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None of the alternative logos have the same degree of symbolic significance that the torch holds, though I could grow to like the Oak Tree.

I'd be tempted to go with a third incarnation of the torch that is comletely different to the other two to emphasise both change AND continuity.

Either that or simply go with a portrait of the Leader, seeing as he is the sole proprietor of the party, at least in the view of CCHQ.

How about in the spirit of unity switching to the Scottish lion?

For me it has to be Ash's contempary takes on the national identities (in each part of the UK these would look good on literature) with perhaps one "Moving Britain Forward" logo for the whole nation. Or does that slogan sound rather like something from the 1970s???

Ditto to Chris Berryman's comment - for me, it has to be Ash's contemporary 'Four Nations'.

The four nations one for me. Not sure I like the England one, but the others (and the overall idea) are good.

The dolphin design is well done, but what's the relevance of the dolphin?

Of these on the shortlist i would vote for the Oak Tree. But i liked Sam Oakleys Lion the best, and my own entries of course.

Thank you Kris and I'm sorry we couldn't include every entry in this vote. What I will do - when we get the result of this vote - is send ALL entries and ConservativeHomies' top preference to Steve Hilton at CCHQ.

The oak tree is ingenius. It symbolises stability, tradition, conservation, the tree of life, aspiration, substance, the countryside. What a brilliant idea.

I like the Oak tree best as a concept, though the all bold font is so last century.

Ash's designs are very good, but I am not sure about being able to scale them down. Otherwise the continuity between the designs is far better than the current mish mash.

If we choose hands, could we have a different version of the logo to use when corresponding with our opponents? :)

It has to be the TORCH. None of the alternatives possess the symbolic resonance.

As for the dolphin suggestion, it's more suited to a faux-environmentally friendly tuna cannery than it is a political party.

I like the Oak Tree,idea and voted for it - except it is just a tree, it should be redesigned with Oak leaves

Personally, I agree with Robert - the Oak Tree is a powerfully symbolic logo. Krieg has done well to simplify a complicated image.

I think the oak tree with its mix of blue and green drawing parallels to the position we are now in with Mr. Cameron's Tories. Their vast size, how lovely they look in our gardens - very appealing to us Tories who love the countryside!

I'd go for the oak tree myself. Looks reassuring.

neck and neck between DOLPHINS and OAK for me.

If choosing a final, completed logo, the oak is better for me. If choosing a logo with a theme, but still requiring some work, the dolphins. fabulous creatures. symbolise freedom, environment, intelligence, compassion, beauty.

The four nations one for me. Not sure I like the England one
The England one first suggested Labour's Red Rose albeit a rather messier version, then it made me think of a scribble with a crayon, it could also give the impression of an Abstract Expressionist effort - of course if the Logo was done by the modern equivalent of hanging from the ceiling on ropes and swinging across dribbiling red, white and blue paints and other paints then the new Logo could be said to represent an aim for integrating and organising diverse communities in modern Britain.

The Logo's he did for the other nations of the UK looked more reasonable.


I liked the dolphins until I heard they were inspired by Mrs. Cameron's tattoo. I have nothing against SC, nor against her having a tattoo, but I think it would be pretty awful to have such a link between the Conservative Party for years ahead and SC. It's too personal and cute.


It's not only Mrs C who has a dolphin tattoo :-)

I actually drew the dolphin because it came up on Today (nothing to do with Mrs C) and no-one else did. I like Ash's lion & flag

The blue dolphin screwing the green dolphin does explain the political project clearly...

Guido, you cynic!

I liked the hands, not country specific and two clasped together represents unity

Has to be the Oak Tree. Far better than my pathetic effort.

The Hands and Dolphins are far too twee.

Having looked at them all again - if I'm quite frank I think there still is work to be done before we can really say "yes that's the one". The Oak tree is good but requires refining, and as I mentioned I do like the national identities that Ash presents.

With the Lion and Union flag though - does it not look rather too similar to the old British Airways tail motif? (I know maggie didn't like the rebrand - who did?) but perhaps again it looks a bit stuck in the past.

Think CCHQ will have some work to do before any decision is made!!

It has to be the oak tree but with leaves that look a little more like oak leaves - it's a national tree but perhaps resonates best with English tories, in which case the other nations could use the 4-Nations designs

What's that thing in the 'Moving Wales Forward' offering? It looks to me like a snail on a leaf - does this imply 'Moving Wales Forward, but at a snail's pace'?
And I still can't see what copulating amphibians has got to do with the Conservative Party.

The Dolphins just look silly, and what's all this "four nations" guff? - there is no Conservative party in N Ireland.

Plain simple "Conservatives" please - one word, simple font - basic, unspun, and no sign of dead wood.

I think it's a daffodil!

Please spare us the bloody dolphins!! The oak tree's OK, although it rather suggests an insurance company. I'm keen on Ash's national designs and (unlike Deckchair) thought the Wales design was fairly obviously a daffodil - preferable to a leek, no doubt.

The one with the lion, but not the other nations.

The dolphins make me cringe.

ASH's logos are good save the one for Wales which is yellow? Surely it should be red & a dragon?

The Dolphins are just...eww...ditto the hands.

I too have voted for the Oak tree but agree that it should be redesigned with oak leaves. It is the perfect symbol for us.

there is no Conservative party in N Ireland
Surely this would be a good opportunity to replace the Ulster Unionist Party either by forming an alliance with the DUP and standing down in favour of DUP candidates in exchange for a deal regarding support in a future government and scrapping the Good Friday Agreement and scrapping requirement for formal power sharing requirements in the Northern Ireland Parliament and perhaps agree common positions with the DUP on military, policing and National Security policies generally and switch to backing withdrawal from the Council of Europe and reintroducing Capital Punishment - surely this would also see the end of UKIP and create a United Front to form a trully Conservative government.


As a Labour supporter perhaps the difference is lost on me, but from your perspective what is the difference between the Party being known as 'Conservative' or 'Conservatives'?

Kingbongo 11.35am is onto something.

Why not combine two of the ideas - we should capture the moment by having the three national adaptations (Thistle, Rose, Daffy). We are in the midst of a period of slight seperatism, so we should accept it very openly in order not to exaccerbate it. Intra-Union rivalry is perfectly alright.

But for the fourth overall Union symbol, replace the Lion and use the Oak Tree (but it needs to look more like an oak).

Lose the "Moving forwards" bollocks!

You can only go down the multiple symbol route, however, if you commit to an English only assembly element within Parliament. One without the other spells disaster among the English.

How come sam oakley's lion didn't make it???????? it was a caring sharing lion. and thoughit was a bit rough round the edges, was definately the strongest image.

all these look risible. And if they look it, they are. The answer is obvious a stylised bicycle, thus uniting the Cameron and Tebbit wings of the party in one clever drawing.

A big thank you to the few who have asked what happened to my lion design. Personally I thought it was a lot better than the dolphins and it would have provided an interesting contrast in style with Ash's lions (which are, in my view) far and away the best of what is left in.


For the record: The Conservative Party is organised in Northern Ireland. See here.

I'm a 32-year old and have never voted Conservative before, but I've been inspired by David Cameron.

As someone on the outside looking in, I would say that Krieg's tree is far and away the best logo here, both in terms of concept and realisation. It signals a real change in approach for the party, whereas Ash's lion reinforces the old stereotypes, I'm afraid.

The dolphins are too amateurish and "try-hard", and Ash's national identities look too much like tourist board logos.

@Chris Palmer. My apologies - I stand corrected and properly rebuked.

In that case, let's nick the Four Nations Rose-shamrock-leek-thistle design off the back of the old 1954 sixpence, since HM and the Mint no longer have a use for it.

They're all frightful. The oak tree is the best of a bad bunch.

There can only be one winner - vote TORCH - lets go back to the future.

I've seen that tree on a sign before - outside an old folks home in Worthing I think. Looks very dull and dated.

Dolphins - Bleurgh.

The 3 nations - too fussy.

The torch still looks good, but I can understand that it looks dated. I'm sure it could be brought up to date - somewhere between this old fashioned one and the current Kremlin inspired version.

I'm still peeved that my blue phoenix rising out of red flames with a Union Jack on its chest and the motto ' Unity is Strength' wasn't chosen as one of the top contenders but in the spirit of inter party democracy i am prepared to swallow my pride.
Although i am backing the torch, Ash's lion with the flag included still looks good. Well done all.

I always rather liked the primrose. I'm sure that we used it up to the seventies, encircled with the slogan "Onward"? Bring it back, and bring back Primrose Day for good measure.


I agree with YAA at 10:54 about the English logo - it might be construed that the party is trying to emulate New Labour (despite the fact that that is exactly what Cameron is doing)! Why does the party need a logo anyway? It's a bit too corporate. If the party does need a logo, update the torch.

The dolphin is surely a fish out of water?
Whereas the oak symbolises strength & an all-encompassing party.

"How come sam oakley's lion didn't make it???????? it was a caring sharing lion. and thoughit was a bit rough round the edges, was definately the strongest image."

Ditto - another write-in vote for Sam's lion here.

FOUR NATIONS, especially the lion one. Both pretty and patriotic. It's a win by a mile; none of the others are even contenders.

I prefer Ash's proposals but drop the England scribble
As a Yorkshireman we could have a White Rose symbol included for those of us left in the northern wilderness

The oak tree is by far the best and it has so may other connotations as well as the environment, root and branch, tree of life, family, reaching out, balanced, sustaining, solid, strength, growing....

I don't think the others are in the running. The text running through the fish makes it hard to read. Clarity is vital. The oak tree is a more powerful symbol.

The torch looks 1980s. It reminds me of Texas Homecare! Breaking up Con from servatives? Is that a joke? The English one looks like Labour's rose. Scotland looks weak. I think each region will want to choose their own if it went down that road.

I would however look at the design of the actual tree. I don't like the r and mirrored r to form the trunk. It makes the tree look like it is split down the middle!

Making the actual title of the party green is basically turning the colour of the Conservative party from blue to green.

Maybe a good idea, but I would expect there to be a lot of objections, so I think the colours of the tree and the text would have to be reversed.

Why is it two dolphins instead of one?
Why are they so close together (!)?
If we are going to have a green dolphin we might as well have a union jack dolphin. Tasteful.

Well I liked the Dolphins. They have been known to save humans from Sharks, and DC has a bunch of sharks facing him from across the chamber. Also, when people get to go swimming with dolphins, they feel better, so Dolphins must have some sort of energy we could use. Pehaps Dolphins are a woman thing, and thats why the blokes are knocking it.

The Oak, but it has to be redesigned to show oak leaves and a better shape of tree. This one is too short and squat. I take credit for the oak idea, having made the suggeston on Iain Dale's blog the morning the news was released of a new logo search.

The rogering dolphins are terrible. At a push, I could accept Ash's designs, which have the benefit of being specific to England/Scotland/Wales.

No, No, No to the dolphins. What on earth do they have to do with Conservative values and ideals.

Out of these I would go for number three - about national diversity and the one union.

But to be fair I see no problem keeping the torch and think it has very limited effect on voters.

Maybe there could be a new Conservative Logo using Dynamic Html or XML maybe it could be cutting the Labour Rose and burning the Flag of the Council of Europe (with the torch perhaps)?

They are all terrible in my opinion, I can't vote for any of them.

I think the torch is horrible - like a corporate logo in the States!

The dolphins are OK....

The oak tree is nice and sturdy, but the lettering doesn't work, colour wrong, not strong enough.

Of Ash's four - the first one - lion, flag and lettering - I like a great deal, strong and no nonsense, but the England one with the red rose is AWFUL it looks like Nservatives!!

The torch is HORRIBLE.

So it is modified oak tree or Ash - No. 1, for me!

I do not like any of them. The national logos are pretty but pretty meaningless.
There is nothing wrong with the torch- keep it....it is striking and meaningful.

Let us have the lion.

There aren't four nations. We are one nation , basically greater England.
Ireland was given to England by Pope Adrian IV in the 12th century.
Wales was legally annexed to England by Henry VIII ( a Welsh King).
Scotland was merged under the Crown in 1603, and effectively conquered on England's behalf in 1746 ,at Culloden by the Protestant Scots.
The Scottish border country (except the west) is basically Anglo-Saxon up to the Firth of Forth , and the Scandinavian influence is as strong as in England. According to the Daily Telegraph some years ago, 80pct of the Irish population has Anglo-Saxon DNA.
The idea of four nations is a fringe people's fantasy . The accents may differ, but that doesn't make separate "nations" any more than Dorset is a separate nation from Kent.

Annabel herriot..
I am NOT knocking the dolphins because they are a 'woman thing'. Although how Dolphins can be a 'woman thing' at all rather than a fishy thing is beyond my , albeit limited / male, comprehension.
i merely think they aren't a specific enough symbol to carry our aims/ideals.

...They do look like their 'engaging in intimate activity'...oh dear

FOUR NATIONS for regional publicity, with the British lion one somehow fused with the TREE for the overall party. Maybe the worD Conservatives could have the lion image by it, with the tree above.

According to the Daily Telegraph some years ago, 80pct of the Irish population has Anglo-Saxon DNA
Inaccurate, in fact studies showed that most people in Mainland Britain let alone Ireland are primarily descended from the Ancient Britons (a generic term for various groups including the Beaker People who came a few thousand years ago from North Africa - bringing with them Rhesus Negative Blood which is recessive and yet 16% of the UK population - especially in Scotland and Wales are Rhesus Negative), In the North of Scotland and down the East side of Scotland and England and in parts of Ireland there is a lot of ancestry from Norway (especially in the North of Scotland and the Lake District) and from Denmark in the Eastern parts of Britain as well in England as from the tribes from what is now Saxony (although less in Northern England), but there is also French ancestry through the Normans, Romani ancestry (I have some Romani ancestry among other things), French & Spanish sailors washed up from the Armada and later the Battle of Trafalgar, and so on - just because the EU shares a lot in common with the Roman Empire and the Vatican things have changed a lot in the past thousand years and much of historians understanding of movements of populations has been revised since the turn of the 20th century to take into account archaeological discoveries and genetic profiling, but even so I'm not quite sure how this relates to Party Logo's (with the exception of the BNP or National Front who are nearly as deluded as the Nazi's were).

effectively conquered on England's behalf in 1746 ,at Culloden by the Protestant Scots.
Most of those figting for the House of Stuart were Presbyterians - The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland backed the '45, including many on the Scottish side of the family (Allan Breck Stewart (an ancestor of mine) who at that time lead the Stewart Clan at Appin was a Presbyterian and many of the rest of the Scottish side of the family fought for the Jacobites and yet not one single ancestor of mine on the Scottish side of the family was Roman Catholic since the Scottish Reformation and most of the Scottish family later joined the Free Church of Scotland when it was formed and even the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland with many being Elders, Ministers, Lay Preachers, Sunday School Teachers - Glen Lyon and Strome were solidly Presbyterian at the time).

The '45 anyway wasn't about Independence for Scotland, rather it was about restoring the House of Stuart and booting out the House of Hanover (many of whom couldn't speak English, Scots Gaelic after all is a native British language, German on the other hand is not), Scottish Law remained seperate, Wales really was effectively annexed by Edward I using somewhat dubious means, the 6 counties have retained a link with the UK and in fact a seperate Logo is the recognition of the validity and rightfulness of the Unionist cause and opposition to Dublin.

Stick with what was successful, known and tested. To Hell wwith New Conservatives!

To be exact about the Conservative Party in the 6 counties, there is one and it even stands in some seats in elections but it does very poorly because it doesn't take a strongly enough pro-Unionist stance and because it is more Liberal than the Ulster Unionist Party and DUP - as I understand it they have at times won some council seats (other than the 2 who defected to them) but come nowhere in the reckoning in General or European Elections, Sir James Kilfedder although an Independent standing under the banner Ulster Popular Unionist Party was effectively an Independent Conservative but that was 11 years ago now.

The Liberal Democrat logo for many years used a pale yellow making it look a bit like a pigeon rising from a pool of vomit (really summarised the Liberal Democrats to a T), they changed the bird slightly and moved to orange more recently - if I recall correctly it was supposed to be a pheonix.

Surely a yew tree is ideal?

Is an object; not a concept, which is always better
Is mostly British Racing Green ( roughly), which scores highly as strong; but likeable and not threatening
Has a solid core ( like Tory principles ) but flexible branches ( as used for longbows)
Is an obvious tree shape

The oak tree is good but the colours should be reversed, i.e. Green for the tree and (dark) Blue for the lettering which could sit on a red base line to keep a bit of zip and tradition in the image.

I like the tree or the national ones, but do we not need one for Northern Ireland too? Last time I checked we were still a Unionist party.

Has anyone either submitted or read a compelling arguement in favour of replacing the torch? To me this looks like change for the sake of change.

Dear yet Another Anon.
Your a descendent of Allan Breck Stewart?!
Wow. I am impressed.
You think we should team up with the DUP?!
Wow , I'm not impressed
Still, i always found that period of history confusing as I am of mixed Irish and English ancestry and converted from Presbyterianism to Catholicism in my youth. So , i suppose i get to cheer for everyone (except the DUP who hate me with a fiery passion).
Still, great history lesson.

The Dolphins look pathetic, and have no clear resonance to the Conservative Party in my view.

The Oak tree might be appealing symbolically, but alas I am NOT inspired by it. IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING A HIPPY WOULD HAVE ON HIS T-SHIRT!

The little devolved alternatives look silly, apart from the British Lion one, which I think is fairly striking, but I ask myself this little question:


Changing a political party, if necessary at all, can be done in a far more meaningful way than simply changing the party's emblem.

The Torch of Freedom was ELEGANT, DIGNIFIED, STRIKING, and POIGNANT in its own distinctive way. So, again I ask you:


I like the Conservative Party, I like liberty, I like all the freedoms that it entails, and I like the Torch of Freedom logo because it embodies these things - what the hell does that twin dolphin thing embody? IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING A SIX YEAR OLD PUT DRAW ON HER LUNCHBOX!

As for the Moving England, Wales and Scotland forward ones it looks like YOU'VE GIVEN A THREE YEAR OLD A CRAYON AND TOLD HIM TO GO WILD.

Can we please, Mr. Cameron, at least keep the Tory Torch, and if we do have to change, because the Gods of PR hath decreed it, can we havine something striking, like the British lion motif of the DUP, perhaps?

My favourite is 3, followed by 4,2 and 1 in that order.

Jason Hughes,,,i would like you to write the next manifesto. Great stuff.

I don't want to rain on Ash's parade but his lion / flag motif is precisely the same as National Britannia Limited except pointing the other way. Should you wish to see this , todays South Wales Echo , page 35 is carrying a job advert featuring said lion / flag.

WTF, someone ripped something off! Nicely spotted, David Banks.

Why change the logo ?
The Torch is the best thing that represents the Conservatives ! It's strong, recognisable, powerful, traditional yet modern, superior, organised, quality !

I must say that if i was FORCED to choose I would go for the one with the tree, I disapprove of the 4 nations Idea, as far as I am concerned the United Kingdom of Great Britain is ONE nation

I suppose if we have to play the nationalist game though Ash's Scotish one is inspired. We could do with an identifiable Scottish symbol to get some more interest and stump the Scotish nationalists at the ballot box and put them to bed for good. Ahhhh but we can all have our dreams.

Has anyone attempted to discover whether changing/keeping the same logo would make the blindest bit of difference to voters? There are lots of things CCHQ should be concentrating on, but faffing about with logos is very low down on the list. Keep the Torch!

The dolphins look as though they are engaging in Ugandan activity !!

Don't like any of the others much, suggest we keep the torch for now - whatever we choose the media are likely to have the usual fun with it. So let's concentrate on some decent policy material, and leave this one well alone.

I disapprove of the 4 nations Idea, as far as I am concerned the United Kingdom of Great Britain is ONE nation
The whole point about the UK is that it is a Union not a Single Nation - the Union Flag (with all it's faults such as not having the Flag of St David and using the Flag of St Patrick that was never used much in Ireland by either Nationalists or Unionsts, something such as the Red Hand of O'Neil would be more representative as it is an ancient symbol based on a Pre-Christian legend relating to Ulster) is the Union Flag and there are Flags of the Nations.

Right, its meant to be a unitary state of various nations who have been joined together either through an Act of Union ( Scotland , Ireland pre 1916)or having been conquered and settled so long ago it would be pretty imposible to extricate them from the existing nation( e.g. Wales)

Indeed the reason why there is no welsh emblem on the Union Jack is because the Union Jack contains the flags of England and those who have joined in an act of union with her. There never was an act of union in Wales.

I have to agree that we must keep the torch as changing again just for the sake of it is so daft. Also what about the cost of new letterheads, Tim you not thinking about how much money is being wasted at the moment?

Something involving hands... a thumbs-up sign appeals to me: simple, positive, grounded, life-affirming. Just say Yes!

In fact, you could keep the old hand-holding-torch logo and just put the thumb up. That is all the difference that people want to see in Cameron's Conservatives: acceptance of the world as it is, not judgement and exclusion. Roger Scruton says the essence of being a Conservative is loving the world 'for what it is'. Give the world a thumbs-up: with or without the torch, the thumb says all that people need and want to hear. It is a popular emblem of Conservative values, contemporary and ancient and we'd be fools to overlook its rich simplicity.

Many corporations have changed their logo only to realise that the original, widely known was worth its weight in gold and revert back: Ford, Texaco etc. You will never see Coca-Cola, Shell, Cadbury's etc change their logos. The present torch is instantly recognisable and should be retained.

"There aren't four nations. We are one nation , basically greater England." John Parkes

Is it any wonder the Conservative Party is despised in most of Scotland with comments like that?

If anyone cares about the Union anymore then we have to cultivate understanding among the people of Britain, not silly comments.

Why ditch the torch?

Surely the ideas that it seeks to encompass are still admirable?

If if has to happen then it should be a rehashed torch.

They are all poor. Also, logos are so last century.

Krieg Barries Oak Tree would provide the best logo, oak trees are part of our heritage and fit in with the current fashion for our environment without being to overt and obvious


Why change from the Conservative torch? Are we ashamed of what we have been saying or doing, if so then we should be doing something else but not changing an emblem which is well recognised.

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