron's political beliefs.

This would help members to see Cameron in more depth, and see beyond the media image that has been created around him. In time that should lead on to slogan or mission statements, when the communication starts flowing each way.

Oh yes, that book. Im not finished with reading it though I do recommend that every Party member read it and compare it to what is appearing as Policy...

....govern in the best interests of the whole nation in accordance with principles and commonsense.

....ensure each minister produces quantifiable results, NOT statistics, in his/her own ministry, instead of shuffling papers and vieing for promotion.

20 .. if you put his/her together!

Otherwise I also agree with:-

John Moss @ 12.48
Prodicus @ 10.21
Kris F @ 11.49

Annabel I am sorry I haven't been well today so got to the papers only just now, I would like to endorse what you have said about nursery school places - my head is a bit 'thick' (no comments please) at the moment, but it seems just the sort of tortuous bureaucratic wateful nonsense, that Brown, or his minions would think up. God help us.

Well James you've got it spot on and you don't need no party book to do that, Parties that keep looking in on itself all the time forgets the over riding factor of listening up and taking note of the people who look to them for answers and at the moment the major political parties seem to be in a state of absolute near fatal cardiac arrest on this very issue because me looking at them its become just so diffcult to know where one starts and the other ends because of this very unappealing uniformity that now exists which is clearily switching people off, as an example just look at the recent Jonathan Ross' interview with David Cameron he went on that programme and glams up Mr Blair's party successes and I'm sat here at home just shaking my head thinking why are you telling me this is Mr C?, I don't care about any of Blairs' sucesses! I've have stomached Blair for near on ten years now and he and his party is the least I wish to know about!, I want to hear from him about good, sound, solid workable plans for tomorrow's future pure and simple as that!

, having got into government after 27 years in opposition, withdraw the UK from the Council of Europe and govern for 60 years.

To refer to one former Prime Minister (and yes, I do know the problems that came from it) we need to go "Back to Basics". Seriously. Forget the media's reaction. We need Cameron to stand up proud and say that he and the Party will fight for true conservative principles (small c deliberate) and give the public what they want. As I said on the Thanet Life weblog recently, the country is conservative politically. Why not be conservative instead of this socialist-liberal-conservative orgy that Cameron calls the Conservative Party?

I note that I didnt plan for that post to be a negative one against the leadership, though I see the link now! Either way, I think it would be a nice hint for him.

David Cameron is stuck with the image he has created, to revise it now would be a long slow process otherwise he would come over as flip-flopping, if he was to recognise he had made such a fundamental error he has 2 choices which are to start slowly to shift position or to resign and let someone else do it otherwise he'd lose all credibility.

The next Tory government will...

crush crime, deliver a smaller state, less types of taxation and real diversity through open primary candidate selection.

It's not going to happen, but it's a nice thought.

A very nice thought Chad, and you're right that it won't happen.

The next Tory government will:

"Reduce tax, spend taxes raised sensibly, scrap the Human Rights Act, and leave the EU,"

Only 16 words, but it would do for me.

If Mr Cameron's 'image' position 'is' stuck were it is now I feel the conservatives may end up with a rude awaking come the result day of the general election 2009!, the political tide in Britian is on the change where image is rapidly come to the end of its useful life and he needs to show real concern at what is being expressed here ordinary people who vote like me will not simply lump for another near clone of a labour government

so now consider yourselves to have been hereby put on served notice!

Sorry, it may be the post-football beer finally kicking in (c.f. original post), but - this fellow hath not mastered the art of the period!

If you can point out where one sentence ends and another one starts, it might aid a coherent argument.

and the results that will flow out from it for this nation will turn deadily serious if not real nasty especially if the likes of the BNP get any further toe hold

Perhaps you should avoid voting for a deceptive, nasty, racist party then - and urge your neighbours to do the same. I have every intention of campaigning against the BNP locally - by showing them local Conservatives here delivering on issues, and exposing the BNP's real "principles" and their councillors' lack of delivery and representation (and intelligence!!).

Richard who cares of the period? and as I see all appears fine to me but more over its the point thats being made within that counts!, but I personally don't need to avoid voting for a party like the BNP Richard, beause I have not, nor never will do, but there are other partys TO which I can choose from!, but my argument is what countless of millions out there just might do!. The BNP are indeed nasty but if you look and see they have gained seats and that is as you'd agree a very worrying signal, because god help us all if there 'intelligence' should take a turn for the smarter!, ..still I'm sorry if I appear to be no language expert but not all of us are Richard, but as it maybe the football beer I'll happily let it pass without hard feeling! ;-)

... overhaul the tax system, spend public money more wisely than Labour, end political correctness and promote individual responsibility...

18 words... ;)

"overhaul the tax system"

Overhaul the tax system - the tax system is ludiciously complicated and plastered in layers of Labour beaurocracy. It should be simplified.

Also, the Conservatives should follow Irelands example and lower business tax. Hence why so many companies are establishing their European HQs in Ireland.

"spend public money more wisely"

Labour are bad managers and, despite raising the tax burden on people and businesses to the highest level since records began, billions of pounds of OUR MONEY is being systematically wasted. The Conservatives will be better at getting value for money.

"end political correctness"

Political Correctness is causing enormous tensions in modern Britain. It must be stopped.

"promote individual responsibility"

Encouraging people to look after themselves, rather than rely on the State.

That shapes up nicely Jonathan I could vote for that quite easily! One thing can I add tax relief on those that are the lowest paid earners which so I believe from father's comments (who is Irish born) is also the case in Ireland, as tax here is simply hammering people to death, the net result is personal responsibility becomes harder to achieve

The next Conservative government will certainly not be led by David Cameron.

Conservatives do not assume that governments create success, but entrust reliance on individual pride and responsibility.

remove the red tape strangling Britain's Police, Prisons, Schools, Hospitals, Businesses, Voluntary Groups, Armed Forces and even our Nurseries. (19 words)

...never say we WILL build more prisons, or we WILL be tough on crime etc: etc:


. . . be honest, trust ordinary people, and formulate policies based on evidence and experience, not chattering class ideology.

Upgrade to July 2 08.08

ORIGINAL - Conservatives do not assume that governments create success, but entrust reliance on individual pride and responsibility.

ALTERNATIVE - Conservatives do not expect governments to create general wellbeing, but entrust reliance on individual pride and responsibility.

... repeal two laws for every new one passed. (8 words)

..take the politics out of government,

led by Gordon Brown as David Cameron moves further left seeking voter support.

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