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"Zoo makes Loaded look upmarket and I am not a regular reader"

Presumably you only know this, Tim, because you are a regular reader of Loaded. Nuts about Loaded even.

"Jade Goody was the readers' favourite to 'stop from ever speaking again'"

Hear hear!

For heaven's sake give Carol Thatcher a turn. If you can piss on the grass in front of 5 million viewers, she's sort the country out in ten minutes.

What a load of rubbish.

Carol Vorderman would spend her time trying to get us all to remortgage our homes with that dreadful loan shark company for hawks for on TV. I'd rather have Jordan as PM.

Carol Thatcher as PM would be somewhat eccentric, but then that used to be expected from the English, but at least she would be very amusing!!

I suppose we should take it all pretty lightly, but then is it saying anything that the lad in the street is voting for Maggie as the only woman in politics who could be considered for prime minister?

I hope this site is not going down-market? Do the readers of "Zoo" vote [are they old enough]?

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