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There really aren't that many Orange Book Lib Dem MPs, and those who are Orange Bookers could be expected to split between those who would support a Cameron government and those who would be loyal to their own party. If whether we can govern really comes down to eight or so seats, it would probably be more productive now to agonise over how the Conservatives can win eight more seats at the general election than over how we can work with certain Lib Dems if we fail.

No formal pact, no doing deals. Why is this even being floated...is this an indication we are going to beg them to help us or that we are about to start moving politically towards them? Why are we even contemplating this? 3 years from a General Election and we are actually talking about what might happen then. Lets get some policy out first to see whether we even need to consider such action.

The idea of working with the Lib Dems in any way whatsoever reminds me of the saying "If you sup with the Devil you need a long spoon"!

I think we would live to regret any contact we had with them. Lib Dems are the dirtiest of fighters and we should have nothing to do with them.

"but some Tory MPs do not have the cleanest of hands and they are already part of our coalition.

An interesting admission editor......

Of course the Tories never fight dirty, do they?

I cant believe thats the first time Ed Vaisey has campaigned against Lib Dilemmacrats! They have always faced both ways since their founding. The liberal way, and the social democrat way, but one hand doesnt know what the other one is doing on the other side of town!

I can't help but wonder whether or not this coalition idea is being mooted early so that we get used to the idea. Well I have no intention of getting used to it. The Lib Dems are not to be trusted. They are Liberals and Social Democrats, not Conservatives. I would favour a Labour Government to a Lib Dem Government.

We must be absolutely clear that Lib Dems do not share our bed. After election day, any port in a storm. Until then, talk of a pact will give wavering voters false belief that a Lib Dem vote is still a useful vote.

Mr Vaizey sounds like a loser without the stomach for a fight. If he and some of his colleagues are that enthusiastic about working with the Lib Dems good luck to them. They won't be missed.

I think the coalition idea is being spun to hurt the Lib Dems. In many marginals, Conservative hating Labour supporters will vote Lib Dem to keep out the Tories.

Take away that logic and we might win a few more seats.

You can't deal with the Lib Dems. Half of them may well support a more Conservative view of life but the other, former SDP half, are no different than Old Labour.

In any case, now that they have Ed Davey in charge of camapigns we can expect their campaigning to get dirtier and dirtier. I speak as someone who has experienced what he and his colleagues get up to!

The only two things you need to know about the Lib Dems are that they are neither liberal nor democratic. They are an instinctively interfering censorious rabble whose centre of gravity is well to the left of Labour. Most of the Orange Bookers strike me as opportunists....if intelligent ones. Their influence within Lib Dem ranks is very easy to overstate adn once Ming is dumped, you will see a vicious clash of huge egos.

Coalition overtures to the Lib Dems by the likes of Oliver Letwin simply give credence to Peter Hitchens' accusation that the Tory motto is "office at any price".

It seems a strange argument to me that the fact (if it is one) that "some Tory MPs do not have the cleanest of hands" can somehow be used to validate an alliance with the Lib Dems.

We should have nothing to do with these people except, perhaps, making overtures to some of the 'Orange Bookers' with a view to strengthening whatever Conservative instincts they may have (and - who knows - eventually welcoming them into the Party).
Meanwhile, we need to make sure as far as possible that all our MPs and PPCs have squeaky clean hands, rather than using any existing dirt to justify grubby deals!

As an aside, the 'dirty tricks' linked to by Tabman just look like the local Conservatives adopting standard Lib Dem practice. They certainly fall far short of what most of us know, from personal experience, the Lib Dems can stoop to.

I was unfortunate enough to live in a London borough where the (allegedly) Tory councillors went into coalition with the Limp Dems. (Redbridge). It was a total unmitigated disaster.

The Tory councillors that did it should be ashamed. (Sadly, however, they aren't and most still hold their seats).

We should NEVER, under ANY circumstances, even contemplate deals with this shabby crew. Frankly, I'd rather see a continuation of New Labour than a Tory govt. relying on the support of the LD's. If the idea is even floated by senior Tories before the next election, I will vote UKIP. If they do it after the election, without pre-warning, they will lose my vote for good.

Better opposition with principle than power at any price. And power whilst in thrall to these low-lifes is not power at all.

It is premature to be worrying about coalitions with anyone. If the new tories can get their act together (both in terms of solid policies and a reshuffled shadow cabinet to bring real heavyweights in for e.g. the economy and NHS - and arrive at a principled/practical policy on Europe), then we should get all the seats we need at a GE to win outright, sweeping up much of the minor parties' share of the votes (Lib Dems, Greens, Ukip etc).
We have to show that we are worth voting for.

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