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Who on earth could be dissatisfied with such a fine leader! And that's a great photo by the way?

We are currently flying pretty light and at fast speed. The "no policy" just directional idealism policy seems to be working according to the polls. And I personally have not felt uncomfortable with anything he has had to say but cheered him on at every moment! Long Reign Cameron, I say. haha

His appearance on Desert Island Discs was very well received by most observers.

Yet was ripped apart by the Sunday Telegraph.

That was the Sunday Telegraph though James. I'd expect nothing less.

I voted satisfied as the only thing I'm not happy with is the way the A list has been handled. We do have a good lead in the polls after all.

A few questions about the EPP might be interesting in next months survey, so the leadership know our feelings on the matter.

One can be dissatisfied with so many things - but we mustn't forget that whatever any leader does, lots of us will have gripes. That's the nature of being an activist. Overall, the Conservative cause is in better shape than one year ago. I support Cameron, even though some of what he does annoys me.

Andrew, you are a bit harsh on the Sunday Telegraph - it, after all, defends the economic policy of Cameron and Osborne while others papers and commentators oppose it.

I am not surprised at these results. He had a good May - good results and some policy nods and bones thrown towards concerned Thatcherites - which did not upset his image.

Yet was ripped apart by the Sunday Telegraph.
Admittedly most of our supporters are Telegraph readers, but they are normally our core supporters. We need to be working to get the Times, Guardian and Indy readers on board, and admitting you like "cool" music is one way to do that (DC does have pretty good taste).

Donal, I wasn't talking about the Telegrah on substantive issues, just their attitude when Cameron is seen to be populist.

Times readers, yes, Chris, but it's very hard to see what there is in Conservatism to appeal to Guardian and Independent readers.

Wish you hadn't said that Sean.......now they'll be developing soundbites to win over Martin Kettle and Polly Toynbee..............

What about the Sun and Mirror readers? There are many more tabloid readers than broadsheet, and many of these - particularly Sun readers - are more likely to be floating voters than readers of the Telegraph, Independent or Guardian.

We need to identify popular (not populist dog-whistle) policies and attract a wide range of support across the country.

No, we need to identify the right policies and make them populist. Cameron is making good progress in the first step of that process: to make the party's image acceptable to voters.

Mark @ 09.03: "No, we need to identify the right policies and make them populist".
What a very sensible suggestion. The "right" policies must be based on the "right" principles.
It might help DC and his team, who are attacked (sometimes by me) for not having any policies, if we started to draw up our list of principles that we hope will underpin official tory policy in due course. Might I suggest for starters:
i. all tory legislation to be based on commonsense and natural justice, (ii) all tory legislation to be presented first to the HoC for debate, (iii) replace HRA and other assorted legislation by our own Bill of Human Rights (e.g. to include something like: "All UK citizens are equal under UK law, irrespective of gender, race, religion, etc"), (iv) any law that has not been applied in 100 years should fall off the Statute Book.

I'm with Mark. First break the "nasty party" image, then when its too late for Nulab to nick them, present well thought out, useful, constructive policies, that do the right thing for the country, not for the next headline, or the next byelection.

Personally, I read the Telegraph tpo confirm my prejudices and the Guardian to challenge them. Cameron is doing an excellent presentational job (he should stick with the A List too). My concern is over drugs policy-the idea that we have a war on drugs is ludicrous, but the Liberal/Left establishment are claiming that this non-existant war has failed. We need a much tougher policy, not a relaxation. Plus public services-are people in this country too self reliant? I don't think so. What tnhe country needs is for our citizens to think dependency is shameful. That means people not using state services if they can take responsibility for their own lives.

I wonder whether it's a coincidence that his approval ratings, with both the public and the Tory Party, has increased this last month during which he has been talking less about environmental nonsense but instead on a range of issues that people actually care about?

Oh and yes, simple as it sounds, I think that England flag really will help. People like a bit of unabashed patriotism.

Why is talking about the enviroment nonsense John?Cameron hasn't offered any substantive solutions but the fact that the subject is now on the partys'radar can only be a good thing.

John [email protected]:32 I think that his focus on "environmental nonsense" has helped make us a more appealing alternative to the wider voting public. I also think that good local election results and a sustained lead in opinion polls were the biggest factor in the improved monthly rating David Cameron received.

It will be better to sort out the EPP while no media are bothered about it, rather than procrastinating until it becomes a news story about dithering, and it can be made interesting to outsiders. Blair is trying to get the topic noticed - so far without success.

If Hague doesn't sort it, and commit to withdrawal soon, the delegation will split anyway and sort it out for him. Cameron could lose a lot of support by ducking this which would be a shame as he is starting to look good six months into the job.

I believe he is committed to exit, but worrying about media reaction could simply allow the problem to get worse the longer he leaves it. Advice to Cameron - Consult Your Doctor.

BTW Congratulations on a good month. Let's hear more about General Well Being. I liked the idea of changing the emphasis away from everyone competing to be oneup on each other with money etc, towards finding contentment as the only real way to define success.

"Why is talking about the enviroment nonsense John?"

I don't believe talking about the environment is nonsense, I just believe what David Cameron has said about the environment is nonsense.

"I also think that good local election results and a sustained lead in opinion polls were the biggest factor in the improved monthly rating David Cameron received."

I think this is true. And Labour's collapse has been the biggest reason for a Tory recovery in the polls. But I do wonder whether the Tory Party would've benefited as much from Labour's collapse if David Cameron were still making a fool of himself on glaciers in Norway while Labour had their collapse.

Fortunately, he's done the sensible thing and *finally* changed the subject for once!

Whilst the rising approval rates for the conservatives and DC are very welcome it could be argued that they should be very much better. The last months have seen an unprecedented series of highly visible disasters for the labour party - coming on top of some years of growing dissatisfaction with its performance and incompetent arrogance. And yet the polls show that we are barely ahead if translated to seats. There is a long, hard way to go to ensure that the conservatives have a majority over all other parties at the next election - but i think it will be done.

Cameron has made an excellent start and actually had the courage to put matters such as the environment onto the agenda, moving away away from Labour/Trade Union issues. The fact that he is getting so much criticism from the likes of Toynbee show what a good job he is doing.

That was a great, very effective photo in the Standard last night.

Of course, it is the exact opposite of the sentiment in Cameron's "we don't do flags on the front lawn" or "politicians... should never claim patriotism for one party or one political tradition" speech, but hey, that was a whole four months ago, so a u-turn was about due!

Still a great photo, all the same.

John [email protected]:10
"Fortunately, he's done the sensible thing and *finally* changed the subject for once!"
I think that has been the secret of his success over the last 6 months. His success at leading the agenda in area's other than tax, europe and immigration has certainly been reflected in his personal popularity ratings.
I think that the argument "If the tories are doing badly its our leader and if we are doing well it's because Labour are unpopular " is not quite fair. I think that Labour were unpopular and regarded as sleazy 12 months ago, only problem was that the tories were seen as the "nasty" party rather than a positive alternative.
I just like to give people the credit they deserve.

Having campaigned for a True Tory Britain since the 1950s I am dismayed by Cameron's lack of integrity over Europe and thereby continued indifference to the Commonwealth, Britain's world role and much else, in the name of quick poularity. I am sad at Hagues weakness but the 2001 election showed Britain as whole knew better. Osborne fails to understand that hand in hand with good economic management goes h real wealth creation. Also Cameron's condoning of civil serpent performance is a further sign that Tories must wake up and smell the coffee.

I love 'civil serpent'. A new variation on 'so-called civil so-called servant'. But if I read another exhortation to 'wake up and smell the coffee' I shall be tempted to throw my mug of Nescafe at the computer screen.

""If the tories are doing badly its our leader and if we are doing well it's because Labour are unpopular "

Actually, wasn't it the members, not Cameron who were blamed during a rough spot for not being "enough like him"?

Of course Cameron deserves the praise for the rise in the polls. This time last year, the Tories looked dead in the water.

However, if that popularity wains, please don't blame it on the members again.

I don't think I denied Cameron credit anyway, I specifically *gave* him credit for finally switching the subject from climate change!

"However, if that popularity wains, please don't blame it on the members again."
How about collective responsibility?

I am disgusted at the way this party is going! We are not in the lead because of Cameron but despite him. If we had a truly great leader then we should see a huge leap in percentage lead, at the moment we are benefiting from public disgust at Labours corruption and Tony Blairs betrayal of the United Kingdom. If we were to put a monkey at the healm at the moment we would still have a substantial lead. Or have we already put a monkey at the helm?

Ihave to agree with John Ireland we should be much further ahead in the polls when you consider the disarray the Socialists are in.
Its all very well being populist but no one knows what our policies are. We are the party of tax cuts, sound economic policies and supporting British interests, we shouldnt be getting involved in touchy feely politics it isnt what governments are for! For gods sake lets say what we mean and then work hard at convincing the people of the truth of what we stand for.

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