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There is nothing needed to add to that. DC said it all.

I am not one to moan about the lack of current policies as I understand the need to create (or at least be seen to) them independently from previous Conservative oppositions.

However, DC & co need to realise that there is real anger up north with the direction that the Muslim "communities" are taking. I know it is a different matter in the capital and where there are smaller groups of Muslim immigrants but it is starting to become two separate worlds up here. This really has to be dealt with head on without recourse to politically correct speak (and subsequently avoidance of the problem).

One specific issue that needs to be hit head on is that of women's right. While admitedly (I was going to write shamefully but I not so sure about that) this has never been towards the top of the Conservative agenda, it desparately needs to be in that case of Muslim women, whose rights as individuals, access to education, decent employment and freedom to a future in which they have a say is severely restricted are all ignored by the political establishment.

Personally I find it unhealthy when people believe they have a right to lecture minorities on there culture and way of life. We should not believe that we have a right to dictate our values and traditions on them.

Jack, if you move to another country, you should expect to adhere to that country's laws and integrate into its way of life, "When in Rome...". I don't have a problem with muslim women wearing a burkha in accordance with their religion, I have a problem when their husbands dictate that they can't have a real career, because then they would be offending Islam. If you moved to the US, and became a citizen you'd probably celebrate thanksgiving, watch the superbowl and start drinking "real american beer", you wouldn't try and continue living the same life you did when you were in Britain.

I am afraid British people expect those coming to live in this counrty to change there culture and there lifestyle but there are many communities throughout there world where British people have gone to settle and those places are more like Britain than Britain is itself.
You cannot expect people to give up there way of life when they come to live here and personally I think society is more healthy when there is more diversity.. What do you want everyone eating fish and chips and parading around in Union Jack shorts.

Dear Jack,
muslim women have the right NOT to be murdered for choosing whom they might marry, or going to university, or baring their heads for goodness sake! Have you NO idea what some of them have to go through??? We have been far too spineless in our dealings with those extreme islamist patriarchs. With respect,

SRN. SCM.HV cert.

Very well said, Annabel! forced marriages, "honour killings" (yes - even in this country) and so on - the women need someone on their side.

Well said Annabel & Chris.

We've got to stic to our principles on this one.

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