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The oak tree to me suggests permanence, unchangeability, Edmund Burke conservatism....Tory landowners. Younger eyes, maybe see the environment, wholeness and stability.

The logo should capture the spirit of the changing Conservatives. Cameron is leading this, so what underlies his philosophy? We have Compassionate Conservatism as a guide, but that does not give the whole story of where we have come from, or where we are going.

The Adam Smith 'enlightenment' tradition always assumed man was a sinner, and that only God was good. Man pursued his own selfish ends, and out of that, God created the economy, and the benefits it provides.

Can we not revisit the assumptions of the 18th Century, and see that man can be both selfish and generous, both good and bad. If we see only the bad we throw away half the potential.

Before Conservatives attempt to fix the problems with the body politic, it might help to revisit the underlying tenets of our beliefs. David Cameron has started the process by saying that making a few quid more cannot be the whole meaning of our lives, and that general well being, or another word for the same thing, contentment must be more important.

He is right to start stating what is only common sense. From there people can revisit their personal thinking, about why they strive, what their goals are.

If they are to aim at contentment as their ultimate goal rather than being the richest in the graveyard, then surely people will be able to cooperate and identify more with the success of their communities, companies, families, all the groups they attach to - and be less isolated and stressed.

Contentment is a cooperative venture, while wealth-creation as our culture has previously defined it, is competitive and divisive. Maybe that too can be re-assessed as a cooperative venture where loyalty can be stronger.

Inasmuch as Cmaeron's message is capable of definition yet, it seems to be to revisit ourselves, and permit other aspects of our nature to flourish.

Maybe the Cameron emblem should be a human form - whether the Da Vinci sketch or any other representation. The answer to our troubles lies within ourselves. We must refind our own goodness.

I think a sense of belonging and being useful AND appreciated, does not necessarily follow in a cooperative situation William, at least not as I interpret your meaning. The kibbutz in Israel has I believe lost a fair amount of its appeal from the early days of no personal money etc:

I wonder whether one of the unforseen results of persuing academic excellence in todays world, is too great an emphasis on money. It starts out perhaps, wanting to be the best, but often ends up becoming the pursuit of money for itself alone.

Another very big problem as I see it is ... Everybody tends to agree that there are quite a few inadequate, or lazy, or downright bad parents or parent around these days, and these people are already influencing the next generation. The government talks of re-education classes, but one has to say - WHO is doing the re-education, and how effective are they as teachers/educators? And probably of even more importance is that unless you could stop time and say - ALL ineffectual parents have GOT to attend re-education, then all the time we talk and talk, more wretched children are on the way to getting ASBOS.

I see cases EVERYTIME I go out in my local community of children being shouted at non-stop by ...... I can't say I'm afraid, its a subject I feel so strongly about. I live near the sea and I regularly see a young child in a pram crying, he/she is lying down, the pram is being pushed 'South' i.e. towards the sun, so if the lying down child opens its eyes it can ONLY see THE SUN, but do quite a large number of 'ADULTS' realise this - NO!

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